Horde Question.. I'm so confused

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Why do people keep giving me money, for? I’ve noticed that it’s been occurring alot more than it ever has in my years of playing this game.
Things i’ve noticed is, they’re usually super high level, nearly maxed out on their player rank, and/or maxed on their class rank.

They’re giving you power to perk. Each class has four of them to help them survive in the later waves.

Are you the host usually?

are you the engineer?
maybe its so some non-engineer doesn’t start buying and upgrading barriers

No, i’m not the engineer, we usually play boss rush on Blood Drive and I play tactician.

They give you money so you can perk up your Explosive Resupply to lvl 10.

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Didn’t really know that, I mean, it always was the first thing I perked up, but I didn’t know that was the reason, back when I used to frequent this game about a year ago, back when they were still doing tour of duties and all that, people never did it.

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For BR usually some classes give you money for perking explosive resupply. Especially from demo (when I am one I give my 1st 10k to the tactician) or Gunner/Pilot as you will rely on the Tact for explosive ammo.
The only class who will not give you anything at start is a BM.

Also sometimes you can share money so that you can buy also a GL but this is not mandatory the 2/3 first waves (depending on maps)

Gunner will keep money to buy the expensive Salvo (stun build)

Demo will usually keep money for the GL

Edit : keep Some money (after sharing with tact)

You missed one.

Slugger will annoy everyone.

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Hopefully I never encountered Slugger during BR (except when it is on blood drive where they can throw hundreds grenades safely behind the fab)

One guy gave me money/power in Horde once. I thought he was being nice. But after the game he started asking me for naked pictures. :neutral_face:


That’s a strange attempt at bribery… along with a very weird request.

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