I have been spending my time on escape, campaign and achievements and not working some horde.

has any one come across this:

I play last 2 nights horde beginner with random. Both times it looked like everyone was going to stay so i pressed on. I hit wave 30 and bang was kicked or dropped to be more polite with no way to get back.

The weird part is it actually turned off my controller. (no battery did not die. I have rechargeable and never run out)

I also when dropped rank up charter and got cards, but went in to review and select and it showed no progress.

Hi RedDoog888,

That situation has happened before to me and other users as well, I have seen such behaviour from the game recently also, I can honestly say that it filled bugs and glitches horde mode more than any other game mode within the game.

I believe they should patch it in a couple of days from now, TC its gonna update it and I hope they addresed those glitches that happened from time to time.

thanks i am going to check tonight to see it they gave me back the stuff i earned for the 30 waves.