Horde, this feels like a huge step back. Edit; UPDATED

I really enjoyed gears 4 horde, this just seems like a huge downgrade to the point that its just boring.

Really dissapointed.
I like to play engineer, when i first jumped in i played as marcus, my favorite character, not realising skills were locked to characters, i now understand what i was doing wrong.

I can understand the frustration of players with the skills locked to characters and only being able to have one of each character on the team, but i also understand why TC did this, it was beyond infuriating playing in a really unbalanced team with people being able to buy anything from the fabricator.

Anyway, i like to admit when i was wrong, I’m not saying their solution is perfect but my first impression of horde was wrong.


it`s Judgement…class-system sucks.


Usually people would back out if there isn’t a scout or engineer sense those classes are vital but now i can’t even tell who is a scout or engineer


I made a topic about this weeks ago, people need to slam TC in feedback for this, Judgement’s story and characters were fine but the game modes were not good for MP, survival and OverRun never should have been looked at for how to do horde in any GOW game.

Bring back the modes with a better twist but they screwed over horde when GOW 4 and before that GOW 3 did it much much better.


yep, you’re just a dude with a gun.

I wish I could choose whatever character I want, with whatever skills, cards and loadout I want. I wish my character Emile could at least by a weapons locker.

Besides that though, i’m really enjoying horde and defending power taps.

I was just a guy with a gun in gears 2 horde, so to me that sounds great.

I was never a fan of scouts/engi’s and very fixed roles for the whole duration of the game. From my experience in gears 2/3, you either covered an area with your gun, covered a lane with your gun, or assisted someone else if you couldn’t do either of those on your own. Everyone was a scout/engi/medic/dps depending on the needs of the situation.


Not being able to play as who you want because someone else picked them is a terrible idea. Idk how any at TC thought that was an idea worth entertaining. Also, not being able to deviate from your role based on who your character is, is another god awful decision. I’m really hoping they do something about this because Horde blows this time around with these restrictions.


This horde is good, at least the engineer can’t set up loads of sentries and let them do all the work to get 20-30 kills in most rounds, but that’s probably why people don’t like this horde

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If your not an engineer you can’t build ANYTHING, the sentry spam is a non issue when horde is this screwed up.

If you did not like sentry spam who cares, destroying an entire game mode because of one minor thing is UNACCEPTABLE.

Limited weapon choice for each character, no option to build anything if your not a certain character, not having choices is the opposite of improving horde it is leaps backwards.

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U could if u weren’t engineer in gears 4, it cost more energy to do so, I think horde in gears 5 is fine, I do pretty well, it’s simple for those who don’t like it, dont play it

I’d rather take this Horde than Gears4 where everyone is worthess. I won’t be missing Scouts not collecting power and quitting before wave 10, people quitting because I am “stealing” their power from their kills as the Scout class, and non-engineers buying everything at 2x price. Gears4 Horde won’t be missed by me.

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Having the option to build things at a higher cost is better then not having any option to build.

This is a huge step back for horde, even in GOW 3’s horde mode anyone could purchase fortifications, now only the engineer can build.


from all the reviews, this horde is gone downhill. the class system sucks everything else is fine


Iim not bothered either way, I like gears 5, I don’t care if other people don’t, some people have fun that’s what matters, who doesn’t like it don’t ■■■■■, just don’t play

Everyone has their own opinion, I like it

That has to be one of the lowest IQ comments I’ve seen. “Don’t like it don’t play”. Some of us have already paid 80 bucks and we want to play what we paid for. It’d be nice of the lastest version of horde wasn’t garbage


Bla bla bla, it is that simple, if u don’t like something don’t play it, if u don’t like a certain program don’t watch it, simple, I don’t like fortnite, guess what, I don’t play it, just because you can’t do horde, it doesn’t mean it’s trash, some people like it some don’t,if u don’t, then move on to something u do like

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So I’m just supposed to put down one of my favorite franchises for 12 years now and be done? After paying $80.00 for it. No. I’m going to protest it. Because that’s how change occurs. That’s how you voice your opinion. With your mentality. We’d still be under British rule and doing the kings bidding. You know what changed that? Protest and the revolutionary war did. Pretty sure if you scroll down through the forum you will see almost all the posts saying a similar thing about this game feeling like a downgraded cash grab with poor mechanic choices. The majority has voiced their opinion. You sir, are in the minority.


No, if you like it carry on playing, just don’t go into forums putting the game down and saying it’s garbage just because you have issues with the game, there are a lot of people out there who love the game as it is, I’ve followed GOW from day 1 and I don’t mind change, everything changes sooner or later, we just have to deal with it, I’ve spent a lot of money on games in 5he past which turned out that I didn’t like them but I just carried on

“if you’re not an engineer you cant build anything” thats the whole point my friend, to stop idiots blowing all the power who dont have discounts.