Horde Ranking Class Only - Operation 7 New - 3/6/2021 Latest Update by Imstifu

Hello, guys. I’m a Very Newbie in terms of Opening a Thread, so thank you for @CommanderCH2863 that he wants to see my Ranking of Horde Class that give me Motivation to make a Thread about this Ranking.

About My Profiles in Gears 5:I mainly come back to play after Op 5, I’m Re-up 50 Max with Classes except Promos are Lv 20. Most of the Classes have Lv 6 Cards max, promos are Lv 5- Lv 6, so I hope my experience can be enough to share this Ranking with You Guys.

Simply to say, as the Class System is one of the Spotlight in Gears 5. The word “Meta” or “Tier” starts to become familiar because it happens when there’re Multi Classes / Heroes to use no matter Gears 5 or Other Games.

So, let’s get started.

How do I identify the Tier?

  • I play League of Legend, which there’s a Website called Op.GG about how the Heroes Tiers.

  • In Gears 5, I would like to Consist of 3 Perspectives - Team Benefit, Damage Output & Self-Defense to Ensure how the Tier use for.

  • Team Benefit - About how the Class work as a Team - Resource Allocation & Buffs on Teammates

  • Damage Output - About how the Class do the Damage - Consistent Damage, Power, Damage towards Bosses, Kills

  • Self-Defense - About how the Class can survive if there’re Enemies rushing to your Base - Ammo, Resistance, Stim

  • Further Reference like Ultimate Duration can be looked into Ultimate Recharge Times by @Dr_Shwazz or Weapon Damage can be looked into All Weapon Damage Lists by @SNAKEYWAKEY389 or Common Usual Cards can be looked into Beginner Guides of Classes by @Hu1k_Daddy

  • Note 1:Classes may have Several Build that affect the Position of Tier. You maybe see some Classes in different Tier due to Different Build

S Tier

  • Infiltrator :grin:


  • Most Used Cards are - Reaper, Laceration, Enhanced Stim, Blood Resonance & Stim Batteries

  • Team Benefit - S Tier - It only uses Gnasher & Overkill, you can Deposit Freely to whole Team

  • Damage Output - S Tier - Boss Killer - An Overkill can Recharge the Ultimate instantly. 2 Shots kill per Normal Enemy. 4 Shots for a Scion.

  • Self-Defense - S Tier - With Enhanced Stim + Stim Batteries - It’s very Tanky without Poision. However, it still massively Good once the Poision starts with Lethal x 2.5. You can able to Run Around & Find Enemy to Kill

A+ Tier

  • Blademaster :laughing:


  • Most Used Cards are - Brawler, Thrill of The Hunt, Shock Chain, Energy Surge & Blade Dancer.

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - No Locker required, but need Energy for Early Perk. Interestingly, if you’re the only One who protect the Taps, you help the Team to gain Extra Energy. Deposit to the Team is Optional.

  • Damage Output - S Tier - Shock Chain + Blade Dancer almost Kill 70% of the Wave Enemies in Frenzy. With Mace, it Smashes the Boss Easily except the Flying Type of Enemies.

  • Self-Defense - S Tier - Highly Resistance itself that can sometimes able to “Eat” one Shot of Boomshot & Dropshot when using the Ultimate

A Tier

  • Anchor, Gunner, Marksman, Robotic Expert, Tactician :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Most Used Cards are - Bloody Shot, Barrier Boost, Crazy Tough, Harness Energy, Barrier Battery

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - No Locker Required, but need Energy for Early Perk for Infinitive Ammo for Boltok. You can Deposit freely once you’re Maxed in Ammo Regen Perk. Harness Energy gives your Team Stim, which is sustainable.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - Although it’s not a Very High Damage Class. However, with consistent shooting on the Bleeding Boltok, the Consistent Damage is Satisfied in the whole 18 Classes

  • Self-Defense - S Tier - The Ultimate only charge for 150 seconds. With Harness Energy & your Shield, you’re Impossible to Die, so it helps the whole Team very Much. Several Bleeding Bullets are enough to Recharge your Ultimate very quickly.

Gunner (Set One Build)

  • Set One Build - Heavy Weapon Build - Heavy Shell, Reflective Shredder, Heavy Capacity, Mulcher Mastery, Bait Armor

  • Team Benefit - B Tier - Not reliable on Locker, but extremely rely on the Perk that gives to Potential Outcomes to the Mulcher & the Duration of Ultimate. The Ultimate can be Good to Revive your Teammates.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - Higher Output than Anchor, but may have some Inconsistent Output due to the Perk of Chaingun Regen. However, the Reflective Shield Ultimate always helps to fulfill the Second way of Damage Output, especially for the Stump & Guardian & Sentinels, which are Satisfied facing those Bosses.

