Horde Roulette impressions - unofficial “main thread”

Someone please tell me multiple Swarmaks can spawn at the same time. Please.

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Definitely more action packed then Mania, I certainly like the additional bosses, the game I played recently had a modifier for easier boss kills? Didn’t know there were gonna be helpful modifiers in this.

Lmao, the nerve on you guys. 3 bosses at once is too much but 6 Matriarchs for an event is fine. Hypocrisy at every opportunity possible, huh? Also; I’m still waiting for my “get ■■■■■■”-bloodspray.


I have not yet seem any Swarmaks, Wakaatus or Kestrels.

But you can have 5 Flocks and 5 Sentinels or something at the same time.

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5 taps in All Fathers, too.

Power drain in this mode with only 10 waves and the low tap handouts is honestly really annoying.

Especially when your boss killers need to perk up because it’s only ten waves, and get less energy from taps to even do that.

Power drain just limits your engineer options. Mechanic is so boring.

Have you played any maps that can spawn those bosses tho?

Horde Roulette in a nutshell



Awesome, thanks.

Jesus Christ! I don’t know how many times I went down on the final wave, but I still lived while everyone else died more than once. Jack was the true MVP since he revived us all every time. I wasn’t even mad at how many times I went down. I was just laughing the entire time because I always went down as soon as I got up. By the way, we only had Cyclops and Shepherds on the final wave. It was on Checkout too. Those two enemies are far worse to deal with than actual bosses. Probably could’ve been worse if it were Palace Guards instead of Cyclops.


Thanks for the laughs.

I’m glad you enjoyed it haha. It’s a fun event that’s for sure.

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Hmm you must be one of those hackers I keep hearing about.

Still not 10…


I just have a sweet gaming chair


Reclaimed, Training Grounds, Foundation, and possibly another fourth map which could have the Swarmak but didn’t. Overload obviously doesn’t count.


Just want to play Panini :thinking:

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Thats super unfortunate. Swarmaks weren’t in Boss Rush either.


Why would you like this??? LMAO events like this just aren’t for me. Throwing all sense of enemy balancing out the window is fun for a game or two then I’m bored of the nonsense lol.

I sure hope not!

Lol right? To be fair though at least this is an event.

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