Horde Predictions -Operation 4

I’ve seen a handful of threads about Op4 and if it’ll be delayed, predicting a new game mode, and others. I wanted to create a thread centered on what we think may be coming for Horde in Op4. I’ll start by saying I think the big PvE overhaul is months away and is likely for Op5/later. Therefore, I think we won’t get Kait, JD, Fahz, and Del in Escape until the major overhaul.

We know there’s another balance pass coming and TC has hinted it will be larger and more impactful than the one we receive in March. I think we can all agree the balance pass introduced in Op3 left everyone feeling underwhelmed and feeling “this is it?”

  • I feel like Frenzy should be ready for Custom lobbies. Frenzy is fun but it needs customs bad. This needs to happen. I’d love if they let us set the wave length in Frenzy customs. Let us do a 24/25 wave variant. Highly doubt this happens though.

  • Ability to scrap duplicate cards. I understand they have bigger things in the works, but this should have been implemented before Op3. It’s inexcusable that we are still waiting for it. I don’t think we will see Level 6 cards yet, but it would be a welcome surprise.

  • Increase rarity drops for higher difficulties. There are countless examples of players finishing an Inconceivable/master run and receiving 8-9 green cards. The chance for greens needs to be significantly lowered on those difficulties.

  • Not going to go too into buffs for characters. Curious to see how you want TC to tackle this though. Bump everyone up and tune JD a little more? Scorpio Squad definitely needs to have their venom cards useable in some way. It’s been 6 months since they’ve been added to Horde, this HAS to be addressed. Obviously more cards for Kat, Emile, Sarah, and Grace would be nice. Clayton has a handful of cards that tie into his Ultimate, id like a card that actually extends its duration.

Again these are things that I think should be in this patch. Granted there may be some more things that TC surprises us with (probably unlikely). What are your thoughts?

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Michael (PvE lead) has teased changes to power taps, and addressing incorrect or misleading skill card descriptions

I predict those things and a large balance pass, including level 6 cards or instead changing a ton of card power and scrapping (pun intended) the level 6 idea and granting scrap for anything past level 5.


Honestly I think Operation 4 will be the worst one, I do agree with your list though, but I’m not sure anything will happen until Operation 5


Cards or will be detached from characters, either every next characters will be a copy of currently existing character.


Operation 4 being the worst Operation would be suicide for Gears 5. They’re definitely going to come out strong with Op 4.

Op 3 was quite good, I expect them to continue that momentum.

I still think the big changes are further out. Meaning the new ranked system and more maps. I think they’ll have an extra remake for Op4 but won’t see the return on that investment until Op5.

Hopefully we get some info soon. I’d imagine if Op4 is coming on time, we should get that first tease this week or next. They usually show the incoming characters and the title of the Operation. However, if it’s delayed, I’d imagine we’d hear about that this week. We will see.

My big question is, what format will this take?

Will TC keep the current presets / combinations of cards and skills? E.g.: You pick any character you want - say, Anthony Carmine, and equip JD’s current skill set; or Kait’s skillset?

Or will they organise skill cards into categories - a bit like the Class roles in GOW4 so you can choose any 5 cards from a combined pool of all engineers, tanks, scouts etc? E.g.: Del, Kat and Baird’s cards get pooled together. The trouble is, some characters are kinda hybrids - like Baird’s got a combination of engineering skills and some sniping ones. Or the “offence” category is gonna be very diverse because there are 4 “offence” characters who are all wildly different (Cole, JD, Emile and Fahz). TC will need to create some new roles and reorganise some cards.

Or will TC do it another way?

I’m curious about this. I feel like you’ll choose your character skin, say Anthony, then choose your Horde character. Say you want to be Baird. You’ll choose your load out from Bairds selection of cards. Which they’d have to rework some of the character specific ones.

But I could also see them combining Del, Baird, and Kat into an Engineer class. You’d only have 1 score boost card but have access to all the others. You’d also be able to choose from one of their Ultimates.

It’s made me a little apprehensive about leveling up characters further when I’m uncertain how they plan on handing this. I know they won’t wipe everything and make you start over but I just hope they reward your investment in leveling up these characters.

Another question I have is will the characters introduced in Operation 4 have abilities/cards? We already know TC is changing the system. Will they even continue creating new classes and abilities? I’m certain we will see more characters released in Operation 4 that have no abilities, but will they still have the 2 heroes they’ve had with previous ones?