  • Self-Defense - S Tier - Ultimate can easily be Recharged by using Heavy Weapon, a Bonus to recharge quickly when the Card “Heavy Charger” has brought. Once he lost his Heavy Weapon, he literally lost his ability of Self-Defense, but luckily with an Ultimate, which gives Time for this Class to get back the Weapon again

Gunner (Set Two Build)

  • Set Two Build - Stunning Explosives Build - Concussive Explosives, Reflective Shredder, Heavy Shell, Serrated Edge, Heavy Deflect / Flash Freeze

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - Relies on the Locker for T-Bow, Perks on the Duration of the Ultimate & Damage, but it’s not a Must to Perk those two. However, the Stunning works all of the Enemies, so it turns out very Great to whole Team.

  • Damage Output - A+ Tier - Inconsistent Damage due to the lack of Lockers. It’ll be Fine once there’s a Lv 4 Locker for Gunner to use personally. The Reflective Shell can be used as the Second Way of Damage Output, which is satisfied.

  • Self-Defense - B+ Tier - It becomes Weak without the Ultimate for Safer Zone, but the CC Stunning helps decreasing the effect of This Disadvantage. It should be in the Mid Line, so that it can Ensure the Concussive Explosives Card is in the 15 Metres.


  • Most Used Cards are - Longshot Handling, Modified Longshot, Ambush, Exploit Weakness, Explosive Critical Hit / Critical Parade

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - It requires a Lv 2 Locker for an Extra Longshot, needs a few Perk of Ammo Capacity & Feedback Boost. It can Nuke all of the Normal Enemies like DR-1, Locust, DB, Swarm.

  • Damage Output - S Tier - Nuke of Normal Enemies, but a Boss Killer. X-Ray can Do All The Normal Things. One Shot another one and One Shot another one. Pretty Easy.

  • Self-Defense - B Tier - Compared to Nomad Long Range Build, I don’t think people have Difficulties staying at the Back Line shooting. 2 Flashbang buying from the Fabricator can increase your Defense Ability.

Robotic Expert (RE)

  • Most Used Cards are - Precision Repair, Experimental Weapons, Global Overclock, Bloody Support, Bloody DR-1

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - Compared to Mechanic with Efficient Fabrication, RE buying Fortifications is very expansive. It requires the Engineer on their Experience of how they use Energy effectively. However, the Global Overclock is the Biggest Advantage of RE that helps the “Locker Relyer” to sustain their Damage Output . Perk isn’t necessary in the Early Wave.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - The Ember Active with 3 Rounds can Kill a Single Enemy with Health 2.5 & Max Headshot Perk. The Bleeding itself is OK to say, but the Bleeding DR-1 mostly can able to Kill a Snatcher, Carrier, Kestrel (in a Lower Position). A Hybrid 2 Way Damaging function well in Horde.

  • Self-Defense - A Tier - It’s necessary to use the Ultimate, but mostly with Precision Repair, you can able to stay covering yourself at the Back Line and shoot-to-kill, which is more Safer than Mechanic using Enforcer, which is a Short Range becoming more Dangerous.

Tactician (Set One Build)

  • Set One Build - Explosive Build - Shredder, Resupply Amplifier, Resupply Duration, Resupply Healing Module, Resupply Speed Loader / Interrogation

  • Team Benefit - B Tier - It requires the Same Resource to the Class Pilot, but imagining the Resupply Healing Module + Amplifier, it helps the Team functionally work Well no matter there’re so Many Enemies rushing to your Base

  • Damage Output - S Tier - Spawning is the Class he does the Best one. Firework everywhere once Ultimate is On. Simply saying, it’s a Nuke.

  • Self-Defense - A Tier -This Class itself relies on the Ultimate for Healing Module. However, several Shots of Boomshot can Recharge the Ultimate as fast as possible. It’s still Good for having a Self-bring Boomshot for a Startup Weapon.

Tactician (Set Two Build)

  • Set Two Build - HammerBurst Build - Modified HammerBurst, Disciplined, Recharge Bounty, Resupply Healing Module, Resupply Duration

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - It doesn’t need any Locker, but Perks on Ultimate Cooldown per Kill & Assault Rifles on HammerBurst. Without the Resupply Amplifier, the Team cannot benefit from Healing Module, which is the Biggest Disadvantage towards this Build.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - A very Consistent Damage Output, having weakpoint Bosses are Welcomed for the Stack of Disciplined. Easy Killed Enemies in Early Waves with Health x 2.0, it’s a bit Tough after Health x 2.5, but it becomes more often to use Ultimate.

