Horde varierty and situational engagements

I feel like horde enemies or just tactics in general need a bit of variety. Most waves are just shooting back at drones and DBs while they hide behind cover. They don’t feel like the monsters that the should be imo. I feel like any and everything should be trying to maurade your base to get at you and dismantle you. I feel like that would bring more of a need to strategize. There needs to be more ways to kill things as well as defend yourself. Like whatever happened to using a flamethrower to weaken a lambent berserker and its imulsion trail being deadly and something for you to watch for. Or shooting a serapede from the back while trying to avoid its swiftness hoping that it doesnt drive you far from your base. Or maulers coming at you deploying boom shield when you shoot at them. Or weapons like the mortar or oneshot. Or even the Vulcan with one person cranking ammo occasionally. Throw some bonus waves in there with some challenges every now and then that would give you bonus perks or incentives or even a special weapon to use during the next wave or whatever.

I just feel like ultimately we’re either just looking to do damage or avoid damage. Mindlessly emptying offense at bullet sponges and peeking our heads back in to cover after a few claw shots. No real strategy into taking out an enemy and no real strategy to avoiding enemies. So it gets repetitive after a while. We basically know all of the enemy patterns, the most effective location on every map, and bosses are easy to kill for the most part. The only annoying and cheap way to fail is for a sentinel to wipe out the team. Take them out and its a breeze every time.

I’m not saying its easy to implement these things. I respect their work. They made it into their position for a reason, but I’m just saying where is the passion. Like others have previously recommended, add some escape modifiers in horde. That should mix it up a bit. Imagine invisible enemies coming at you a critical moments. Or guardians have freezing bullets. Just makes you actually have to think. Or more map death traps like the lazers on exhibit or ice in icebound. Team running low on power at a critical point in the game, there goes those bonus waves or objectives thatll give you that extra push whether it be some power, weapon, or perk. Like the objective saying get 20 excutions by the next 5 waves and you get an extra 20% damage resistance for a certain duration of waves. Or this to unlock that special weapon like flamethrower for a duration. It can be high risk high reward scenerios having you think about your decisions. I feel like we should have to react more upon various scenarios the mode provides for us. The only time I have to actually react when sentinels arriving, other than that I’m not even reacting. Just shoot at this enemy here until health goes way down. It’ll never reach me because the base is more than decent so they have no creativity into invading my base like an invisible corpser. More enemies should be able to snatch you from your base like a snatcher to a lesser degree. A sire kinda does that role, but lets be real, they’re easy to counter and sould be lucky to get through your barriers before getting destroyed by a sentry or execution. Have a couple of enemies that launch like the matriarch so that you have to dodge attacks. Basically you’re almost always thinking or reacting. Keeping you engaged.

One more thing… The A.I. please make them viable lol. I cant tell you how coordinated the enemy A.I. is sliding into to cover and ressing like a medic in world war 3 to get their companions up in a fight while ours if lucky get us up if we’re down. Stop making them run out into the fire like a blind dog.


You do know most of those tactics died out because the users of them died in the previous games,right?

Still, it has been known for a long time that most of the enemies are actually bugged to not work as expected and that those tactics said are actually in the game, just not applied due to the giant mess of buggy scripting that needs serious fixing.

Remember the bastions actually shielding the other enemies? Or when the hunters would run away if you got closer and keep their distance from you at all times instead of acting like the drones? Or when pouncers died, they had an AOE effect that worked the same as the imulsion trails?

A lot of what you are asking for is in the game already, it’s just not organized and it’s not implemented as it should be. It really sucks because those little things made horde feel like horde and not what we have currently. To think that there was three different horde styles (deebee assault, Swarm assault, and swarm elite assault) back then, now it all feels like only one every time.

Damn, I done spill my drink…