Horde Pre-Drop Suicide Spoilers...what is going on?

OK I understand Pre-fab drop actions to those that don’t suicide are melee them or shoot at them (just don’t use real words eh?).

But sometimes like last night I down myself with the Boom then the Scout (normally the Scout too) picks you up then stands there shooting and meleeing…like the whole suicide thing again.

So rather bamboozled by more gamer stuff…what is going on? What am I missing here? “Suicide dude…not letting you suicide dude!..Suicide dude”.

I normally decide the Scout is a ■■■■ and just quit.

I’ve seen that happen and the worst of it is they think they’re helping you. Add Last Stand + Thick Skin and shoot yourself 5 times with the boom and when you finally go down they pick you up?


i can relate, i use last stand 5 and thick skin 6 so its hard enough to put myself down and then someone decides to get me back up then complains that i didnt kill myself to get bonus power.

i think the idea is they want you to go down 2 times then just insta-die so they dont have to wait, but come on the down time is 15 seconds so i dont understand why they get you up and dont wait.

Wait till you get Last Stand Lv6, once paired with Thick Skin Lv6 the only consistent way of going down is to shoot a teammate on the knee, so if they don’t stand still I can fire 15 and still be standing. Took me a while to find it but it works every time.

I was using (as I often do) LStand, TSkin and Berserker all Lvl 6.

The helping doesn’t scan right to me. I mean why then continue with the language of ‘kill yourself’ which does scan with what FireWolf said…they seem to be complaining somehow?

Surely waiting 15 sec (also while the Grenadiers are still planting) is quicker than the hassle of doing it all over again? I mean the difference must be a handful of seconds when it takes me about 5ish booms to down myself.

Gamers being gamers, humm, that does seem plausible though.

I see two scenarios: new scout doesn’t know the drill or veteran scout who does, the latter could be either a troll or genuinely think by picking you up they are helping you to speed up the process. If he is not a troll you need to give them a quick lesson of waiting a few seconds or risk pissing the player enough to leave.

Now if you pair Last Stand, Thick Skins and Berserker all at Lv6 it’s going to take a bunch of shots so if the scout picks you up after that it’s clearly a troll so I do what you did and leave the game.

I try to understand people but I guess I’m just being naive most of the time, Gears will always be Gears.

There’s a name to those types: noob.

It’s even worse when the sniper insists for you to land the Boomshot and can’t even kill himself.

I too try to understand (hence the Thread) but if I’m Scout I’ll let the Grenadiers plant and just follow them to get the power when they are ready to drop (also useful to see where Power will be dropped). Let the Heavies bleed out.

If I’m Engie and nobody seems to be in the mood I’ll go global and ask ‘Any Suicides?’ give it five or so secs and drop the Fab of no one makes a move.

I don’t go around shooting or meleeing etc or saying “you must”.


That one gets me the most. I don’t like coming into a game as a heavy and the scout starts shooting at me to kill myself. I don’t like coming into a game as a soldier and being shot at by the scout while I am planting grenades but ill do it none the less. The one thing I will not tolerate is a sniper who melees or shoots at other players or myself yet makes no attempt to kill themselves and we all know it can be done.

As for the OP. I had thick skin and last stand in play and everytime I went down the scout would pick up and so I would try again and again I went down only to be picked up. I came over the headset in such rage telling them to leave me alone and when it was impossible to suicide the engineer left. Now I just play damage and ammo cards because it would seem one less suicide will cause quitting (ridiculous to be honest) and am just avoiding being that player.

Any time I play scout I leave it to the players because I think its just bad sport to keep shooting or meleeing a player but I will without a doubt melee or shoot at any sniper who dares to do same yet doesn’t even attempt to boomshot trade suicide in pre fab drop.

I think getting a leg up on cash by suiciding has gone on long enough, that’s seriously broken gameplay right there. I understanding using it but would rather it jus got fixed


Maybe the Scout or Sniper or anybody else wanted the Heavy and Soldier to just die.
No time wasted being downed.
I know when sometimes shooting the ground or the knee makes the Heavy get downed.
Then it’s just waiting.
They just need patience, that’s all.
Or they’re racking up those extra +100 points per revive.

Thanks for that because after leaving the Forum I was nagged by someone saying they wanted you to insta-die, which I thought impossible unless there was something going on like ‘No Smoking’ before the Match got underway (two downs then killed by smoke so maybe two downs then the third time it is insta-die). Now I know that isn’t the case.

And continuing that Paragraph, you weren’t the one being “that player”. The Scout was.

When I heavy and a scout revives me, I leave the match. Thick Skin and Last Stand make it impossible to do anything but down yourself and I simply don’t have the patience for idiots making me do it three times for the insta-death. The worst is when you boom swap with a heavy as sniper and the idiot scout revives you. I figure any scout that doesn’t have the awareness to deal with the initial suicides correctly is just gonna waste my time if I hang around, because nine times out of ten they’ll be dying left and right and I’ll have to quit on a later round after they rage quit from their own ineptitude. When I scout I’m 100% dialed in. I expect the same from any rando scout I play with.

Its an absolute pain in the *** to even get downed after so many shots so when someone picks you up it just counters all that progress and if someone wants instant death while I am playing thick skin and last stand then forget about it. If someone has the key to one shot suicide with those cards in play then please let me know.

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I think it took four or five that way.
But I now just shoot the knee of another player, so one shot downed.

In this game where teamwork been premoted as a thing,helping other team mates when possible is what being done,so this trend"hey i’ll off myself for some minor boost",my not be know by some,so don’t jump all over someone for thinking there helping you out,as for trolls maybe they where once good players who became upset by the fact that there so many players who espect everyone who plays to know everything about everything that they don’t care anymore…or not…I has seen many a great gears players be total dictators to anyone who made even the slightest mistake while playing with them,so don’t say great players can’t just as bad with there behavior as bad players…

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Bumped thread I know.

Anyway, killing yourself before dropping the fabricator as a heavy or soldier is straight up annoying and unnecessary at this point. Especially when playing as a sniper and the heavy expects a trade from you. You don’t really need the extra power if you have a good team. I don’t even care if people kill themselves or not before the game starts. I just find it irritating every time when a sniper expects a trade from you while playing as the heavy and vice versa. Sometimes the engineer wants to trade too. I would be happy if the fabricator was already carrying the money rather than people carrying it. Just to avoid killing yourselves altogether.

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