Horde solo play sucks especially as Del

Yeah it totally sucks when playing solo horde. Power dropped is to low. While fortacations are way high priced even with discount. Takes 5 waves to build 3 barriers. Low power money values make solo play bad.

Yep, that’s why you better stick with pre made teams on higher difficulties of Horde. LFG seems to work too if you haven’t used that feature.

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Gears 4 paid better in power then this one.

I have the totally oposite problem i like to play kait diaz in horde with a cog bot team and i get 25% extra power pickups,but i can’t build any base building items.

I love getting grabbed by Sires during solo sessions.
It’s really fun and well thought out addition to the game that doesn’t make me want to throw my Xbox out the window at all. Oh no.

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If you’re going to play a co-operative game made solo, you should probably not expect it to be a fun experience.