Horde Team Score Boost Cards

The green Horde Team Score Boost Cards - what is the point of these? Please remove them from the game. The cards should be for damage/health/ammo buffs not score buffs. I dont care about the score boards and i reckon most other people dont either. Given the RNG nature by which you get cards, these score boosts just serve to annoy. The score boards will probably be glitched at some point anyway. To add further insult, there is a purple one later down the line.

Please TC remove these cards from the game and give scrap to people who already have them.

Some people like competing for the top score adding the score boost cards help that also since they all mention Escape and Horde there could be potential updates where the Hive Busters and the Horde characters we have no become available for the others. Score also seems to affect experience gains and the ability to obtain supply drops though there hasn’t been an official response from TC. Regardless if you use them or not some people do. There are cards that I’ll never touch, but calling for them to be removed to suit personal tastes when others might use them is quite a self-centered stance.


Can anyone confirm if the score boost cards do actually result in more XP? I don’t see myself using them unless they do.

Unless TC makes an announcement, no people can’t 100% confirm it since the differences in exp among other rewards can be a myriad of potential sources, but it’s pretty commonly accepted that score does indeed help earnings of post match rewards for character exp, skills, and even supply drops, but all anecdotal unless they post it explicitly somewhere. Use them or don’t it’s up to you in the end ultimately.