Horde tips for each class

Ok so I’m not a super pro at pve but I have a few tips that always worked for me in horde. (Pls note that I lied when I said each class lol I will only be doing the main horde characters Fahz, JD , Kait , Marcus del and Kait)

Kait - always cloak at the beginning of a wave or atleast close to the start of the wave to maximize your kills but also be on the lookout. If things are going bad and your whole team goes down it better to have that cloak ready.

Del- Use a lot of barriers. With the right cards del can cover the map in fences making everyone else’s job easier. What the difference between doing this with Baird and Kat? Well del can make fortifications cheaper can make them stronger and do more damage and so the more barriers the longer it takes for the swarm to penetrate your base. It also give ur team time to deal with flying enemies like guardians and sentinels.

JD - most JD players forget about the boom shot and only spam gl. Spamming gl is fun and all but it’s not fun for ur teammates who essentially do nothing. It’s the same as the engineer spamming sentries. Make the game fun for everyone only use the gl where necessary like when there’s a ton of enemies or bosses. And besides that boom shot is always helpful to bastions and flying enemies because if it really hard to hit a sentinel with a gl.

Marcus - with the right cards Marcus is an absolute beast in horde. You could literally have your living legend run for all 50 waves but u will always get a team with one player that doesn’t press skip wave and then your living legend run out. What I always did was use the brutal efficacy card and essentially chainsaw for one whole wave to get my ultimate back because let’s face it Marcus is only really effective with his ultimate. This I only did with lower levels when my rifle feedback was at a low level, but with the level 6 card it can last through that 20 seconds after a wave.

Fahz- With Fahz I recommend putting all the extra damage cards and (I forgot the name lol) the card that makes your ultimate last longer. You can literally wipe the whole map while hiding safely at the back of the map. And even if ur ultimate runs out Fahz is still effective with the extra damage.

Jack - now jack is suited for 2 purposes. Revive and energy. Equip all the cards that maximizes your healing and energy. And try to always keep your Hijack ability as a last resort just Incase things go wrong.

@Hu1k_Daddy has done a number of threads and guides on alot of the characters (from a Horde perspective). The initial post is very good, and alot of us discuss, debate and exchange ideas throughout the rest of the thread. Worth looking up!


There’s several links attached to this thread. I think there may even be more threads made more recently like Clayton.

Recommended skills cards are discussed and at different levels, unwritten tricks, how best to approach combat, weapons etc.

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Thanks bro,

You have always contributed to much of the tricks as well.

Appreciate the post in the effort others though.

Always good to see a post that helps instead of complain.

In addition more will come when OP5 drops. I’m kinda forced to hold back till then due to all the changes.

Again, thank you @Bleeding_Pepper you are always appreciated brother.



I’ll definitely check it out :ok_hand:t2:

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