Horde still broken even with OP 4

Not to kick up a stink, but I thought horde Was about teamwork.i do like a solo play but can feel a bit empty.

Everyone is still arguing about this horde thing. Not the focus for me. Like I said the gameplay from gears 2 is forever the best. But ever since they’ve changed the way grenades are used and they turned their power down same with the boom. Definitely miss the mortor. And what ever happened to a bot filling in when someone quits on your team. Once it’s 4v5 or 3v5 it’s over especially if you are playing a squad. I’m telling you remaster gears 2 with all those awesome map packs combined from 1, 2, and 3. With all those good old original gameplay modes along with these new gameplay modes copied from cod and modern warfare. It will be the best of both worlds make everyone happy . Probably sell more copies than any other gears making the manufacturers happy and we all get what we want. Oh and I guarantee that more ppl with play annex rather than koth. Annex is execution rules it forces ppl to use their gnasher more. All you have to do is maybe put a twist on the story or something. A story about a different group fighting at the same time in the same war with a nice little twist but you can bring back the old characters if you like. Maybe a base on the moon would be interesting like the humans have a stronghold base on the moon and the horde wants to destroy it. Matter of fact call me I’ll design the game for you. Some space cog and horde, that would make for some interesting map packs or campaign. Seriously call me. All those in favor say I…?