Horde - please make "Team Revive" bring back dead players, like in GoW4

I know, soooo many critical fatal issues with this game, this is a low priority Horde one, but I think team revive should bring back dead players, at the Fab, like team revive used to do, in GoW4.


Team Revive in Gears of War 4 Horde cost Energy, Revive in Gears 5 Horde cost you your Ultimate.
Personally i hated Gears of War 4 Horde for such Skill Cards as Mortar Strike, Hammer of Dawn and Team Revive because it cost Energy, and a lot of it too. I hate the fact in Gears 5 Horde you can use Energy for Personal Skills, it is wrong, and a completely dumb idea.
Energy is a source for building and repairing, Skills should improve with use, not Energy. There are enough problems with Horde, there are problems with Energy, the last thing we needed was people hording the Energy, so they can upgrade Personal Skills, which should be earned. The whole thing is lazy and costly.
Team Revive. No. Revive, nothing wrong with it at the moment, apart from a slow recharge. People go down for a reason, Revive is a second chance, after that, it is respawn. It is called, a Penalty.

A long rant about something not connected to the original post :wink:

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I do agree. Revive all players.

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I was massively let down the first time I used the ult and it didn’t revive. TC screwed up again.I it needs to revive or at least let it recharge faster.


Nothing new there. I tend to get carried away at times… Well, mostly.

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This idea is gold. reviving only alive players that are down is often useless, as they are already up or already died when you want to initiatie the team revive. its annoying.

Ohhh, BTW, I have run into multiple cases where my ultimate doesn’t activate, when I am down. I keep hitting RB/LB together, in different orders, etc (on Alt the ultimate is LB+RB), and nothing, while I"m crawling around… broken a$$ game…

And I know it’s supposed to work, since I’ve used it to bring myself up many times…

For me, sometimes nobody got revived, but I couldn’t use it again, because the cooldown. :unamused: