Horde still broken even with OP 4

1 * AMMO! the biggest problem with gears 5 is ammunition.

  • I went to play gears 3 these days, and incredibly I can still find horde mode quickly, and it’s amazing how a game mode from 8 years ago is much more balanced than the current game, it’s almost impossible for you to run out of ammo, I can’t understand as something like that happens in a game development, every wave your weapons will be with the red numbers(0), it can be any character, your ammo ends in an incredibly fast way, the devs still think that the lockers are a good choice, a locker costs 5k or 7.5k, to upgrade to lv4 it goes over 21k, now imagine 4 more lockers for each player, another thing, the locker system is all badly organized, it is absurdly boring to be lifting up every minute to get another weapon in the locker, the ammo you get with each wave is completely absurd. Can you say that we can get boxes of ammo? well I want to see you take the ammo box during the battle and take 2 shots and die, after the wave, we have two boxes for 5 players, and don’t talk to me about jack, because the game has to adapt and not create just one type of gameplay. totally broken.
    2 * Perks
  • they increased and improved the perk system a lot, but some perks shouldn’t be perks but cards, most of the parties you join, if you buy perks, you’re kicked out of the game. it seems that they didn’t think about it because that’s exactly how it’s always been in the game since launch.

3 * Elite drone

  • This I try to understand since the release, it doesn’t make any sense, I’m sorry but this is exactly the same excuse that Dark Souls 2 devs created to make the game difficult, created senseless things, the damage of the elite drone is absurd even in the first waves, if you play with a character that needs more time to kill an enemy, 2 or 3 elite drones shooting at you, you die in less than a second. it’s almost impossible to get out of the cover and aim without taking hitkill from an elite drone, not only is the damage from an elite drone surreal but also your life, sniper players know that if they don’t use all lv 5 cards, they will hardly kill one elite headshot drone with just one shot, depending on your situation, even with active reload it will not kill with just 1 shot, its senseless. if you play insane or harder, the gameplay is, players falling every sec, its a boring gameplay, you cannot shot or aim.

4 * swarmak and carrier HITKILL senseless

  • This is funny, if you want to play as an engineer and choose baird, you will be surprised that he does not have any card that increases the strength of the fortifications, which is completely absurd, but don’t worry, look at my del , 26% more resistance and 150% more life in the fortifications, and guess what, if a swarmak fires missiles at the fortifications, they will break anyway, if lizzie wants to summon her silverback to damage the boss she will have some problems, punch of a carrier is hitkill, the swarmak missile is hitkill, matriarch punch is hitkill, warden its hitkill, its absolute useless this cards, sorry, it is totally senseless, it can be sentry’s, lockers, barriers, silverback, all are destroyed in hitkill for these things.

5 * PVE melee HITkill

  • Sorry but if you play in high difficulty in horde or escape, you already know that almost all melee hits that bots hit you are hitkill, unless you use cards that reduce damage (which are rare), but the funniest of all and most meaningless is Reject hitkill, it’s amazing how absurd it is, how boring to lose a run because some player was hitkill to a Reject,(this when the player dies with hit kill, when the melee attack was given from meters away) sorry but I can’t understand, you want a difficult game but you created a broken and meaningless game, it’s not just Reject, but practically all mobs, while your melee attack doesn’t take even 10% of the mob’s life, another thing that most of the time happens is that your melee combo won’t work, often mobs will tank your attacks and give you hitkill. the minimum would be 2 hits kill, much more fair.

6* MOD regeneration need a nerf, need to incress the secs that need to activate… we already dont have ammo, imagine to drain 3 or 4 times the same mob…

Play without the damage and health modifier and have fun!
That’s what I do :slight_smile:

As for the ammo, this isn’t really an issue anymore since everyone can buy lockers and upgrade them if you’re in a game without an engineer.


28k of energy for a locker lv4 ??? its a boring gameplay every time need to take a weapon from locker

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Are we even playing the same game!? :thinking:


Stop crying all enemies went nerfed in this operation is you don’t support the master level that’s why casual level was created and you need to play more to acquire the experience and now how to kill a swarmak even if you pay with randoms

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Just turn down the difficulty a little bit. We don’t need to nerf everything.

I think you just helped explain the problem, Why should he have to load up Horde everytime he wants to play it and watch his ammo count for all his weapons to save up energy just to buy one locker and level it up, and you don’t even get rewarded that much energy from what I can remember, I also think it is boring to be limited down to playstyles instead of choosing your own character. It’s boring. It turned into a arcade shooter instead of a Survival “Horde” mode. I can go on about how Gears 5, isn’t a worthy Gears title.

If you grab ammo box as the wave is ending with the tally scores for the wave, you can instantly grab it again after the tally score screen. Double ammo box each round bruh, not to mention you can just rebuy any weapon from fabricator and it’s full ammo, no need to waste time with weapon locker. I literally refuse to play higher difficulty than advanced though

I’m sorry,

I don’t agree. Maybe play with me and I’ll prove you wrong.

For Horde this is the best it has been yet. And if you know me at all on here, you know I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it.

So join up bro. I’ll show you the dark side.



“Watch your energy” eh? Unless you’re camping in a corner and doing nothing then you’ll have the 5K for a locker after the first few waves. With the new taps you’re drowning in energy unless you have the 50% modifier on.
Most horde games end with 100K+ surplus energy in the fab unless you have someone going crazy with turrets or something.

As for limited down to playstyles? How does this limit your playstyle by having a locker?
Instead of running, and fighting over the ammo boxes you run to your locker and switch weapons. Takes the same amount of time.
You can literally play any character now and have your favorite weapons. Well… except for pistols.

I know everyone has their own opinion but I’ll tell you what I miss is gears 2. When gears had it’s own original games like koth was different . There used to be koth and annex, no one played koth . Annex was so much better but they went and combined the two and ruined it. Also desperate to keep up with call of duty and modern warfare they gave up their awesome original games to copy from these games. Like domination and all that crap. Go play cod. Give me back my warzone, execution, annex, wingman, submission, guardian, capture the leader, koth. Oh and just had to turn down the grenade strength because skilled people like myself who were smart and skilled enough with them could wipe out whole squads but these so called gears pros cried to turn them down so they can mod and lancer without having to worry about that. Oh and what happened with planting 2 grenades on the wall at a time and two grenades going off simultaneously when thrown that’s more realistic but I guess we are going backwards. The mortor was so fun too could beat whole squads with nothing but randoms and using these techniques but they cried on the forums to please fix this because the few skilled ppl like myself with these weapons were noobs??? How am I a noob if you can’t get it from me sending ppl and dying non stop . Its these cod bums who want to lancer the whole time and fight you from far away. And that’s fine if you want to be like that but in my opinion this game was really so fun and great for me and many others was the gnasher and wall bouncing. I don’t know just my opinion. Gears remake a gears 2 with all those great map packs combined from 1 and 2 sign me up for that . I have some ppl that liked gears 3 best and it was ok but again gears 2 had better maps they ruined the grenades, turned down the strength of the boom , and that’s when the combined annex and koth ruining it plus also the beginning of copying off of cod bringing in foreign games like domination and other game modes from cod and modern warfare. Gnashing and wall bouncing is a dying breed in this game now it’s becoming a whole different game. Hiding away lancering and other things. I understand it’s organized but I miss the good old days of gnasher mosh pitting and chainsaw mosh pits that would really get me laughing. Just don’t seem to be the same game anymore. Some of the new stuff is neat but really changing and I’m not exactly sure for the better. Anyways gears will always be my favorite

