HORDE(Sentry salvage ammo drop)card?

I’m guessing it maxs out at 28%(lvl6)chance of a enemy dropping ammo,so is this card any real use and does it really ever get usefull ammo drops?

If you make a sentry fest it works…


You just get normal ammo boxes - nothing special. It can be fairly frequent so sometimes it just litters ammo boxes everywhere.

I personally never use it. Weapon Lockers work just as well; and well-levelled Soldiers can always bring their Resupply card if they need more grenades.

It used to be useful on the Blood Drive speedrun as the Soldiers often needed extra grenades and the waves tend to end quickly. Aside from that it’s always been one of those cards that is okay in terms of usefulness but it’s very easy to pick 5 other Engineer cards that are more useful.

It’s awesome for teammates on Jingle Juvies!