Horde Variety suggestions

I know it’s been said a hundred times now. But I wanted to run a few personal suggestions that would enhance the horde experience. That feeling of Building a Scout with Speed Boost, Brawler, Execution Bonus, Health Boost, Deposit Bonus. A completely unique play style. Lets look at the idea of Horde as a whole. It’s a game of base building: RTS players love this aspect as it diversifies every game depending on what you build. I remember having beautiful bases. Everything placed nicely. You’re devoting several hours to it so why not. Just like in Command And Conquer.
Below are some fortifications I would like to see but probably never will:


(Slow enemy progression+Damage them)

  • LV1 - Spiked barriers
  • LV2 - Razor Wire
  • LV3 - Laser Wire

Deployable Cover

(Stacked cover to funnel or reroute enemies and provide cover for allies)

  • LV1 - Single stack concrete block
  • LV2 - Double stack concrete block
  • LV3 - Triple stack concrete block


(Good offense and fallback option)

  • LV1 - Single Barrel
  • LV2 - Double Barrel
  • LV3 - Double Barrel (With armored shield)

Shock Sentries

(Slows enemies, stuns and damages machines+shields)

  • LV1 - Single Blast
  • LV2 - Range Increase
  • LV3 - Range+Damage Increase

Manned Turrets

(Good fallback option and offers the engineer some offense)

  • LV1 - Single Barrel
  • LV2 - Double Barrel
  • LV3 - Double Lancer Barrel (With armored shield)

Weapons Lockers

(store weapons+Refill ammunition)

  • LV1 - One Weapon
  • LV2 - Two Weapons
  • LV3 - Three Weapons

Energy Converters

(Can be used for scouts to run excess weapons to base & dismantle for extra energy)

  • LV1 - Destroy unnecessary heavy weapons for energy
  • LV2 - Increase energy output
  • LV3 - Increase energy output+Cooldown

Radar Pilons

(Can be used to aid detection of enemies with tac-com)

  • LV1 - Detect enemies through walls with tac-com
  • LV2 - Range increase
  • LV3 - Range Increase+Show Health

Shield Generators

(Can be used to defend valuable fortifications like weapons lockers)

  • LV1 - Deploys a blue shield bubble (Cannot fire out of it)
  • LV2 - Increase damage it takes before recharging
  • LV3 - Increase damage taken before recharging


(Adds pilotable mech that can punch through even the toughest boss & offers fallback option)

  • LV1 - Basic Silverback loadout
  • LV2 - Adds Missles
  • LV3 - Adds steel plating for protection+Upgrade to Vulcan Minigun


(Build additional Fabricator for secondary bases )

  • LV1 - Allows the construction of an additional fabricator


  1. Allow for Boomshields to be used as additional cover since their already existing textured items
  2. Add in 1-50 Bounties
  3. Allow players to assign a class to any character
  4. Remove locked skills and Allow players to choose 5 skill cards from a pool of all available skills in Horde to allow for more custom play-styles
  5. Remove in game perk system (That only damages team play, energy collected and turns everyone into a lone wolf)
  6. Add in periodic challenges such as “Complete a wave in 1:30.” Or “Get 10 Headshots” Granting weapon crates at your base which contain a selection of random weapons
  7. Increase the size of Horde Maps. The current size is too cramped for proper base building and movement management
  8. Allow for custom/saved loadouts based on characters chosen. Simple weapons such as Snub/Boltock. Lancer/LancerGL. Gnasher/Overkill etc

I would also like to see the class system brought back. I know it’s a touchy subject and I am perfectly okay with the Gears 3 style horde aswell. But Engineers should have access to every fortification and upgrade path. I like how all energy collected now goes to the fabricator. That was a good decision TC. I like the addition of a healer/support class. It helps on those Inconceivable waves. I would like to see more emphasis on class usage such as Heavies using heavy weapons. Give them more incentive to do so. And please bring back Explosive Headshot. That was so satisfying.

Any thoughts or suggestions?