Horde question of etiquette

I mainly play as Emile or any other dps. Is it wrong of me to move the Fabricator when it’s placed in a terrible position?

I would say ask the engineer first. There is a common practice of trolls moving the fab or even making it impossible to use.


I would generally say yes it’s wrong of you. Play engineer if you want to decide where the fabricator goes.


This can be a difficult one sometimes, especially if you know the fabricator is in a really bad place.

You either 1). move it and hope they’re new to horde and are grateful for the tips . 2). Stick out and see how things go - you might learn something new. 3). Abandon all hope and leave before everyone gets wiped (or you wait for the inevitable wipe).

It could also be tactically moved slightly to be used as cover. Most people wouldn’t have a problem with that once they realise why it was moved.

Unless you’re an engineer don’t touch it, same goes for any of the fortifications, doesn’t matter what you think is right the engineer might have a plan in their head, if you disagree you can always leave or inquire in the chat.

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This is the kind of question where there’s no right or wrong answer.

If it’s a low rank engineer and they put the Fab in a bad place I just leave. On the same note if it’s a higher rank one I’ve gotta see what he’s got going on


God likes to watch. He’s a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does he do? I swear, for his own amusement, his own private, cosmic...


I personally don’t move it unless I am the engineer, but I am curious, what do you consider a terrible position OP?

It’s usually in random games with lower ranked players but I see where they will put it far away from an energy tower or put it right where the mobs spawn. My wife plays an engineer so I pay a little attention to where she places it. Most times I leave it be. I usually buy 1 or 2 turrets right at the beginning of a match and let the engineer place them where he/she wants them and then the rest of the game I use my energy to level up my skills or buy grenades/ammo

Well since you wanted to know about etiquette, buying things when you’re not the engineer is a HUGE ■■■■■■ move. That goes double for turrets. If I saw you do that I would automatically assume you’re either 1) a ■■■■■■ or 2) an idiot and would leave the game immediately.

You don’t need sentries right away. You need weapon lockers so players have enough ammo and barriers to slow/stop enemies. The engineer gets a purchase discount and that’s why they should be the one buying things.

And are you also saying you don’t deposit and keep your power upgrading your own perks? The perks are not nearly as useful as you think they are. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but honestly this post is basically a comprehensive list of how to not be a team player in horde.

No what I’m saying is that I use the initial 10k energy we start with I use to buy. I don’t use fabricator energy. After that I buy perks for my character or ammo. Once I get my critical hit maxed out I either buy grenades/ammo or drop it into the Fab.

I personally don’t need sentries ever.

So aside from you jumping to conclusions and telling me how bad I am the question remains that if I see the Fab in a bad spot and move it is that frowned upon?

Obviously a good engineer won’t put it where mobs spawn

Yes it is frowned upon.

Please tell me what a dps is?

Damage Per Second

OP means a character used for offense/high damage output.

It’s a term for damage role.

Oh god no, don’t buy sentries if you’re not engineer. Also, levelling perks may be beneficial,but you also need to give the engineer something to work with. From your posts I gather you play frenzy, and I know the engineers there are mostly grade A morons, but that doesn’t mean you should also be a moron.


:joy:. Ok fair enough. I don’t play engineer which is why I wasn’t sure what the guidelines were