Horde / Versus / fps

Hey guys,
I was wondering, is the fps of versus and horde the same?
Movement feels very different in horde. I can not wall bounce there. But slapshotting and popshotting works great. In versus these are just dissapearing in thin air. 0% dmg. Even on full hits.

In versus i get a lot of fps drops. Its realy hard to move when there are many playeds around shooting and explosions are even worse. The server just cant seem to handle it. Playing on xbox one btw.
But On horde eveything feels very smooth.

In gears4 horde was 30fps i think and had more fps drops for me when there were many enemies.

I’m on a one x and the FPS appears the same. Can’t confirm on One S but I believe it was advertised as being 60 FPS in all game modes?

There are definitely some things about movement in horde escape and the campaign that I like a LOT more than the movement in versus. In GOW4 that was the opposite. They really nerfed the movement and mechanics in G5 versus. Evidently they want people to sit behind cover the majority of the time and play peek-a-boo.