  • Self-Defense - A Tier - Fighting in the Mid Line, it may have some Chances to Go Down depending on the Maps & the Location of your Base. Healing Module helps you sustain your Damage Output. Furthermore, healing module can help you tank a Sniper with Lethal x 2.5, so it shouldn’t be a Problem on Damage Outputting during the Ultimate.

B+ Tier

  • Demolition, Veteran, Pilot, Combat Medic, Jack, Slugger, Nomad, Mechanic (Set Two Build) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  • Most Used Cards are - Custom Boomshot, Razor Hail, Officer’s Prerogative, Spotter Support, Grenade Satchel

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - It doesn’t rely on Perks mostly, but the CD Cooling Down is important. It often requires a Lv 4 Lockers. However, with Grenade Satchel, it still fine to have No Locker to do Instant Damage. It can Deposit All Early for Lockers & Necessary Fortification to the Base. CD Cooling Down is just a Bonus to Demolition.

  • Damage Output - S Tier - Boss Killer - Bleeding with Boomshot & Grenades are very Easy to get MvP each Wave, a super Easy Class to play and get most of the Kills.

  • Self-Defense - C Tier - You should be Careful your positioning that you can’t go Too Far for Damage Output because you have No Damage Resistance or Healing by damaging.


  • Most Used Cards are - Dug In, Custom Lancers, Focus, Headshot Master, Band of Brothers

  • Team Benefit - A+ Tier - The Ultimate helps with the Combo of Marksman or Nomad with Stim by Band of Brothers. This Class can Deposit all in Early Wave for Setting the Base. However, still need some Important Perks especially the Feedback Boost that Recharge your Ultimate more often.

  • Damage Output - B Tier - You would be Strange of why this would be B Tier. It’s because there’re Different World with Ultimate and without the Ultimate. The Inconsistent Damage is Extremely Significant. A several Longshot hit can Recharge Ultimate quickly that you can Use it per 2 Waves or luckily per Wave. It’s a Boss Killer if the Boss has Weakpoint.

  • Self-Defense - B+ Tier - With Dug in, you’re no Longer able to Go Down very often, but still sometimes may Go Down by Elite Sniper. Staying at the Back Line using Longshot to Recharge the Ultimate shouldn’t be any Problem with it.


  • Most Used Cards are - Cold Finish, The Hammer, Bleeding Mulcher, Aggressive Armor + Enforcer Expert / Silverback Salvo + Healing Explosives

  • Team Benefit - C+Tier - Extremely rely on Locker & Perks. Mostly, you are unable to Deposit. However, the Stunning effect towards all the Enemies is Gorgeous , so it’s Bad in term of Team Allocation.

  • Damage Output - A+ Tier - The Hammer do All The Things. The Bleeding Mulcher nukes the Carrier, Flying Type Enemies easily.

  • Self-Defense - A Tier - If your Team are feeling unable, you can use your Ultimate to Save your Team. Again, The Hammer is too Useful in all of the Situation, so it’s a Worth to have Pilot in Horde.

Combat Medic

  • Most Used Cards are - Perfect Condition, Custom Lancer, Helpful Headshot, Dodge, Overdoing it

  • Team Benefit - A+ Tier - This class doesn’t rely on Perk. It’s welcomed to Deposit All in most of the Wave. The Ultimate with Overdoing it can Save CQC Classes. The helpful headshot can Help your Team more defensively Fight.

  • Damage Output - C Tier - Very Fair that its Damage is worse than Brawler. This Class isn’t used for Highly Output, so it’s not Surprised when it’s a C Tier for him.

  • Self-Defense -A Tier - With the consistent of 64% Damage Resistance, it works with Helpful Headshot. You are Hardly to Go Down unless your Base is Broken. The Lancer itself Damage with the “Custom Lancer” Card is Enough for Normal Types of Enemies. You can Chainsaw Sires / Juvies if necessary.


  • Most Used Cards are - Explosive Hijack, Rampage, Backstab, Mind Control Expert, Optimizer/ Sacrifice

  • Team Benefit - S Tier - Forge with Optimizer gives Bonus Energy of your Team. Explosive Hijack can Kill one of the Important Enemies in your Base. Healing Bean can give you 20% Damage Resistance.

  • Damage Output - E Tier - It doesn’t belong to a Damage Output group unless you’re Hijacking Enemy very often. A Hijacked Boomshot Scion or An Elite Drone or A Cyclop or DR-1 Salvo can be useful most of the Time, but it’s not often to be able to Hijack Enemy.

