Horde sentries eng

Did TC put sentries in the game for them to be used this way? Too often I see engineers sentry spamming every chokepoint, and after seeing TAC COM’s heavy guides I can see what he meant by the heavy becoming somewhat useless: there is no point in playing one when DPS roles are being taken over by automated turrets. It makes the game no fun at all and the annoyance has reached to the point of me refusing to play anything but engineer so I can make sure it says a support role, which limits my gaming experience. As soon as I hit these wings I’m done until gears 5 :sob:

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I believe it was - firstly - Coalition way to make things easier for less experienced players when trying Insane.

Don’t take those videos too seriously. They’re just very basic tutorials. The guy who made them even told he doesn’t play heavy that much (and when he does, he resorts to Salvos…).

You see very often those sentry dependent engineers on Boss Rush. Too good those toys get wasted pretty soon.

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Problem is, I see it happen in public horde matches a lot and I’m a heavy that likes to use dropshots but even if u use a salvo, when theres 30 sentries all around u you’re basically useless. Oh well, 2 more levels and I’m out.

And you’re damn right.

That’s what a sentry spammer deserve: to be left alone.

What I really meant was: there’s no way to beat it. It’s swimming against the flow. Almost every dumb newcomer use this tactic (and even some experience players) and there’s some people who approve it.

All we can do now is HOPE Coalition realizes that’s no fun and corrects it on next game.


So refreshing to have an expert on how everyone should play Horde respond.

I personally think people should play their own style they enjoy, but I see that ruins the game for “high” level players.

In my small horde experiences, I’ve never had any problem using the dropshot at distances beyond the reach of sentries. I also find my character can move about the map freely to do as I wish. Anyone who complains about having to sit behind sentries should try the left stick.

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You like sentry spamming?

Good for you.


I actually can play with all play styles. I just adapt and move forward. Never thought one way was right or wrong. Don’t see the sense in crying one way or the other.

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I bet you can.

Play inconceivable.


Usually do.

No. That doesnt ruin the game. People exploiting the game to make it easier at the cost of people who actually want to make kills themselves. Wanna join a game? I’ll set up those sentries and u can try using that drop :wink:

Also, if u play incon then surely u should know what I’m talking about. I don’t think u actually do tho. Use the left stick? And walk into their spawn? Such nice pro advice u give. That stuff doesnt happen in higher difficulties. I pray for the day we get horde ranks and elo match making.


That’s his “right” way of playing horde.

Bet he meant speedruns when he said “always do” lol

Maybe he meant building decoys and barriers so he could rain down the most OP weapon in the game? Who knows? I bet he only plays casual and doesn’t even have max cards.

Either way, he wasn’t crying about people not playing “his way”.

Said usually do anyhow.

I don’t really mind sentry spam as a heavy, basically because it’s just an extra gun. As long as the engineer can balance a good base with sentries, decoys, locks, barricades, etc. I’m cool with it. I also don’t believe heavy is useless at all, especially paired with a sniper it’s a reliable 2-3 shot on any boss which is much faster than sentries just shooting at everything around them.

I’ve only played about 12 full games of incon (I much prefer the faster 25 wave variants) but every time the sentries couldn’t maintain all the enemies so everybody was always doing something.

I meant the games where engineers sentry spam. Keyword is spam

That’s the point. “30” sentries seem balanced to you?

I got into a Boss Rush today… There was a turret, there were some sentries. No locker. It must have been wave 5. Engineer simply barricaded himself under a roof on Reclaimed. And that was fine for him.

Most engineers act clueless, and not only on that mode.

Remember how sentries were limited back on Gears 3? It was still doable. And fun.


I feel the same way. Adapt, force yourself to play a different style, take yourself out of your comfort zone every once in awhile, the game of Horde is still fun.


Playing as either scout eng or sniper to adapt and its working, ill still quit till 5 after I hit wings tho, this is one of the least frustrating aspects of the game cough 83%