Horde - so so sad. Question for Horde developers

Like many, i have many memories of Gears of War 3 Horde that are excellent. Years after release i still played every week for hours and re-upped 3 times - when i could get time. The ability to just chose a character and loadout and then enter the game was superb.
Gears of War 4 Horde was OK, i did spend a lot of money on those character packs. But it was my choice and once they sorted out those esports pack roulette numbers it was fine.
But - i now feel i wasted the lot as i cannot use them in Gears 5. I know you’ll say ce la vis, but i feel Coalition have made a huge error.
Reason - in Gears 5 - they have enforced you to choose a class, then limit the character, roulette on who gets picked first by the server and away you go.
So all those new Lancer Rockstar skins and money spent on the cans is - if you prefer Horde and never play PVP, a waste of money unless you win the lottery and get Marcus.
What on earth are you thinking Coalition?
What have you done?
Looked forward to this game for a long time and i am just so - not angry - disappointed.
Booted up the game many times and cannot all get motivated to play.
I really want to, but when i enter Horde i don’t want to hope for the best on character and class.
Do you have any intention of either importing Gears 4 characters we purchased?
Changing the character / class system to let us play as we want to?


This week what’s up said nothing about Horde so we’ll see what happens next week.

Importing characters from G4? TC said many times they won’t and looking at the store and the way iron works tells you why.

From Gears 3 Horde, the only logical improvement would be movable fortifications. I personally hate the “collecting power” aspect of it, and the classes/ranking up characters with cards & skills, and now perks. I still enjoy the new Horde, but I wish it was different.

Gears 5 has a nice welcome addition: public game lobbies that you can join mid-game. I miss that from the Gears 2 days.