  • Self-Defense - S Tier - Invisible most of the Time unless you use Healing Beam. A very Good usage to Pick the Cog Tags. The Zapper stunning can help your Teammates frequently.


  • Most Used Cards are - Grenade Capacity, Tough Skin, Power Shot, Lethal Preparations, Grenade Proficiency

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - Not very Necessary to Perk Up except the Damage one. High Radius of Frag Grenades smashing the Enemies, which doesn’t cost too much on Buying Frag Grenades, that can able to Deposit most of the Waves.

  • Damage Output - A+ Tier - Not a Boss Killer, but it’s a Welcomed one for using Incendiary Grenades for Snatcher, Carrier & Matriarch. Frag Grenades can Kill Most of the Enemies easily while Flashbang can used to Save the Situation.

  • Self-Defense - C+ Tier - You may Go Down if you accidentally Throw Wrong Side of Frag Grenade. Stupid Engineer may sometimes put Wrong Position of Fabricator without any Covering, you may Go Down while buying the Frag Grenades. It depends on the Map & Location on your Base.

Nomad (Set One Build)

  • Set One Build - Execution Build - Faze, Execution Shield, Menace, Nomad Armor/Lifeline, Gnasher Proficiency

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - This Build doesn’t rely on Perk, so you can Deposit very Freely. Depending on the Card Lifeline or Nomad Armor, normally Lifeline isn’t very useful especially for the CQC Classes because they don’t really necessarily need it. However, it still Good for the Team with the Ultimate Fear especially in a Emergency like a Scion / Warden +Bastion rushing to your Base. You can use it to Buy some Time killing the Rest of the Enemies.

  • Damage Output - B Tier - Mostly the Damage come from the Chainsaw, which is a 1 “Shot” Kill effectively, but definitely lack the Damage when fighting the Boss because the Boss except Guardian / Sentinels / Stump aren’t affected by Fear.

  • Self-Defense - B+ Tier - Fear does most of the Things, but you need to be Caution when there’re some Enemies from far away that may Knock you Down very quickly.

Nomad (Set Two Build)

  • Set Two Build - Long Range Build - Markza Mastery, Consecutive Shot, Acceleration, Intimidation, Lifeline

  • Team Benefit - B Tier - This Build relies on Perk, so it’s hard to Deposit. However, the Perk giving to the Potential Damage is Huge. You can One Shot Scion in Later Wave once you have Full Stack of Consecutive Shot by using Longshot. Killing at the Back Line helps the Front Line more safety to Control their Lines.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - Massive Damage to the Stack of Consecutive Shot no matter Scions or Warden or Normal Enemies Type. Not a Boss Killer, but if the Bosses have the Weakpoint, it’s Good for Markza + Consecutive Shot to Do Great Damage.

  • Self- Defense - B+ Tier - With the help of Fear Ultimate, I don’t think there’s a Difficulty staying at the Back Line and Go Down very often.

Mechanic (Set Two Build)

  • Set Two Build - Modern Build - Ingenuity, Armor Plating, Efficient Fabrication, Custom Robotics, Personal Defense

  • Team Benefit - A Tier - As there’s No Overclocked Locker, it slows Down the Damage Output from the Teammates, who are relying on the Lockers. Without healing repair, still you could Go Down more often.

  • Damage Output - B Tier - With my New Investment of using Custom Robotics & Personal Defense. I think you can rely your Barriers and Do some massive Damage towards an Enemy. It’s super Good in Early waves using Enforcer because you can Kill one Scion using a row of Bullets. It begins tough when Health x 2.5 that you’re unable to use a row of Bullets to Kill Normal Enemies except Imago & Juvies. It’s Good when fighting the Boss Carrier, Snatcher, Stump & Wakaatu.

  • Self-Defense - B Tier - I think it’s not necessary to repair Fortifications during the fights, so probably healing repair isn’t very useful at all as you have 20 seconds to repair all the Stuffs, which I think is enough. The Enforcer deals with Potential Damage that increase the different way you can Do in every Wave.

B Tier

  • Protector, Mechanic (Set One Build) :face_with_monocle:


  • Most Cards Used - Big Knife, Bloody Blade, Drop Shield Duration, Close Range Recharge, Regeneration Field

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - Although it relies on Early Perk, but the Drop Shield is Benefit towards Multi Enemies rushing to you. It’s a “Safe Zone” for you bring your Mace Breaker to Smash the Ground inside your Shield or you can Kill & Evade back to your Shield. It can Deposit All in the Middle Wave.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - Again, because the Breaker Mace itself is too Strong. With the Bonus of Bloody Blade + Big Knife, it’s an Easy Cake for Scions & Normal Enemies & Ground Bosses.