Another couple of things that spring to mind, is voice lines. Will they have voicelines for everyone for specific things like certain ultimate abilities etc? Even for something as simple as upgrading fortifications? I mean, before the game came out when they were recording the character dialogue TC wouldn’t have anticipated these changes and as far as they were concerned only the engineers would need need lines like “sentry/barrier/weapon locker upgraded!” etc, so if characters like Marcus and Fahz can also be an engineer, will TC have to get voice actors to add these lines?

And lastly, animations. I’m thinking of Cole really because he is quite a unique character in that he has moves that other characters don’t - namely his melee punch and his tackle attack. Will TC allow other characters to use Cole’s skillset, and if so presumably this will mean having to add new animations. TC may make an exception with Cole and keep him as an exclusive (same as JACK being a robot).

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TC out there tackling the real issues with the game.

By far the worst idea from TC so far which is quite the achievement.

This should have happened by week 4 of OP3 and yet here we are. Don’t even care about Frenzy anymore.

Lv 6 and scraping will be post-poned until OP6+. Mark my words.


Neither will TC. Nerf is the way.

Why? Even if they did, the only use-able char would be Keegan. Just like it is rn with the small difference that he would be less gimped + 1 locker less for the engineer.

I hate the game and the community and I have no idea why anyone still got hope for improvements,


Really good points. I hadn’t thought about the voice lines. Now I’m real curious how they tackle this.

Cole is the most unique (outside of Jack obviously) and I don’t see them tuning every character skin to do the same thing. Maybe they make him exempt from it.

I agree with @Cheese_Cutta. All TC says is how things take time and how they had already confirmed most of an operations content pretty close to when the previous one released

Also I don’t like it, but I dont think it’d be suicide, if anything were to suicide Gears 5 it would have been the day 1 bugs and removal of modes (imo). I think it’s just gonna be stagnant until Operation 5

I think the new Ranked system is definitely coming out with Op 4 as it’s been worked on for the longest time. I think we’ll see more maps too. I’m thinking 2 new and 1 remake.

But the major changes to the PVE/Hero system will probably be mid Op 4 or Op 5.

For Marcus and co., they could just get the lines straight from Gears 4. I don’t know about Lizzie or Fahz though.

I hope they make all characters viable and useful and change the “meta” Enginner+JD killing everything and other characters might as well not be there.

New maps , objectives and enemies would be awesome.


Having said that, I wonder what the process is when it comes to recording vocielines?

It’s possible that alot of the voicelines were done before TC had settled on the Hero system or which character would fulfil which role, and they had recorded lots of lines covering all circumstances in a generic way, so TC might even have an archive of unused lines which covers these situations.

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At most I expect Frenzy in Custom, because Octus at some point said that Op 4 would be a point where it could arrive, and their new and improved balancing that hopefully isn’t nearly meaningless this time around.

They could do that. But for some characters(or at least Kait, who I think they’re trying to push the “military” thing on too much as if they tried to push the character into that… after Bloodlines mentions merely wanting that to happen wouldn’t make Kait go full COG, but that’s getting sidetracked), TC has redone some lines even for aspects that aren’t particularly impactful like the fortification dialogue stuff. But it’s just some voice lines in the end and at some point it may get a little tiring to hear the generic ult activation lines or when their cooldown finishes. Especially if they are always only in one tone. I sure know I got tired of Gears 4s fort dialogue eventually especially when the characters seemed to be throwing it around at the top of their lungs all the time like the rest of the world had to hear there was just another barrier, Sentry, locker, decoy or whatever placed/repaired.

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They can just simply put classes back to what we had in Gears 4, with additional cards we have now.

TC has a lot of things they’ve been working on for a long time (community service, phase 3 of MM, ally/reup XP adjustments). Some of those since before Operation 2 and we don’t know any more about them than we did when they were talked about. They also said we’d have a roadmap shortly after Operation 3 launched and not only do we still not have it, they can’t talk about when it’s coming lol. I realize priorities shift but they’ve been working on a lot of things since near launch and we have no new information. Hence the frustration with their supposed “transparency.”

I’m not saying you’re wrong or trying to create an argument, it’s just TC says a lot of things. Ifeel like if the ranking system was coming soon, they’d be more open about it. Maybe that changes and it’s ready in a few weeks. You are right that it’s the top priority (and should be). Dana says on every single dev stream that things take time, referring to maps, the ranking system, PvE changes. They keep hitting on that, which makes me think people should temper their expectations.

This is why I stopped playing for skill cards back when they said “big changes are coming to PvE.” I’d rather wait to see what those changes are. Same for re-ups and Gears allies. They said they are lowering the XP requirements so I stopped playing for XP a while back.

The Coalition is comfortable with long periods of silence and I am comfortable with waiting to play the game until those changes are implemented in-game.