Horde Players Unite

Horde players looking for some good games post your gamertags here.

I’m Griff1821 on Xbox, usually play marksmen

Sounds like a call to action but just a “LFG” with extra steps


All the things that people don’t know; it includes not knowing how unintuitive it is to search for the right thing and find it explicitly.
I had/have an idea for this but I suffer from Daniel Kahnmen’s planning fallacy more than anyone I have ever seen

Amandi Cordis. Happy to play horde frenzy anytime

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Feel free to add, usually play Frenzy, beginner for fast times or insane-master for standard horde play if i can’t get enough players for the speedruns.

My gamertag is my name, I mainly play master and I’m in the US.

Yo, I’m pretty much a Jack of all trades but I tend to lean towards support roles myself. GT is the same name you see here.