  • Self-Defense - C Tier - It relies on the Ultimate. The Melee Resistance is useless in Horde, but the Bleeding Regen itself is Good, but there’s a Second delay on Regen, so probably it may sometimes Go Down. The Regeneration Field is Very Slow, which isn’t effective in later Wave.

Mechanic (Set One Build)

  • Set One Build - Classic Build - Ingenuity, Armor Plating, Efficient Fabrication, Healing Repair, Overclocked Locker

  • Team Benefit - S Tier - It’s the Starter of Abusing Lv 1 Barriers with Efficient Fabrication. It saves a lot of Team allocation especially for the Modifier Power Drain. The Overclocked Locker can help the Classes recharge faster Weapon to let the Others do Consistent Damage Output. With Ingenuity, faster repair can Save some Time for extending the Base.

  • Damage Output - E Tier - What he can Do?A Lancer Chainsaw can help him maintain some Damage Output like Sires or Juvies. A Longshot & Ember can be used to get Recharge the Ultimate very quickly, but it doesn’t have any Effective Damage Boost Cards in this Build. A Turret may sometimes get useful, but may Go Down during the use of it.

  • Self-Defensive - E Tier - As the above Mentioned, he lack the Damage himself in This Build, so probably only a Lancer could help him chainsaw some Important Enemies to Help the Team. The Healing Repair is useful, but it’s not necessary to Repair Fortification during the Fight.

C+ Tier

  • Brawler :thinking:

Brawler (Set One Build)

  • Set One Build - Long Range Build - All The Glory, Perk Up, Inner Fire, Play with Fire, Pyromaniac

  • Team Benefit - B+ Tier - This Class doesn’t require to Perk necessarily. It can Deposit very Freely. Play with Fire + All The Glory can Smash the Early Wave helping the Team. It’s being Tough once Health x 2 and starting to be inefficient.

  • Damage Output - C+ Tier - Not a Boss Killer, Inconsistent Damage which Play with Fire only have 30% to be occurred, Damage starts to be strenuous in Later Wave that hardly to trigger All The Glory.

  • Self-Defense - C+ Tier - Inner Fire control the Decision of Using Ultimate or Not. Once you use the Ultimate, you Lose 30% of Damage Resistance, your Damage Output will be inconsistent more because you can Tank very much.

Brawler (Set Two Build)

  • Set Two Build - Melee Build - Damage Dash, Perk Up, Torch Tackle, Killing Time, All The Glory

  • Team Benefit - D Tier - Rely on the Feedback Boost Perk + Health + Damage - It’s impossible to Deposit. However, the Ultimate can Smash the Wave from Early Wave to Later Wave. It seems to be a Risky Task, but highly outcome to the Team.

  • Damage Output - B+ Tier - Most Damage Output comes from the Ultimate + All The Glory. It’s not a Boss Killer, but Scion & Normal Enemies seem to be an Easy Cake for Brawler once the Ultimate is on.

  • Self-Defense - C Tier - Inconsistent Survival - You can sometimes Dodge the Boomshot during the Ultimate. It’s hard to maintain your Ultimate in Later Wave because of Health x 2.5 & Lethal x 2.5. You may Go Down frequently by Tackle a Single Enemy. You should choose Enemy to Kill Wisely.

C Tier

  • Striker :neutral_face:


  • Most used Cards are - GSD, Stim Siphon, Blunt Instrument, First Strike, Melee Rush

  • Team Benefit - D Tier - Very Rely on the Perk to Maintain the Survival of Stim & A Mace Breaker. Once you break your Mace Breaker, you’ll need to be another one. It’s hardly to Deposit all the Time.

  • Damage Output - A Tier - Bleeding Mace itself is Very Powerful, so the Point of this Class itself isn’t really Good, it just the Weapon saving the Class. Not a Flying Type Boss Killer, but Good for the Ground one.

  • Self-Defensive - D Tier - With Aimbot, how the passive, which giving the Speed, is going to help you ? It sucks at Damage Resistance, you can’t Go Outside far away unless you have another one CQC Classes joining at you Running around the Map. Breaker Mace is easy-broken with a Single Boomshot or Lancer + Claws. The Base Melee Damage is useless. The Ultimate is Good, but if there’re so many Enemies lock on you, you’re no longer able to Survive.

