Horde Predictions -Operation 4


I hate to be that dude but horde has gotten a fair amount of support in Gears 5, one can argue that as it stands currently its flawed, but what fans should also consider is that horde meta is a very slow and steady experience so them doing like monthly tuning wouldn’t make sense regardless.

My prediction: I doubt they’ll do much if at all for Operation 4, their focus (as it should be) is on MP side this time around, though small tweaks are definitely a possibility either at start of Operation 4 or somewhere in middle.

Horde hasn’t had a single event since December. We haven’t had anything since Operation 3 launched. Every Operation is headed by a new Versus mode. We’ve had the addition of Frenzy and one balance update since September. We have had 5 characters added since launch while Versus had over double and now Versus takes precedence over that too (which I agree should be that way). My point is, every Operation is Versus focused lol.

I don’t expect monthly tuning updates. But I expect something over the course of an Operation. There a lot of things that we’ve been asking for since launch, that were in Gears 4! Still no word of when or if they’re coming.


Big changes need to come in Op 4 or else I feel the game will essential be dead. Massive improvements to Horde are needed, and they need a whole bunch of new maps for PvP too.

I hope Frenzy comes to lobbies and I want, but have less hope, for good changes made so that characters can all play in Escape. (Without removing all the class-based stuff).

The game already feels thin - last night I kept dropping into the same quickplay koth lobby no matter how many times I quit and re-searched for a game. I can only imagine that not many games in the UK were happening.

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It’d also be nice to see some changes with the loadout weapons being not completely worthless and fix the AI. The elite claw drones need a serious nerf, their accuracy is unreal. They might as well have full auto longshots.

Maybe the new map will be Auroa from the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint game. Because Pahanu is way too small. :smirk:

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I dunno if they would have anticipated it, but I’m sure they can get the people back in to record a few lines. Repair lines are already there since most of the cast can buy a repair tool, upgrades and ultimate callouts seem like the only thing that would need voiceovers? possibly also the Escape specific ones if/when they allow all characters playable.

Interesting point. I wonder if they have enough backup dialog recorded to modify any super specific voice lines. Or maybe they could rethink the system and change future voice lines to be generic so that “using JD and an artillery ULT” would become a sort of Easter egg since he has voice lines specific to that action.

Looks like this is their little update they had planned for last week. Still no word what it actually is or when it’s now coming. I’d assume it may just get delayed and bundled in with the Op4 update.

They keep saying Operation 4 is PvE focused. Dana even said that they plan to have more Horde events. The Horde balance update is supposed to be more impactful. I feel like they have to deliver the goods or they risk losing what’s left of the PvE playerbase.

Haha, you mean changes which would actually make power taps a part of the game play/strategy? Rather than just a purely random lottery which is only a noticeable factor on maybe 2 maps? Yeah, but realistically speaking, they just need to remove power taps, even with Jack’s optimizer nerfed to 150%, we never run out of energy - and taps are only ever used when they appear right in the base… I’d say, remove the taps, get Optimized up to, say, 175%, and we’re good - the efferts wasted on power taps development would be better spent fixing the RB/Chainsaw/etc bugs… Who cares about power taps… Really…

ohhh, you mean they will actually explain the difference between getting “5HP” of stim vs "20% " of stim vs “75” stim per second?? LIke WTF is all this?

And yeah, increasing the duration of the ultimate by “54%” - 54% of what!??!?

That would be nice, but that’s just cosmetic, doesn’t impact the game play…

IMO, they refused to let us scrap because scrap can be used across characters… and they want people to keep grinding , because NOW, you can only get cards for a character by playing that character… With scrap, you don’t…

I have about 25 gold card dups which I have no use for, I want to scrap those to level up other cards in other characters…

And as far as their excuse that this is a lot of work - pure BS. card scrapping functionality can be implemented via a web site, like it was in GoW4, wihtout any changes needed in the game itself - the game already has the ability to upgrade via scrap. So build a website where people can scrap cards, and nothing else is needed…

Honestly, what cards do I think would actually be useful at level 6? Plus, don’t forget - the higher you go in levels, the SMALLER THE DELTA BENEFIT…

You know, move from level 2 to level 3 is 10%, level 3 to level 4 is 5%, level 4 to level 5 is 5%… so now level 5 to level 6, I’d expect 2.5%… hardly worth it…

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The only ones left to play PvE if TC doesn’t deliver with Op 4 for it is probably going to be those who are into Escape and the Horde praisers, I reckon. I sure won’t stay in it for Horde then if they don’t address the horrific balance to a significant enough degree.

This whole percentages and numbers thing has been an issue since GOW4.

I remember looking at the Explosive Headshot sniper skill and thinking “150% extra damage and radius? 150% of what? A frag grenade? A Boomshot? An active reloaded Boomshot? My swollen gonads?”

It should be such a simple thing for them to be consistent and have explained this at launch…

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Yes the minuscule upgrades for leveling cards. Del’s stim goes up a massive 0.1 %. Fahz Embar and Longshot damage goes up 2%. It’s laughable. Upgrading Level 4 to 5 should reward the highest percentage.

I don’t even want Level 6 cards at this point, just let us scrap our duplicates. I really hope it’s in Operation 4. There is just no excuse.

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For MOST cards, once i get to level 3, i dont pay attention to them anymore, the subsequent upgrades are insanely expensive relative to the benefit.

I think explosive capacity is the only one where the rewards are linear all the way across (since they couldnt give us an extra HALF a GL/Boomshot round, haha)

Agreed. There’s a few more. I think there’s a couple of health cards which are an equal spread of 10% per level up, but yeah, level 3 tends to be all that is really needed.

Del’s stim actually has its biggest jump from lvl4 to lvl5, 0,5%. But I do agree with your point about certain cards scaling terribly.

Fahz’s modified Longshot/Embar cards go up 1% from lvl4 to lvl5. I only have his Icy Precision at lvl2, but it’s only a 1% increase in freeze damage at lvl 3.
Kait’s legendary from lvl4 to lvl5 is a 0.1% difference.
Keegan’s Venom Boost (kills in Venom take time off his Ult cooldown) is a 1 second increase from lvl 4 (29s) to lvl 5 (30s).

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m not thinking of right now.

Literally a blink of an eye is the difference in some of these cards’ levels; in some case less then a blink of an eye.

Yeah, those heath cards, given how OP the enemy weapons are, the health boosts dont mean too much i find…

Lahni’s Venom Blade does in fact go up by 10% every time it is leveled… not that it is much of any consolation because the increase isn’t that big for the bleed(it starts at 962 per tick and ends up at 1,125 iirc). Or has much use for Horde players. There’s also some damage resistance skills that go up by 10% every time they are leveled, not that it matters much because like you said, those don’t do much. Even with an 80% damage reduction AND the 50% health boost it seems Mac can still get one shotted by Elite Snipers. Lahni also can’t seem to survive them any longer(for whatever reason, because it was possible before). And even with 80% reduced damage if 2+ enemies are shooting her she still won’t last long unless standing next to a bleeding enemy.

Yeah. The damage resistance cards are far more useful but even then you would do well to still be standing after a single melee attack! Sometimes multiple damage resistance cards are needed to really make a difference.