Horde rewards are insanely under-tuned and painfully grindy

50 waves and 2+ hours for 10 cards is unbelievably slow. Compare that to Gears 4 where you could get 3-5k credits (w/ bounty) in one game and buy 12 horde packs that contained a total of 60 cards. On top of Gears 5’s abysmally low card drop rate, the purple skills are insanely uncommon. When you are mathematically more likely to max out your Gold card than any of your Purples you know there is a major problem with the system.

Today I did 150 waves of Insane and the only purples I got were 3 epic score boosts. This amounted to a giant waste of time and only made me want to put the game down for good. Good luck maxing out purple skills, you’d need an insane amount of time or luck playing slot machine to get a purple skill 18 times the way it’s set up now.

It seems like the only efficient way to level anything up in PvE is escape. For those of us that don’t play or outright hate that game mode, we should have parity with escape players. Instead of horde getting shafted with ~1/4 of the rewards.

Suggestion #1: Get rid of the difficulty=rarity system. Higher difficulties should give more rewards, but people who prefer lower difficulty levels shouldn’t be screwed out of ever earning certain skills just because of their arbitrary rarity assignment.
Suggestion #2: Improve the rewards. Keep beginner card drops at the same rate, but scale it up along the difficulties so master gets 3 cards per 5 waves.
Suggestion #3: Allow us to scrap cards we don’t want. This would make getting epic score boosts and dupes of maxed out greens feel less like a giant middle finger, since it will at least add up scrap towards something we DO want to level.


I agree. The best way to grind for cards also happens to be the most mind numbing way. I’m sick of running Escape over and over just to level up my characters and their cards at a reasonable pace. And the rarity system is just punishment for wanting to have fun.
All drop rate numbers and Character XP rates should go up across the board for Horde, to be honest.


To add to your third suggestion, I would add the ability to also scrap weapon skins, marks, executions, blood sprays and maybe even character skins. Scrapping stuff we don’t like, need, or want would be great. Just like how we could scrap almost everything in Gears of War 4.

Relying on rng for better cards in Gears 5 is super frustrating. I never had to rely on rng in gears 4 because all I needed to do was save credits, buy about 30 (or more) elite and/or featured gear packs, scrap everything in them and use that scrap to upgrade the cards I use to max level. Simple as that.


I think suggestion 3 by itself would go a long way towards making the system at least feel better. That way your three epic score boosts you got tonight could at least be turned into something useful.

This is how it was in Gears 4, no? Kinda crazy that they’d go backwards on that and take away the little bit of control we had over our cards.

The main reason I quit the game after the first couple of months and reupping 5 times by playing pretty much only horde was the grind fest for skills, the mode whilst better than 4’s isn’t good enough to keep playing without some sense of accomplishment.

And so far it appears that none of the updates have added anything to horde mode except for new characters which I am not too fussed about, I want to see new base defenses, new enemies, new bosses, new weapons, more intense waves with more units spawned at a quicker rate not just having them able to one shot you to increase the difficulty etc


I feel the same way. The ratio of time spent per skill card earned in MUCH better in escape.

I genuinely like both modes, but find myself playing a lot more escape just because the farm is so much better. I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting time playing horde when I could play escape, because after putting in 2+ hours on it for a handful of skills I realize I could have sifted through 4x that number with escape.

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Same. I’d much prefer horde, but the reward in character xp and cards per time spent is no where near equivocal.

Character xp is roughly equivalent, but as far as skill cards go there is no question Escape is vastly superior.

Maybe in calculation.

What I should have said is one person can carry low levels through a high level escape match to level characters quickly. It takes several high level horde characters to carry low levels IMHO.

I’ve been leveling up my son by helping him through Escape matches. Avoiding randoms and can take more intermittent breaks. Sure seems faster and easier than 50 waves after 50 waves.

This from a guy who prefers horde.

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It’s absolutely stupid the way the rewards are calculated on Master. Its currently something like 50% Green/ 25 % Blue / 15% Purple/ 10% Gold. For the highest difficulty, that is just flat out wrong. You should have a 40% chance at Purples and 25% chance at Golds. There’s nothing more disheartening than playing a 3 hour Horde match and getting nothing but shytty Greens and 2 Epic Score Boost cards.


I’d prefer if the RNG middleman was completely removed and we got sizable scrap payouts instead, scaled with difficulty.


I liked the reward system in Gears of War 4, you could make up your own mind then what and when you bought skill cards, the random thing was a pain, especially if you bought the packs as an Engineer and you ended up with Scout stuff.
But to be honest, i play the game for different reasons, grinding is not one of them. I will admit my goal in Gears of War 4 Horde was for the Epic packs, i was motivated for this, but in Gears 5 Horde, the reward system is so crap, it is pointless to play for that reason alone, so i play for different reason, progression for one, and even that is so tediously and painfully slow.
Fun is number one, when it stops being fun, i go elsewhere. Team work is number two, sadly though, people on Gears 5 Horde are about as intelligent and a Carrot, no idea what Team work is, or would not know what it was if it hit them in the head twice. Not everyone of course, there are some good players out there. Some.

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Does anyone know if TC is adding leaderboard rewards for horde just as they are in escape?

I really hate that I can do 50 waves of masters and all I get are greens. There should be a guaranteed purple at the least. Plus we NEED to be able to scrap extra cards. They serve zero function except extending the grind process.
In Overwatch as they added more content they realized the chances of getting something new dropped exponentially. So they removed duplicates and gave currency instead.
Even Mass Effect 3’s multi had better rewards and that was run by EA of all publishers. In ME3 if you unlocked the same gun the stats went up until lvl 10. At that point you were thrilled because that ■■■■■■ gun would never appear in your rewards ever again. Then typical EA fashion, in the next game Andromeda they doubled the cap from 10 to 20 -.-

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We just need to get back scrapping cards in the horde system again.

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I personally think the easiest fix is to just adjust the drop rates. If I am completing a Master run, I shouldn’t get a single common card, and my chances of getting getting Epic and Legendary cards should be doubled the current rate.

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WTF is with all these good threads lately? Very suspicious.

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I agree with all of this.


Yes, horde mode definitely needs a big increase to the reward payout. Not only for cards, but mp xp and ally xp. My biggest suggestion is to bring back the consecutive bonus. Why was it even taken out to begin with? Playing 1-50 is now pointless whether you’re going for cards or xp. If you are going for just xp, you play 41/46-50. If you care only for cards you play 1-10. That is the biggest problem, you are not rewarded with more cards for higher waves. How can they think beating 1-10 is the same as 41-50? Beating higher waves should reward more cards. Beating 1-50 should give at least 30 cards, with bonus cards for higher difficulties. Master should give 3 bonus purple cards of your choice. Ally xp is a joke, 3 xp no matter what wave or difficulty completed isnt fair . All this would make horde more enjoyable and give the players more of an incentive to grind.

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