Horde Trolls: what to do?

Today I was on wave 42 of a Horde and someone joined as Jack and proceeded to build a forge melt all our heavy weapons, spend the energy and then just move everything we had set up. I had no option but to quit the horde. Has anyone else experienced this? I reported the user to Xbox but there should be an option to kick these people.


If you were host, block them and kick them afterwards.

Blocking makes them appear on Social Tab.


I was the host and I blocked them but how do you kick? I tried to google it and I couldn’t find it.

Is this a common thing then?

Pause > RT for Social Tab > Click on their Gamertag > Kick.

Blocking host might be common, but host kicking these people isn’t common, because most don’t know how to.


Thank you so much!

I know I can’t say the whole name but it starts with KoTD… from what I’m seeing this is a common thing. Can this group be stopped?

I know this forum prohibits the gamer tag shaming, but is there another place maybe that names could be shared to stop this mess?

Reporting hasn’t seem to slow it.

Does Reddit allow gamer tag sharing?

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So, is this something that Microsoft deals with, or is there something that TC do?

We know that TC have handed out bans to serial quitters (or “disonnectors” depending on your perspective). This is something a bit different. Is there anyway that TC can investigate and “view” the events of a Horde game and track player’s actions during the course? Probably not, but it makes you wonder how these trolls are best dealt with. I’m not doubting the OP - but being objective, there needs to be some evidence otherwise it’s just one person’s word against another and I wonder if TC can acquire evidence somehow.

I mean, back in the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach days (and maybe other Halo games too - I personally lost interest in them since so don’t know) Bungie was able to track player movements in the form of “heatmaps” which were available to view on the Bungie website under player stats. It may be possible that they can also track other things too.

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Maybe if TC found a way to continue to allow the host to kick even when blocked by a troll.

I know there’s a workaround, but without it being common knowledge, we will continue to see people’s matches ruined.

It’s hurting the game unnecessarily.


I genuinely think that these people should receive bans in the same way as quitters (or “quitters”) do.

My question is how closely TC are capable of investigating it in order to gather evidence. Obviously with quitting, it’s straightforward - TC just look at stats indicating completed games VS uncompleted games; and how many times the person has received automatic bans for this in whatever period of time. Something like this is different and would require TC to look beyond the numbers.



My thought is they are fully capable of tracking everything.

Probably more an issue of manpower and willingness.


But I wonder if all it will take is for a handful of these trolls to be banned and for TC to publicly announce it in a name-and-shame way. It may serve as a warning to others.

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I appreciate that it seems like it’s just me, but there’s more than just me reporting people with similar usernames.

I would suggest that anyone in this situation should take lots of clips and screenshots, and send it to TC immediately.

Get clips and post them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ect.

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Same thing happened to me two times last week. Somebody joined the game with KoTD as part of their GT and decided to sabotage the game.

First he was Del and moved all the barriers to the tiniest part of the map so we were trapped (The map was Vasgar).

Second was on the same map but he joined as jack and then proceed to remove all weapons from the lockers then he move the fabricator to the other side of the map, when we all died he picked up tags and didn’t bother taking them to the fabricator just flying around the map.

I then encountered him for a third time xD but this time he didn’t troll at all he was playing Del again, he was communicating for building barriers etc and placing the fortifications well and not sabotaging the game at all.

I just don’t get why he did that at all.

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You should have blocked the fkr and kicked them.

TC doesn’t own Reddit and can’t make rules on there. Post GT there.

TC ought to implement a new feature in custom games where if the host blocks a player, the blocked playing cannot join or see their lobbies unless only the host invites them and no other players can.


Yeah it’s either the same person or there’s like a group of them.

In hindsight I should’ve recorded it as people are saying but it’s my first experience with it. Next time I will!

I also didn’t know I could kick, I blocked him but when I googled it I couldn’t kick.

Unfortunately i wasn’t the host otherwise i would have kicked him.

Maybe i should of warned the host about him but by the time i send the message to them he’d block the host and they’d be unable to do anything.

I totally agree TC should implement something like that the game needs a overhaul of sorts to prevent people from sabotaging hours of hard work, but i doubt that will ever happen.

Anyway I have blocked and reported him, doubt that will do much but its something i suppose.

Yes. Hit the guide button and choose “Record what happened” then scroll down and select “Lat 2 minutes.” You have to be quick about it though because you want to get the two mins they’re actually sabotaging your game.

You can then record that clip on your phone and open a ticket with TC and shared the video with them and hopefully they can take some action against the fkr.

I would also suggest sharing the video and GT on Reddit so others can be aware of it.

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I sometimes do this to Fools who kick me instantly when I come. With characters like Marcus fazh clayton etc while they are high level and I know how to play them suddenly I come back in jack and I take revenge when it is already the 5th part that it happens to me. There is something to be pissed right? People are stupid if you’re not jack or jd get out …