Horde question. Gnasher or overkill?

I was just wondering which shotgun is better overall?

Is there a clear winner or is one better at certain things?

Does one cause more dmg or more stopping power than the other?

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In horde I prefer the Overkill. It is more powerful and has a longer range. The downside is less ammo, and it’s easy to burn through it quickly. On Gears 4, a scout with an Overkill and health boost was a tank.

I feel the same way. I feel the overkill is faster and has good range if fired slowly. I was curious is gnasher had more stopping power. Maybe gnasher is just easier to get ammo for?

That is probably the case.

She Shotgun is more powerfull in Close quarters it requires 1 shot while Overkill 1 and a couple more when you release Fire also the Gnasher seems to have more stopping power,the Overkill got good Range though and that is a big plus overall,but does go through ammo very Fast,each have their strenght and weaknesses ,i think the Gnasher is a Bit too powerfull and with some people wall bouncing like crazy its even more OP :slight_smile: