Horde Troll with a weird ability

Was playing with a good team on a custom advanced horde, all working well, base solid, l2 barriers, jsut a few L4 turrets and shocks out, 2* L4 lockers for every one to use as they wanted, 2 taps in the base up and producing, Jack forging enough spare energy to pay for the teams vacation.

Unfortunately around wave 40 one player had to drop out, did the right thing dumped all spare energy, got their lockers all sorted and apologized in chat, Played a couple of waves with a AI then we had a second Jack appear. They hung around a couple waves doing nothing, a pain but it happens. As we finished wave 47 we all got the blurry score screen and then the “waiting for other players” message popped up and stayed up for about 2 or 3 mins, however you could “see” the new jack flying around emptying the lockers, I knew it was teh new jack as I was in voice comms with the original one … when the score screen finally went and the next wave started nearly all 8 lockers had been emptied, some of the weapons where on the floor, but many had been forged. We tried to pick up what we could, but the guy just kept taking them off the lockers and forging them … half way through wave 48 we had no GL, no tri shots and had to abandon what had been a great game

As it was being done during the blurry score screen taking a video would have been useless

We all reported the player, but hey who knows what will happen

EDIT : just did a search and it was the well know troll mentioned in other Troll threads, but he has moved from 44 to 55 now


I was the aforementioned Jack in this post… and can verify the accuracy of the post. The “waiting for other players” issue was very strange. They seemingly could fly between lvl 4 lockers and empty ALL weapons whilst the rest of us were frozen.

Really poor player - who’s sole reason for joining appeared to be to ruin the game for all other players. Really don’t understand how anyone could get off on that. Reported and blocked player… but when he fires up a new profile he’ll probably be back :frowning:

Mod edit: Calling out by Gamertag isn’t allowed.


Man there is nothing worse! Feel free to add my GT as i’m always down to play horde properly - i’m on a couple of nights a week and most weekends - UK based so time difference maybe an issue? cheers

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“Waiting for other players” means that one player has pulled up the map . All others have to wait till the map is closed. Anyone with the map up is still able to move and they can sort of navigate using the map icons. They are also able to interact like pick up ammo boxes etc. This feature (or bug not sure) has been there since launch.


You not talking about that over-rated NBA guy "leebro"n James who wears number 55 jersey again are you?


Never knew that … but explains what he was doing

Had this all to often myself and i know how angry it makes me when all you can do is quit or watch ,i’m trying to get enough friends/players not to worry about randoms but it takes time. Add me if you like , uk based…

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couldn’t say :+1: :wink:

I have actually never met this player, but it seems many has and he must have a ton of reports against him now. I can’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t take the steps to brick his Xbox, since he seems to make new profiles when the old ones are banned. May seem harsh, but would in this instance be called for IMO.

Only way to stop trolls is to kill them. Bricking the Xbox of a known troll is not only not harsh, but completely necessary. Burn him in the fires and let’s all move on.

The “waiting for player” is not strange you just need to open the map when the score appears and it “stop” the timer and you can do whatever you want in game. I use this to pickup ammo before the next wave. But what this guy did was bad, really bad.

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That nba player done the same thing to us one time. We just quit.

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We need the option to kick Players by voting.
I once had a afk jack für 10 waves. Then we all die and can do nothing because jack stand invisible in a corner…No way to restart the wave


In between waves you can still move, collect Power etc.

The inbetween waves intermission features a couple of seconds after the wave ends where the scoreboard hasn’t appeared yet, and then the score board pops up. You can move through both these periods.

However when the scoreboard is up pressing certain buttons causes you to interact with the scoreboard (such as selecting a gamertag on it, or muting someone). So once the scoreboard comes up your ability to do stuff is extremely limited.

If you press and hold the menu button you can make the scoreboard disappear and the map appears instead. When the scoreboard is gone you can interact with stuff without inadvertently selecting something on the scoreboard.

I sometimes do this to pick up an ammo box - as once I pick it up, and then the next wave starts it reappears so someone else can have it. Or I do it as JACK to pick up a weapon off the ground before it disappears (not from a Locker obviously!)

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