Horde Score runs and skill cards

I had heard of some carrier glitch from commanderch i fhink. Not really my cup of tea those kind of shenanigans tbh. Kind of similar to recycling fortifications for power deposit points in 4 which was enough to kill my interest. Don’t have that many hrs spare :wink:

I take it that still hasn’t been fixed with this update ?

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How would I know? Score runs in Horde are beyond pointless. And doing this would be even more boring than normal Horde.

Fair doos. Thanks for the input

with kait/infiltrator i’d dump the stealth cards and just take laceration,blood res, and reaper so you can just spam big damage with an overkill on -most- bosses (kestral is the only one not subject to the new updated infiltrator)

with an overkill if you just tap the trigger BOTH shots will come out quick enough to get the 10x damage bonus for shooting out of cloak meaning you’ll get the blood res bonus as well resulting in you being able to just unload and go back into stealth to reload and then repeat the process on bosses due to how you get amplified cooldown for damaging bosses

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