D Tier

  • Architect :fearful:


  • Most Used Cards are - Repair Efficiency, Stim Capacity, Hologram Lifetime, Hologram Extend, Regeneration Field

  • Team Benefit - C Tier - As an Engineer, it doesn’t have Resistance on Fortification like Robotic Expert. It requires your Repair Tool to Do the Repair, which is not efficient enough compared to RE. Her Ultimate Recharge are very Short and the Duration can literally continue in the Whole Wave. She doesn’t have benefit from buying the Fortifications like Mechanic.

  • Damage Output - F Tier - What she can Do?A Lancer Chainsaw can help her maintain some Damage Output like Sires or Juvies. A Longshot & Ember can be used to get Recharge the Ultimate very quickly, but it doesn’t have any Effective Damage Boost Cards.

  • Self-Defense - B+ Tier - The Ultimate is very Useful most of the Time that Distract so Many Enemies especially the Scions. She, herself, has Stim, which is Good in terms of Survival, but lack Base Damage that can only able to use Chainsaw to Kill the Enemy efficiently.

Declaration:This is My Personal Experience Sharing, people who want to have Reference should put the Hyperlink themselves. Otherwise, Report will be given.

Thanks for Watching - Feel Free to Share your Opinion - The Above Tier Classes WILL NOT BE CHANGED unless there’re IMPORTANT CHANGES by TC



I personally have somewhat similar in mind but slight adaptations. I thought you might have E and F tiers that’s why I was confused. :smiley:


Infiltrator’s self-defense starts lacking slightly against Torques from Locust but other than that I’d agree. It immediately starts of insanely powerful and doesn’t rely on perks, they’re nice to have.

Blademaster’s only weakness is flyers and it may be tricky to control if you don’t know what you’re doing but in your ranking this wasn’t considered so it’s fine.

Anchor in my opinion goes far up into top tier, probably S as well. Harness Energy is absurd and you can spam that Ult. You don’t rely on a weapon locker AT ALL. It’s also effective against any type of enemy just with the Boltok alone. Ammo perk around lvl 5 and you’re good to go.

Combat Medic’s self-defense should be S tier imo. Just a flat 64% right of the bat and in addition can grant Stim and heal itself. Damage Output imo is B Tier. The Lancer GL is very strong combined with perks and Custom Lancer.

Pilot should be A tier in a sense of being able to hold their own and carry a lot of the game. Self-defense isn’t bad since every Drop heals and/or grants Stim immediately.

Sluggers self-defense atm. is really strong too as long as there’s some CQC encounters possible. Really only need the perk on lvl 3 and you’re invulnerable against most explosives. Obviously it bugs out every once in a while but as long as it doesn’t it’s absurd. 62% general in close encounters and 100%+ against explosives.

Nomad can be very devastating with Armored Shot and Consecutive Shot. As long as Armored Shot is broken it candemolish a Matriarch with a shock.


I disagree with this, I’ve finished master horde matches without need of lockers on a entire match and also in some matches I played with 3 players, nobody built except those who joined later but after all we didn’t need fortifications. Ultra Power Drain modifier was the guilty to teach me I don’t need engineer nor build anymore and is way better.

This is not Gears of War 4 and a neuron dies when there’s still players like non engineers (marksman, brawler, etc.) playing as an engineer, or not respect when I’m engineer, they don’t deposit and still demand or build their own stuffs, instead of use perks. Some think is mandatory an engineer or build when is not true and is more fun when each one play their role (this match was the only one where random people actually were very good and had the initiative to not build nothing, was smooth and fun, very rare in this game)

For me now every class is capable to play without be dependant of locker.

Maybe is 'cause I’m more used to play other shooters where there’s no builds stuffs like Unreal Tournament, DOOM or other survival games that again don’t require builds barriers or that bs like the Mercenaries Mode from Resident Evil franchise, more direct, more fun and less stressful.

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Because I’m thinking at the start whether there should be Grade (+) in the Tier, so E and F may appear if there’s No Grade (+) in the Tier.

I agree, probably some Frustrations that lead me to Put it in the A Tier. I think I make it underrated in the Tier List.

It is because I think the Resistance & Stim itself both have a Distance compared to Infiltrator & Blademaster, so it’s possible to be A+ Tier, but definitely not a S Tier.

I would agree if the Team has a Tactician, which you can Fulfill your GL Ammo. Otherwise, I think people will overrate the Damage dealing by GL. I know it’s Great, but Ammo is a Problem.

It should be in most of the Game, but sometimes being sucks by Randoms feeling Pilot itself can’t really Fulfill the Condition of being S Tier of Self-Defense, an A+ Tier of Self-Defense is Welcomed lead the Class to be A Tier.

