Horde Ultimate Abilities?

I am a little confused here and would like clarification on Horde Ultimate Abilities. I am told that Ultimate Abilities cost Energy to use, and to that end no one drops Energy in to the Fabricator.
Also, is it true when someone picks up Energy, it is shared to everyone, I read it somewhere, whilst it does sound an ok idea, I still think that, if it is true, Ultimate Abilities cost Energy, then, it is my personal opinion that this is completely stupid.
Ultimate Abilities have a charge time, I think that is cost enough, and wasting Energy on this, yeah, that is just taking the piss. Shared Energy, not sure I like that idea. What should happen is, Energy collected is deposited at the end of the round so the Engineer can build.
I was in a game earlier and I was told that my role as an Engineer is not needed, Fortifications just a waste of time, yet we as a team did not last anymore than 25 rounds, because there was no fall back position, no defences worth a crap. I do think this new Horde is totally bonkers. Definitely needs rethinking on a astronomical level.