We need a Big horde update!

1 A true horde sandbox that allows from small to super huge maps!

2 Allow to change what time day or night the map is or it changes depending on time zone you are so if you play during the day its day if you play during night the map switches to night. your choice.

3 Have elements. like razor hail, Snowstorm, Fog, Wind flare as options for the map! which can harm or kill players… ok the fog wont kill but it will hender sight. and NO FOG movie jokes!..

4 Maps can have Snow, Fog, Fire damage. these effects wont damage, kill or hender.

5 Buildings, Barrels, Lights, Cars and so on that can be damaged or destroyed.

6 A CHANGE TO MUTATORS! in other words you have FUN mutatores like gears 3 and you have difficulty mutatores. NO LONGER have that stupid SURVIVOR mutator at begining if you wipe!

Example. 1 Big head mode! 2 Coin mode where enemys drop coins. 3 helium voice mutator.

7 Enemy selection where you can have all enemys from ALL past gears games. EVEN RAAM!

Example - you can have Lambent, wretch, Tin can… i mean the bots in 1 wave if maker wants it.
Example - Boss waves you Could have Raam, or LAMBENT BERSERKER!!!

8 NO MORE HERO CLASS! However. If it must be kept. allow 3 or 5 of each class.

Example- 3 Sniper, 3 Soldier, 3 Heavy, 3 Mechanic 3 Scout, 3 Commander, 3 Medic… yes like in judgment. The reason for 3 is so that if you dont like 1 style you have a few others to choose from. EACH AND EVERY CHARECTER can have any class in the game. even though seeing marcus as a medic would be so wrong… BUT! if thats what ya want. GO FOR IT!.. meh.

PS There should be a option for Vanilla horde! Bring Gorgon, shield slaping and Scramble for ammo BACK!.. however for the kids Kids who love current horde. i loved gears 4 horde far better. but thats what i loved the any hero any class was perfect. why it was changed… i can only think it was to drip feed and sell charecters and skins for insane prices. i could be wrong… and yes i love gears 2 horde more than gears 5 at this point. that feel is just classic. BROTHERS TO THE END!

9 Map sharing

This is what is needed in gears 5 and all others after! will we get this from Coalition… Probably not. They might say something like its to much work or near that. i wish i was wrong… but who knows.


all of that sounds magnificent however a developer like TC they don’t have it big enough to make it a reality, perhaps another developer could have the guts to do such thing.

Hero characters and no duplicates rule should definitely stay, but otherwise I can’t disagree with your other points. Unfortunately I think most of this is quite beyond what tc are able todo time- and manpowerwise

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Again with this “By So-And-So.”

Idk why it just bugs me. We can see your GT on the OP, it’s just a wall of text. Credit your name it it’s actually like–a creation.

Removing heroes and going to a classic vanilla horde will kill the foundation of horde players that play it daily and keep it going.

It is better to fix the balancing for all characters and to add an optional vanilla mode for loners who can’t be bothered to learn the skills and team work horde actually requires.

Again with that? Seriously, just because people dislike the hero system doesn’t mean they have no clue about Horde or teamwork.

Any seasoned / regular Horde player will know most horde players coming in are not team players, don’t bother to communicate and have no clue/ uninterested to play horde properly / improve how to play that character property for that difficulty.

Alright, but it doesn’t mean everyone who has issues with the current hero system is a bad Horde/teamplayer.

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of course not man … you are a good player and I’m kind of average one hahahahaha :smile: