Horde power taps

I recall there was a hot fix that changed ‘horde resource taps collection’ from 10 seconds to 5, but the power taps still take 10 seconds to collect from. Did I misunderstand?


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You didn’t misunderstand, its listed as being changed but it definitely hasn’t.

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Thought it was capture as in capturing a new/respawning tap. I don’t think it applies to collecting the power out of said tap


When you put it like that, I can certainly see it being a thing. I’ll test THAT out instead of collecting.

Man I got so excited too. Collecting power is much MUCH too long, we would look for every trick in the book to get it while the score screen is up between waves.

I really dislike that X, that button that interacts with most of the game, pulls up a gamer card during the in between of rounds. You used to be able to bypass this by pulling up the map but now they’ve taken that out too, now if you want to get that power tap during the scoreboard tallying: you gotta start collecting before the x button becomes mapped to ‘pull up gamer card’ .

Half the time this isn’t foolproof either! If your connections good enough: if the game even briefly says ‘waiting for players’ your button press is getting reset.

After writing this schpiel: it’s occurred to me that there’s no way securing a tap used to be 10 seconds! I recall waiting an entire session between waves in a power tap area just to get it online! That’s at least 20 seconds!

Well now I’m just confused.

Securing was and still is 30s.
Draining / collecting was and still is (despite TC saying it changed) 10s


Thank you. No one was talking about it so I made this thread. I think the change would be great, so now comes the fun part of trying to get the devs to see the change Is sorely missed

It has actually been mentioned here previously, but not in its own dedicated thread.

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You can still collect during the score screen if someone has left, just highlight the ai player and move as per normal by running jumping and collecting

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I reported it as a bug and posted a thread about it :wink:

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I hate to point this out but this game has way too much stuff that says one thing but does another. Or does nothing at all.


Apologies, I remember seeing the post but forgot it was in its own thread :slight_smile:

Will close this one :slight_smile:

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