Horde Perks Trash

I Have maxed out the Ammo Regeneration perk and it does not work, I sat you get about 10-20 bullets back every 5 minutes! Do not waste your Money On buying Perks… put it all in the FAB and let Del Build!

Seriously, is that all? Damn.

I’d like to know how much the other stats boost things by also

If there the same as ammo Regeneration then Not very Good, waste of money, A del and a jack is all you need to win, all the points in the fab you will be laughing, perks are bad

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Agreed, ammo regen does need a buff to make it relevant.

But out of all of them the health bonus has some value at least

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I liked the health perk but I agree with the ammo one. I was getting 1 bullet every 30 seconds it seemed. With as much ammo as the lancer goes through isn’t worth it