Horde Problem ! Patch it

When i get a Troller or AFKer in Horde why am i not able to kick him ?
Some ppl like to ruin Horde…


Because it can be abused.

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That is so true but given the way a small group of people is ruining the game for many, something needs to be done.

I’m not even talking about the lv1 dude playing on insane, I mean the ones who intentionally join a game on a high difficulty, hide in a corner and then remain afk for as long as the game goes.

If 4 out of 5 decides a bot is a better teammate then the option should be there. At least the bot tries to revive you.


Just use the xbox companion and report him. He’s in your recent player list. With enough reports, a habitual troll (a host who kicks or a player who afk/troll), will draw attention to his account…

Think of a sword, it cuts both ways…