Horde is so much more balanced now, and all the things you’re complaining about can be solved with proper teamwork and utilization of the characters’ cards and perks.
Now taps hold twice as much health and gives you more health and power. I mastered a horde with it instead of having a jack. Fortifications are meant to be expensive to make the engineer’s role nessecary. If everything is going to be cheap then why have an engineer when everyone can do his role just as good. Lizzie can spawn her silverback beside a wall and go behind it once a boss is about to do a killhit. JD can anhilate bosses very easily, Kait and Keegan take a bit more time but they can also kill the boss before it ruins the base. Other characters can take them out by co-operating with power weapons.
The only thing I can agree about with you about melee is with Lahni’s case since she is a melee character who is knocked by 1 melee hit, but that makes sense with other character if you don’t like it don’t play on a high difficulty, because it’s supposed to be difficult.
If you use your character according to his cards then you won’t have a problem with drone elites, some people complain when they are using kait with a longshot or JD with a trishot.
Both depositing power and perking up is important and you have to decide according to how you and your team are doing. If the engineer is low on energy and you’re perking then of course you’ll get kicked.

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Hey man,

Read my enough is enough post. Maybe join up?

You act like these changes are good, in Gears 4, a new twist on horde was good with the card specialities, having each card set on a specific role and play style. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Gears 5 made no improvements, forcing you to play with at least 2 other people if you want a good base, and if you want a challenge, speaking of difficulty, there isn’t any options for Horde difficulty, and they’re replaced with “Modifiers” which changes the gameplay, But doesn’t impact it as hard the difficulty settings, The difficulty is still looks the same even when you toggle modifiers cause the AI is so dumb and so stupid, it feels like they always play on easy, just with “modifiers”. The playstyles with the Ultimates are so heavy weighted towards the “team work” aspect of Gears that, anybody that enjoys playing Solo on harder difficulties, can’t even do it. You’re consistently fondling the games balls when you don’t understand the problems, when you compare Gears 5 to the other Gears games. But if you like the game, I can’t change that.

Horde was awesome on 4 but haven’t really tried it on 5. Don’t like the fact you can’t choose your player. On 4 every level was practically a speed run. Even insane or the hardest setting was cake to me. As long as I was engineer and had a good scout I would have so many sentries set up they would mow anything down it was like art to me. I loved the speed runs!!! But my problem is multiplayer. As far as horde I don’t even mess with it. I don’t want to pay for a game that forces you to be a character. What’s the point of collecting the characters or even the cards for that matter how. I’m sure their intentions had motives but I for one prefer to choose and decorate my own player not be forced to pick one

Please simply bring back the game style of either Gears 2,3,or 4 with more bosses on horde mode. I’ve been a gears fan since the 1st game (just didn’t have the horde mode). Gears 5 is a disappointment for me as the new horde mode has way too many unnecessary options and you can’t choose your style/character of play. I know many Gears fan who feel the same.

OP 4 has a lot of positives. Specifically the perk upgrades. If you get kicked for upgrading your perks host your own game. What it really sounds like is you should just play on beginner. If you get killed to quickly, can’t pass a boss or run out of ammo adapt, take cover, protect your fabrications. Pick up a different gun they’re everywhere. Smh :man_facepalming:

Dude you can pick up the same ammo box twice if the first time is before the score board. You can buy weapons from the fabricator with the power you collect (I killed a Matriarch with a couple of fire grenades) . Not to mention the amount of weapons lying around the battlefield after every wave. I literally just played a 12 wave match using only my Lancer and Gnasher and never once ran out of ammo. My Lancer never went lower than 200 bullets. Not to mention the power of the heavy weapons.
As for the powerful enemies, maybe turn down the difficulty. Just a thought.

Master difficulty is significantly easier now after Operation 4. Characters have mostly bene buffed, and the enemy debuffed. I really don’t understand why people are still moaning. I mean, Master difficulty is supposed to be hard. It’s not a walk in the park and it’s not for everyone.

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Sorry. Not until operation 5, buddy. :persevere: