Horde tips and a comparision to previous horde modes

Hello everyone!

I read through a few posts here and saw a lot of negativity which I don’t quite understand. I used to play gears 3 and 4 a lot and while they were fun they were deeply flawed games. Gear 4 with its reliance on turrets and fixed pattern enemy waves was just the worst.

Here are a few extremely positive things about gear 5 that people might not have noticed:

Go to custom horde!

If you pick custom horde you can either join games that are already in progress and fit your playstyle and time you have available.
Or you can host your own game and pick the exact difficulty/ map / start wave you like.
For both of these options you need to invest 2 to 5 minutes of your time but you are almost guaranteed to have a better experience than just jumping into a random horde match. I am at re-up 6 now and I only play with random people and I never had a bad experience (apart from technical errors)

This custom horde feature alone makes gears 5 horde much better than any horde before.
The fact that you can now play a match in 1 to 1.5 hours instead of 2.5 to 3 hours is such an amazing overdue feature.

Class system

While I see why some people want it to improve. I believe it is a solid system that encourages team play (especially on higher difficulties). There is also a clear and easy way to change this up and make it fresh and interesting again with new classes / cards.
Most importantly though the pay to win factor that gears 4 cards had is gone. Its is so easy now to get all your cards to level 1 / 2 by just playing because you are guaranteed to get all cards while you level.
So overall its similar to gears 4 just no pay to win. I don’t see the issue?

Random enemies and waves

The worst part about gears 4 horde was the set enemies and waves. After playing it for a week I could tell exactly when which enemy would come because it was a set pattern. It was MEGA boring.
Gear 5 seems to be the same as gears 3 in this aspect and I am very very happy about this.

Overall I do understand there are obviously some flaws in the game and some technical issues but if you actually spend a few minutes looking for the right options and the right game for your specific play style I have no doubt anyone would enjoy gear 5 horde more than 3 and 4 for the above mentioned reasons.

Use custom horde!

The o ly problem for me with custom horde is that you can’t see what mutatores the host has on until you join.
Other than that your spot on

Good Points. I see a lot of people are upset you can’t have duplicate classes but I think back to gears 4 where it was always 1 engineer, 1 scout and 3 heavys/snipers. I like this no duplicates because it encourages people to use other classes besides their favorites.

I feel the classes are a bit more balanced in this gears but still need some tweaks. You have chars with different play styles but after enough waves or modifiers, eventually everyone will be behind fences+turrets spamming trishots.

The so called “tanks” are not durable. Kait is meant for getting executions for bonus power and Emile feels like he is meant to be up close for melee but beyond a certain difficulty that is impossible because of how fast you can be downed. Fahz IMO feels weak compared to JD and Kait with bleeding and laceration perks. He feels like a “I can kill a scion but why not play as JD so I can kill it faster?”

The promotional chars are cool but I feel they need some love. Emile gets some unique cards for a cool play style and I like that. Haven’t used Sarah so no opinion on her. Kat on the other hand I love using her. However Del gets almost every perk she does and then some. Kat doesn’t get increased fort health, armor, and higher discount like Del does. All the promotional chars get half as many cards as their counter parts. At least give them more of the same amount or give them specific cards to make it balanced. Right now, except for her ult and halo perk, there’s not much reason to use Kat over Del.

Last and my biggest grip about the class system. At higher difficulties no matter how you play you NEED an engineer and a Jack. If I see an elite match with none of the 2 mentioned previously I don’t bother joining. Granted I like that only the engineers can build everything and upgrade forts. In gears 4 I felt if they had a good economy going an engineer wasn’t needed after things were built. However past a certain point it feels like “No Del, No Jack, No Service”

No it doesn’t encourage people to use other classes it mandates it which is the very point that people dislike about Gears 5’s horde. Taking away people’s choices after having them in previous games is never a good idea.

Your last paragraph where you said "feels like “No Del, No Jack, No Service” makes it seem like we’re back at Gears 4 where if you don’t have “X” classes (such as always 1 engineer, 1 scout and 3 heavys/snipers as you noted) it’s futile so TC really didn’t solve anything they merely moved the shells around the table to make it seem different only they removed player choice which is the foremost issue that most horde players hate.

No it doesn’t encourage people to use other classes it mandates it which is the very point that people dislike about Gears 5’s horde. Taking away people’s choices after having them in previous games is never a good idea.

What I meant was because there is a no duplicates your more likely to level up other chars besides your favorites. I’ve seen a lot of people join a custom game and back out when they learn JD was taken. I’ve lvled up Kat, Jack, Kait, JD, Del. If my favorite is taken I’ve got back ups. I will back out sometimes if the specific char I want to lvl up is taken but if I just want to play I got enough lvled up that if my char is taken I can switch to something else and still succeed.

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Word man agree 100%

I hate the bots half the time. Half the time they have a tendency to walk in front of you when your hunkered down somewhere. If your using a salvo/boomshot you just blew yourself up, if your aiming a GL they blocked your shot. The other half they are out of cover out in Guam. They only thing they are good for it taking a few hits and occasionally reviving people and they take their sweet time doing that. Is there a way to shut them off in a custom horde?

She still doesn’t have to execute the enemies to get a power bonus from them. Her passive just makes enemies getting killed close to her, by anyone, drop 25% more power. Read its description.

With her perks for getting stim after executing someone and that she starts with a retro is feels like they designed her with that aspect in mind.

I know that she doesn’t have to execute someone for the 25% bonus but do enemies drop more if executed? If a drone if downed has anyone checked to see if he drops more power if executed over just shooting him from a distance?

I have executed Drones but they’d still drop the same 93 power from 25% bonus as they would if I just meleed or shot them to death.

There is. It’s in the Horde options when you are hosting. You can turn them off there.