Horde strategy - Daily

Question for Horde veterans out there. The most current daily has a 3x damage mutator. Even in early waves, 3x damage can down you very quickly, so I’m wondering what your preferred class is for this one and if you have any strategies in particular that you found successful. Anyone get through 12 waves?

I tried running this one a few times with randoms and generally most of them quit in a few rounds. I was running Anchor ( added my Crazy Tough card for extra health).

Boom !
( in this particular horde I added
3X dmg on . Teamwork !15+ =^,^= because it’s hard )

I usually type in the chat during the lobby hi hello
And 15+ classes join
I’m in California playing after 11am

I rarely get idiots and quitters

I’ve noticed this - playing in the AM/afternoon vastly increases the quality of teammates you come across. Playing a map that’s not the daily also increases the quality of teammates.

Friendly lobby names also helps. I don’t want to join games and be on edge because the host might kick for the slightest of reasons or misunderstandings.

Oh also if you want to do the daily easier, turn off 3x damage for Survivor.

I hate this mutator set because none of the green mutators are helpful (confetti headshot,etc)

Preferred Supportive Class:Jack (The Best) / Combat Medic

Preferred DPS:Veteran / Gunner / Anchor / Pilot / Blademaster / Slugger

Engineer Optional -The Enemies can just get Down you in 1~2 Shots. I would prefer another Supportive Class / DPS to maintain the DPS. Your Team can get Wiped no matter your Barriers are set far from your Base

I had 2 success Master Freezy out of 6 attempts of Ephyra with different Team.

It’s about your Base Setting, I’m not talking about 50 Waves, but Freezy only. Your Taps depends your Base, no Taps, no Winning. My 2 Success were having Base in the Middle, well, that’s fair because you can do Crowd Control to the Enemies easily facing two Directions only.

Base in Spawn needs to face 3 Directions especially the Left Side is very opened. I believe a Random Team cannot handle either Left Side or Right Side. There’s more risky than having Base in the Middle.

That’s why I would say this Daily Master Difficulty is 10/10.

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Remember you have to time your gaming sessions when adults get off of work
On weekends I play after 11am PST
Weekdays after 2PM pst or 515 PM PST

I rarely have any complaints
And host my own lobbies so I don’t deal with bs

The trick for me I think is adding =^,^= always at the end of my lobby description
People recognize it
I think


Self-sufficient with the Boltok and ammo regen perk
Can shield himself for a long period while also providing Stim to self and allies

Probably one of the best classes against such modifiers (just in general a really strong class).


I think it goes without saying, but lots and lots and lots of use of cover lol.

I used Blademaster on this one because no locker and all melee lol. With the extra health mod on and letting enemies bleed out, I was able to have my ULT just about 2 to 3 times per wave. Perk bleed damage to about level 4 or 5 and then throw the rest into damage resistance. Let enemies get close enough, so you don’t move to far away from your cover. Everything else should fall in place, provided your team can hold their corridors.

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Stim usually helps out too dor challnges like this
1 bullet knocks you down and stim can absorb 1 bullet

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For inconceivable rewards it not worth it imo try the daily tomorrow or try the escape one’s

I play mostly 1-50 Master. I tried a couple of random lobbies and failed, hosted my own and after a couple of early failures finally got a team capable of completing the 50 waves. That team was Engineer (me), Jack, Gunner, Pilot and Tactician. A couple of them, even though I don’t know them, I’ve played with before because I recognised their GT’s. It’s nice my lobbies are attracting players I’ve previously had success with.

And yes, make no mistake, that mutator set is brutal. Two lots of More Health and Even Stronger Enemies, 3x damage makes it very difficult. Not only are they harder to kill (more health) but they’re doing a lot more damage. The only positive player mutator is the lack of fortifications cost 50% more, so fortifications are cheap to buy. Ready made for level 1 barrier spam!

As for which classes you’d need a mix I think. Any DPS classes that kill at longer range, eg Marksman, Veteran, Demo, Tactician, Gunner, Pilot along with a class/es than can provide stim to teammates, such as Combat Medic or Anchor.

The key to beating that daily IMO is to push the enemies as far away from you as possible and kill them at range before they can get anywhere near you. Any CQC classes will find that daily really tough.

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Firstly I think you were pretty brave to play a CQC class on that daily! I wouldn’t, not in a million years, for the simple reason—I’m not good enough!

Secondly what’s with the current obsession with locker-less classes? Accepted, you probably did the Frenzy (which I don’t play) and I did the 1-50, I built all the DPS classes (Pilot, Gunner and Tactician) two lockers each! There was loads of power and fortifications were cheap to buy, they all got one 4 way early and then a second later on.

Nope, 50 waves on master difficulty.

I just prefer to play classes that are pretty much self-reliant. Plus I do enjoy a good challenge and taking a melee character into this was a challenge lol.

Avoid CQC classes.

I was only able to drag 1 set of randoms threw it…I played as a slugger class but tbh it was too hard for most players. I was drinking a beer chuckling to myself as multiple people died first wave …this one guy…(still laughing about it) Died in like the first 30 seconds…got revived at fab…died again…I revived him at fab…then he comes back in and immediately gets chainsawed…I literally sat there and laughed for like 10 minutes…funniest thing…but I have no sympathy anymore for no reup guys who use their level 9 combat medic and try to play inconceivable…if they don’t want to take their lumps like we all had to do and just skip ahead then they deserve ridicule imo


I did 4 master frenzy on Ephyra yesterday. Played as Blademaster and was MVP for most of the game.

Jack was useful for reviving downed teammates. Gunner and Tact were good too.

Add - the worst match I had was late at night when everyone except for host had ping over 200+.
I lagged throughout the game. My Lahni teleported and ghost meleed a lot.


Finally got the daily done as Jack. It was a good pick, because my teammates kept going down; they were just having no luck. We had to drop 11 tags into the Fabricator on the last wave, and I know @AmicableWall421 hates it when Boomshot Scions shoot you instead of meleeing you at close range, but I heal beamed one of our Infiltrators while he was in melee range of one and he just kept getting smacked back down before he could even move, so if that Scion hadn’t eventually decided to shoot instead of meleeing I think I’d still be reviving him to this day.

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Boomshot Scions (and Mulcher) were even worse than normal on that daily. It wasn’t so much a boomshot coming in, it was more like a nuclear missile!!

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I use anchor, in team i have a medic, tactic, veteran and sniper, every random.
My role try to block every scion and guardian with the ultimate. When i need to recharge i use the boomshot for aoe damage and refull the ulti.

Tell me about it! I’m tired of running into guys who think they can handle Inconcievable with a level 3 character.

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