It requires Skill the Most, so when I consider the Player Base in Gears 5 that normally cannot able to maintain High Output. I put it in the B Tier. However, a Skillful like you for example can able to push Nomad to A+ Tier I trusted.

Thanks for your Reply :laughing:

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I know decent players don’t rely on the Lockers, which is extremely Good knowing the Class has the Potential for Perk Up Early - Ammo Regen & Ultimate Cooldown.

Before, I make this List, I have considered about the General Players playing Horde in Gears 5, so that Statement is mostly being happened to Randoms, so I know your Point really.

I mean the Frag Grenades with Bleeding can also Kill Enemies effectively, that’s another way to make Demolition to a A+ Tier list because he doesn’t require a Locker & using the Frag Grenades for Self-Defense.

I can say decent players can able to Push up the Tier List to A+ most of the Classes, so probably it’s a Reference for Beginner knowing what exactly they’re doing.

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The last week I saw a marksman using a scorcher or a demolitions also using the same weapon… That’s why I said a neuron dies each time it happens, I’m sure they didn’t touch any other shooter,

I usually see when the rest of the team hide like rats in a small place waiting for the enemies come, is just horrible and if I still play is 'cause to spend time with close friend of mine, we only do the daily horde/escape or try the 50 master waves if there’s a new map, if we failed we don’t try again due is time consuming and only demotivate us more, the learning curve + insane card grind in this game only push the players away and from this perspective I understand why they play very poorly.

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So it helps me identify the Classes Overview by making a Tier List that ensure themselves knowing their Classes aren’t realistically Good sometimes :rofl:.

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I have yet to see a randy Blademaster using it properly. If you consider skill, the entire tree changes by a bunch. :wink:


It’s considered by General Players, so a Skillful Player may have Higher Chance disagree my Tier List.

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Interesting tier list. I’ll say that your method of trying to rank everything is good because of considering 3 different categories (Damage output, Team benefit, and self-defense).

Also, the consideration of the general player base is interesting. Even with that in mind, I would still adjust many rankings a bit.

Inflitrator is definitely true top S-tier in terms of overall damage, self-defense, and even teamplay potential. Not without it’s disadvantage of having to be close to the enemy of course. However in terms of the general player base I would rank it a bit lower, as all CQC classes take a bit of skill to stay alive in the frontlines. I would say that one thing you forgot to mention regarding Inflitrator’s team benefit is that the Cloak invisibility can be absolutely fantastic for clutch revives and escaping if the base gets overrun. Otherwise, yeah, is very self-sufficient.

Demolitions is complete F tier in terms of team benefit if you are taking into account the general player base. Why? Because the average Demo player is still the most needy and selfish class when it comes to the energy economy by demanding lockers often before any fences are built hold off the enemy, which can be bad for Demo because of the also horrendous self-defense (granted it can safely blast things from range once a perimeter is setup). It definitely has S tier boss DPS only rivaled by Inflitrator and to a slightly lesser extent Blademaster.

Jack I would say is easily S tier on overall ranking, at the minimum A+ tier, IMO. The Team benefit of the heal beam, zapper stun, and sneaky cloak revive clutches make it’s support capabilities essentially S+++ tier, IMO. Those ridiculous team benefits over-compensate for the non-Ult complete lack of Damage Output. And even a level 1 jack can do all that, card choices are mostly extras, That said, I’d say when factoring in good Hijacking and builds, the damage output is still better than most other low DPS classes (and no, I’m not talking about the exploseive hijack gltich to give astronomical damage numbers on the Scoreboard).

I find it odd that you rank Gunner’s Torque build as higher damage output than the heavy chaingun build. I would say that the chaingun builds have way higher damage output, and also better survivability, but the Torque support build most certainly has way better team benefit for sure.

Pilot should at least be A tier if not A+, IMO. I don’t think that the locker requirement is THAT necessary compared to say, Demolitions usually is. General player base or not. Dropshot doesn’t have to be used for everything. A claw with freeze finish can actually do a decent job against smaller enemies while the Drop is saved for big stuff. The Silverback alone can prevent entire wipes from happening, while still maintaining good damage output and freeze finish support.

I’ll agree with Commander CH that Combat Medic’s self defense is easily S tier.

Brawler being in C tier hurts my soul. I guess when considering that the majority of the player base doesn’t know how to use it in Horde usually, you might be right. But IMO my set two Ultimate spam build that you referenced (appreciate that, thanks for considering it!) is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use than say, Nomad is (agreed that this is tough for most players to use well). The Ult spam build is similar to Anchor in that you can use it OFTEN, and because of that, like Anchor, the self-defense is also much higher than it might immediately seem. Like all other CQC classes, can easily protect taps too.

