Horde ; reference of "bug"


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It happened to me once, I was bayonet charging a dead eye and I got him the exact instant he fired.

My screen looked like that and the only fix was to leave and rejoin. I was also a scout.

It’s happened to me as well.
Except I chainsawed a Deadeye and my screen went red and controls went wonky.

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I just wish TC would create a “Submit your bug” section so us players can actually contribute to fixing Gears. The 8-80% bug in Siphon have been around since it was released and was mentioned in a stream recently and to my dismay Octus said “I had no idea”.

There are many problems, bugs, funny glitches that apparently the devs have no idea of, maybe if they open a section for us to contribute they can look into it.

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Happened to me so many times I lost count. There are only 2 ways I found to get out of it. Leave and rejoin is the most suitable thing to do and less hassle. The other way is to try an move yourself into the line of enemy fire because no matter what they will ignore you out in the field but if you can get into the way of a line of fire or even near enough to an enemy dropshot coming in you will be killed and it will end the glitch. I usually move near a player and have them stand behind me so it works much faster. Haven’t tried team revive on it yet though so that might work?

It seems to only happen when I try to execute an enemy as a scout with a retro charge or chainsaw and am shot by something that should have killed me if not shot by the enemy I am trying to execute.

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Judging from your video and my experience the bug triggers by executing a deadeye and being shot at the same time by said deadeye. After that I stopped charging the last enemy just to be sure.

Should it ever happen again I’ll try the alternate method, I admit I gave up quickly when all the enemies ignored me.

Its an absolute nightmare to do when you are on the other side of the map with the controls all messed up. It saves the consecutive wave bonus but it still a hassle depending on your location. If it happens again ill see if team revive will have any effect on it because technically I am both DBNO and dead so hopefully revive will counter it.

Maybe. I do not know the exact circumstances but this clip is consistent with what you say; This may be related to the number of times grounded before a similar action in front of “sniper bot” as Scout. But if we take a closer look, it only falls at the moment of execution.

Yes, you have to leave, which is problematic in inconceivable wave 47 with an activated bonus. Or wait for the end of the wave, if it works, wait for the death that is “pre-engaged” if it shows up or in the worst case if you’re last survivor wait 5 good minutes that the game actually kills you

go to the options and switch to inverted controls this will make them normal and help you move around to get killed easier. No need to leave the game

If that works; why get yourself killed?
If you can still attack in this state you are basically death incarnate…

The only thing you can do when this happen is move. You can’t shoot at anything or even throw a grenade or even pick up power when in that glitch.

Probably for the best.

If this bug were exploitable I imagine at this point TC would just delete horde altogether rather than allow players to accumulate those precious credits faster or bother coming up with a real patch.

If we could exploit it then I don’t think anyone would mention it on the forums lol

@Gto57 looking back over my own clips of this happening it so far has only happened when I attempt to execute a sniper DB as they are about to shoot me. I have waited for the game to correct itself but to no luck and on one occassion the team was wiped out and defences were destroyed while I was still able to move around even though when I pressed select to see what my name read and it said DBNO and the enemy continued to destroy defences and I was the the last standing. Could be different for other players but right now the only way I see is to move into a line of fire or get someone to trigger a tracker while I am close enough to be killed or leave and come back.

Exactly, no interest for this one, to be out of “map” in horde, it is penalized the team and / or in matchmaking, if it works, it goes uste to make you out of play.

Thank you. I will communicate this little advice

Don’t know if anyone has already done this or not. Played a game just there and our scout got stuck in this glitch and I used team revive which brought them back at the fab. So anytime this happens and someone has team revive use it because it works.

Apologies for the lateness of this comment but it is hard glitch to purposfully recreate and this time it was just an accident and bad luck it happened. Team revive will undo this no problem.