Horde score nerf?

So they changed something with the scoring on Horde, or maybe they posted something that I missed… I am getting about 20k less experience when I do my private horde matches than what I use to get… I can’t tell what changed, but I have a feeling the ribbons and amount of exp you get for them changed in someway… Has anyone else noticed this? Find it kind of convenient for it to happen right before a x4 XP event is coming up…

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More details needed. Mode; difficulty; starting wave; finishing match; any fails?

(It’s unlikely the ribbon values have changed, but they have always been a wild card in overall xp earned)

if so, i must say that this is straight unfair. they declare fairness when they release old packs and dont change their values to the benefit of us all, because the ones that purchased these packs back then shouldnt feel screwed over. if they now tone down horde scores, how will people today compete against those guys on the leaderboards, that have gotten their leaderboard placement before the score nerf? makes no sense.

Mode/Difficulty/Starting Wave/Fails

Before I could do Casual/Feral/Wave 41/Kills 2 Bounty using Heavy and get 70k exp for doing waves 41 through 45… Now I get 50k… No fails… Something has changed…

You don’t get very much xp from the waves themselves (around 1.3k with owned map bonus), and the bounty is a fixed value (25k); so, any difference would lie with the ribbons.

Maybe you could keep track of the ribbon counts, specifically quads and quints (maybe triples too).

Point totals are:
Double: 100
Triple: 125 (+100)=225
Quad: 150 (+100+125)=375
Quint:175 (+100+125+150)=550

So basically you’ll get 5x the total points by getting the quint over just the double, which allows for quite a bit of variation, especially since the owned map bonus includes ribbons. With OMB, the difference between getting a quint and double goes from 450xp up to 563xp.

Also, Boombadier (don’t recall value) and Demolition Man (+100) as I only use Drop Shot… I think, I’ll have to go back through my recordings and check, but the Demolition Man ribbon use to be more…

You know, there might be something to this.

I did 1-50 flawless insane feral on wed and at the end I saw 20K in, crap can’t remember, that field which gives you extra for not failing waves… senior moment… consecuitive wave bonus?

I remember thinking that seemed low for not failing anything in 50, on insane… hmm…

I noticed the same happening last night but then I realized I also didn’t have any bonus challenges come up so that could have been part of it for me. It was definitely why my money/power situation was struggling.

Yeah, they most definitely changed something with the ribbons…

Picture #1 was just taken a while back before the last update, take notice of the points earned for ribbons.

Picture #2 was just taken about 10 minutes ago, again look at ribbon points and then divide by 4 and it’s a bit over 16k…

So over 16k less now since they have changed something…

You get around 20k xp (on inconceivable) for completed waves and around 67k for consecutive wave.

When was picture one taken? August had 2x xp (and there may have been other events after that). That’s what those numbers look like. You get 205xp/comp wave (for 39-49) on casual. If you did 5 waves that would be like getting the xp for 10 waves= 2050xp.

I thought it was a glitch or something similar but since Juvies is gone I play Hardcore and it seems like the amount of experience I got from 1 to 10 waves was less than 10k I played inconceivable on a private match and I was getting same amount of xp 10k and I was playing as soldier… I’ve done Sr in the past and I had more experience before than now

That would make sense, however the video I snapped this from was done on 9/14/18. So maybe it was still double XP? But the math for it adds up, because I was averaging 16k to 18k in ribbon score. Double that and it’s 32k to 36k …

Thank you so much for the insight!!! :slight_smile:

I mean I guess I can get to grumpy, still 114k to 120k for like 20 minutes of work… It’s pretty darn good lol…

yes they reduced the number of swarm and ones that count towards quick consecutive kills ribbons double triple quad quint

No problem.