Horde Score runs and skill cards

Just a hypothetical question. If you were to do a high score run and two skill card slots are taken up by score boost cards, which three cards would you choose for each class, baring in mind a score run would be played on Master difficulty.

Thanks in advance

Well, broadly speaking you’d want to have as few bleed damage cards as possible as bleed kills don’t give any extra points, although understandably you may want/need bleed for bosses (and bosses as I understand it, only give out extra points when marked and killed, so critical hit kills etc don’t give any extra points). That said, with Execution Rules on, then enemies that can go DBNO shouldn’t just outright die unless they’re close enough to you.

You’d also be needing a good sniper who can headshot enemies. Executions also give more points (although chainsaw and Retro-charging are not coded to be “executions”).

So broadly speaking I guess the key focus would be on characters/class like Fahz/Marksman; Kait/Infiltrator; and Paduk/Nomad (execution build). For Fahz it would probably be his damage cards (Ambush, Exploit Weakness and Modified Longshot); while Kait’s build would focus on stealth (maybe Chain, Cloak Batteries; and a damage card like Blood Resonance).

Another thing, is that it probably depends on exactly what the extent of your score goal is. Are you trying to get 1# in the world? Top 10? Or just top 1%? Depending on that you could probably compromise a bit with certain characters who may run 4 skill cards and one score.

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Thanks for that, plenty i didn’t know there like executions giving more points.

It just a hypothetical goal for now. The target would always be top 10 but i am a long way off such lofty heights at the moment. Need to learn the finer points first.

I have to admit, I’ve not paid much attention to the Horde scoreboard, but I assume alot of it (if not all) will be similar or the same as Escape, which I know a reasonable amount about.

As a sidenote, in Escape, active headshot kills give more points than a normal headshot kills. I suspect on Horde with all the extra mutators, you’d need active reloads as much as possible to maximise damage anyway.


So Master Marksman may be worth picking for Fahz perhaps ?
Not really paid much attention myself either as i’ve been focussed on speed but now i have an 18+ class i figure it’s time to give it a go. Didn’t like the score mechanics on 4 so was glad to see power deposits no longer score you points.

Hey there,

If going for Score Boost skills, then I would try and either Focus the other 3 on boosting your ULT or maximizing your Damage, or Survivability depending on the Class. Such as @Bleeding_Pepper has stated for for Marksman .

If you want I could give you what I would go with, but it’s really up to you and how you like to play.


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Yes please Hulk. It’s why i created the post to see which 3 cards people would choose for doing a score run and any other info on how to maximize the available score. Will be extremely helpful in deciding which classes to devote time to levelling up.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I personally never use Expert Marksman. Active reloads isn’t too hard to achieve and Fahz really needs those damage cards, especially since Ambush was nerfed by 40%. Also the position of the active bar for the Longshot is such that even if you miss it, you’re unlikely to jam the gun (which resets the cooldown period). So usually even if you miss the active, the cooldown doesn’t trigger so you can just try again. The active bar for the EMBAR is different though as it’s at the very start of the fast reload section (if you know what I mean - “active” being the small white section that gives you the buff, and the “safe” section just allows for a faster reload).

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I don’t know if better solution for Fahz/Marksman wouldnt be Icy precision instead of modified longshot, as you get that safe freezing effect on most bosses, no matter of its current hp(also it will freeze first enemy you hit that is behind your target). You can reach possibly high damage very early with perks. But thats also depends of who is in the team. And freezing instakills swarmak.

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I was just thinking the marksman card would help getting active headshots but you are right, it is still possible without. I’ll be staying away from the embar as i always overcharge/miss shots etc.

I did not know that. That makes no sense.

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Yeah I only noticed recently on The Mist after I tried a score run using Paduk. I chainsawed most things and afterwards noticed on the scoreboard that I had only 1 execution-worth of points.

You still get points, but it’s counted as a standard kill. You can add extra points by marking the target first, but it’s obviously alot lower compared to a “proper execution”.

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It still makes no sense. Walking up to a downed drone and holding the button is damn near suicide on higher difficulties.

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Plus, there’s the various meatshield point irregularities… Those are arguably worse!

You may be aware that meatshielding an enemy and snapping their neck counts as two executions; while meatshielding an enemy and getting a teammate to active headshot it with a Longshot gives you a fairly sizeable points boost. Against most enemies you’re basically talking about a 1.5x - 2x points multiplier (if you also mark them beforehand as well).

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I really want them to buff meat shields. There is practically zero reason to use them. Even if you get close to pick up the guy, they last about as fast as you do when getting shot by a claw on Masters. They really need to buff them or just give us back the boomshield >.>

Since you mention it, i was just wondering whether you get more points for an execution or an active headshot. If it’s the latter then headshots are the way to goas it would be safer

The general rule is, if the enemy is meatshieldable, then do the meatshield-active-longshot-headshot trick. Anything else, it’s always active headshots.

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Thanks for the tips so far. Looking forward to giving the meatshield thing a try when i get a team together. Will prob be Sunday before i get chance so i’ll practice those active headshots in the meantime.

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Host with 2 Score-boost-cards, the rest rejoins at the end of Wave 49 with Score-boost, hope that you get a Carrier as your final boss and keep shotting at him for several hours while letting him regenerate. I dont remember exactly how Score was calculated but farming damage for hours on end will give you the highest score.

HB-Drones are the exception. Shooting the meatshield is the same as snapping the neck.

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