Horde TOD question

I’ve had the ‘complete a horde match’ objective in my TOD stuff since launch. I want the ‘Scarred JD’ skin so I figured I should probably start actually doing my TOD objectives.

Is there an easy way to get this objective done? No matter how many matches I play people always quit by wave 12-ish.

I don’t have that much free time I can’t sit around all day replaying the first dozen waves over and over again.

Does anyone know an easy way to get this objective done?

Itf it’s the complete a horde match with each character then all you have to do is complete wave 50 only with the characters. Use the lobby browser or LFG to find these matches, I see them all the time

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Find like-minded players using the LFG function. Link up with friends and so on.

I’ve got a solid group I play with regularly so I don’t play Public Horde anymore. Quitters make it so difficult.