Speaking of Anchor, I don’t know about others saying it could be S tier. But I’ll say that if anything, it is because of honestly being one of the easiest to use that people don’t realize. Don’t need to worry about ammo, don’t necessarily have to worry about precision if relying on bleed, protects the team, and because of Ult nearly never dies.

A lot of this is just what is off the top of my head. But this is fun to think about. There hasn’t been a big discussion on how the classes rank for a good couple of Operations.

Edit: forgot to mention that honestly I wouldn’t have as many tiers at this point in time. S, A, and perhaps B lol.

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This is why separating classes categorically is bad.

First off, what you value is already kind of off I feel. Sorry to say this but frankly ANY Engineer should get an S+ for the “team benefit” part of your tiers. I’d rather have a good Architect then a bad Demolitions any day of the week and I’ll stand by that.

Secondly, what’s annoying about this is that it undervalues just how strong some of the umm strengths are of certain classes. Like seriously, people forget that Jack was a mandatory class before OP4 and no it wasn’t because they had far higher DPS back then, the class is absurdly good because basically they are a medic, get out of jail free card, and sugardaddy all in one, so as cool as some of those other classes are Jack’s strength blow most other classes out of the water I feel.

Also, not putting Marksman as top dog is a slap to the face. I’m aware you play on like 200 ping every game so maybe your ability to land headshots isn’t all that good because of it but seriously the class costs nothing and can damn near hard carry. Infiltrator is a better boss killer but a good Marksman is superior as risk is lower, you will never have to worry about a Marksman getting murdered out in the middle of a corn field.


I do think it is interesting to see where the classes are currently percieved to stand according to different people.

Ideally all Assault classes are S tier damage output,
Tanks for self-defense, and supports at team benefit, but lol it obviously isn’t quite that simple.

Agreed, even Architect (which doesn’t quite have as bad damage now with Decoy spam the flank card…)

Yeah, Jack’s support stuff is absurdly good alone, not factoring in Hijack.

Highly agreed. Both Marksman and Inflitrator are WELL deserving of the Assault class and damage output category.

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This isn’t a good build for the Architect. You need the Deception card, it’s triple damage on flanked enemies at level 6. That’s incredible for a common card. Stim Capacity, on the other hand, sucks. It takes absolute ages for the Regenerative Field card to reach the maximum stim, and since it gives points of stim rather than percentages, equipping this card won’t increase the amount of Stim you gain. Unless the description is wrong, but even then, Deception can’t be done without.


I know I don’t really have Right to Rank Architect because I didn’t play very Much, so I agree your Point.

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In my Surge solo run I was surprised I managed to max out my Stim upon reaching the saferoom. It appears to not take too long but I agree thqt in Horde you can choose better cards instead since you’ll lose your Stim rather quickly.

Doesn’t really change the tier of the class though. The other engineers still way outclass this one.

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So mostly we’re not Dead-Brain that we follow what the Class System do. We create different Ways of playing, we know how Randoms functioning.

As it’s about the Current Tier during Operation 7, so I know how Jack is Strong at that Moment.

I know People feel Offended when talking to Tier or Meta, but it’s what makes Gear 5 interesting.

Not putting Marksman as Top Tier mainly consist of High Skill Level Gap, but still I have underrated the Class itself can seldom Getting Down.

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Mostly, I would underrated most of the Classes due to General Base Players. If everyone here are decent player, I’m pretty sure these 19 Classes only include A Tier, A+ Tier & S Tier.

Separating many Tiers show there’s minor difference towards A to S, or B to A. An Add (+) Grade of Tier can help me identify Clearly what the Classes can be matched in.

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What level is your Regenerative Field card? Mine is only level 1, and I made a custom Escape map where the Venom never detonates, and I sat there for over 20 minutes and didn’t see the white omen that indicates your stim is maxed.

People use Drop Shield Duration on Protector? I can’t believe people want to miss out on potential 110% extra Gnasher damage.

The drop shield itself is a detriment most of the time for the rest of the team since it blocks projectiles and bullets both ways and it already stays up for 15s by default (which is what the pre-OP7 duration was with the card). Having a big wall blocking teammates’ firing lanes for 30s is atrocious.

That white omen has been removed in like OP2 or 3 for extra visual clarity or something. It only shows up when you actually get hit while having high stim or hit the cap with a large burst of it, presumably.


I maxed out everything.

Me neither but feel free to check it here:

Somewhen after the supply room I haven’t been hit for a few minutes and upon reaching the safe room I couldn’t pick up the Stim pack.