Horde - skill cards are frustrating to get

Is it only me or does everyone find it difficult to get the last skill card that you want leveling up?

On masters, I have played ten games in a row and I still can’t get Kait’s blood resonance card and I need 3 more to level it up to max (level 5).

This game deliberately won’t give you cards that I need


I feel your pain bro, but you’ll get there. It’s a grind but try Elite - Inconceivable on Escape map Surge (speed runs). You’re guaranteed 4 good cards and XP. I know it’s on only for certain characters but it’s helped me with cards a lot! Good luck

Their after cards for kait, so its horde only im afraid.

Yes I know

They fixed the card drop on lower difficulties but not on higher which seems stupid to me.

This is what they said in their June 25th update.

"The team has been looking at skill card drop rates and it’s apparent that changes were needed – especially at the lower modifiers.

Effective today, you will be able to earn all skill card rarities – regardless of what level you’re playing. Of course, your odds of landing a higher rarity card will dramatically increase as you play at higher difficulties."

This part is still a blatant lie, “your odds of landing a higher rarity card will dramatically increase as you play at higher difficulties.”

The team looked at it with one eye instead of two eyes. I’ve been playing lots of Escape on Master/Icon and I still have difficulty getting the Shredder card for Kegan. I got 1 card since the update.

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I spend 1200 for the last 2 card because I know the game would never give me another one because I played two games in a row (in horde) as Keegan. But the funny thing is though, I played keggan again on horde and I got x3 shredders :sweat_smile:. I was thinking “why give to me now.”

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When I used to have 3~ cards remaining, it just took one day to get them through Escape or Horde. But if you had plenty Scrap, I would just craft them.

I wasted my scrap on Keegan’s shredder…

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Because RNG wanted to screw you over.

I would personally only use scrap on skills you use and/or have enough of an increase to justify spending it. My remaining non-maxed Kait skills are Overkill Capacity and Epic Score Boost but I never use them so I just don’t waste anything on them.

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I only waste scarp on key cards like Jack’s optomizer cards, Keegan’ shredder, JD’ razor hail.

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Yes, I could spend 3600 scrap and get the last 6 cards but I want to save my scrap for IF they have an achievement for getting all cards for a character to level 6.

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Just wait two weeks for her to go in escape and speed run surge. I did cog gear everything to 5 except legendary which is at 4 in four hours off and on runs. I look at all my chimped characters and it took just over 4 hours for them each.

Yeah it’s awful but that’s the system.

Yeah only if I could use Kait on clock lol

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I’m waiting on JD, Kait and Del to go in escape to finish them off. Most of them I just need purple to finish off and half hour on surge running should do it.

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I’m holding off spending scrap on horde skills as I’m anticipating Horde characters in Escape for Operation 4. Then I can do some Clock runs or Surge farming to upgrade them.

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Exactly. I don’t even see the point of scrap at the levels I get. I have spent 300 on totems in the past and have just over 5k sitting there as total earnings. The cost of the cards that are hard to get are astronomical and the greens purple and blues I get easy enough anyway. If I could earn 10k in a week it might have been useful.

I maxed out Lahni a couple of months ago purely through playing - I didn’t craft any cards using Scrap.

Shockchain was the very last one I needed - a rare / blue card.

By the time I got it, I had something like 33 or 34 extra gold / lengedary cards.

For Keegan, I think it was Venom Boost I needed - epic / purple. I had 31 extra gold / legendary cards by the time I got it.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I still had 1 or 2 cards left to max out for some of the non-GOW characters - Kat, Grace and Emile (Sarah Connor was maxed by this point) and the Horde-only characters (Kait, Fahz etc) and in the end I decided I couldn’t be bothered to grind anymore. I had around 38,000 Scrap and just used that to craft the remaining cards I need. I still had about 6,000 left. I mean, it’s not like there are any character skins to craft in Supply…

When I was exclusively gaining cards through Escape and Horde, levelling characters and cards at the time, Launcher Capacity (Rare) and Overkill Capacity (Rare) were my last two cards on JD and Kait. It’s kind of annoying to do full 2-3 hours Horde matches and not get them. Back then, it was taking me 2 weeks to fully max a single Horde character and their cards. So 2 weeks per Horde character… Honestly, my advice would be to craft the remaining cards and spare yourself the many runs where it doesn’t drop. Especially when it comes to Horde characters. I know the Escape ones are easier and was maximum of 2 to 4 days for me.

In my honest opinion. I avoid grinding games bro. It’s boring. But at the end of day, the rewards are there for easy way to get skill cards. And I agree on that part.

I tend to grind games that I play, like getting really high level, rank or XP. But there are far worse versions of RNG than Gears 4 and 5 cards system. The worse versions are RNG loots from looter games, such as Division and Minecraft Dungeons. So this wasn’t really that bad. For example, I could spend 1 to 2 weeks and not get what I wanted or was looking for.