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Horde problems help

(Friedhelm33) #1

Continuing the discussion from Problem horde in geasr4:
Ihave the same problem please help

(x00FireWolf00x) #2

From some quick serches it seems this is the BIGLOWE error so i would reccomend that you restart the game, restart your router/modem, and restart your xbox, usually if i have this error appear a quick restart usually fixes it.

(Friedhelm33) #3

we have continuing the Probelm

(x00FireWolf00x) #5

there is a new thread by a coalition dev, just put your gamertag there and they can get you sorted out.

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(GrannyKilla718) #8

Please fix my horde, 2 days I can’t play, losing my mind here

(GrannyKilla718) #9

2 days can’t play horde, please fix it.

(Ektope) #10

Closing this as there’s main thread.

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