Horde Perks in Main Menu

I’m probably a bit late with this as Op. 8 is less than two weeks away but I’ve had the thought for a while that horde perks should be displayed in the main menu. I know some PvE players will know them very well but some times I forget and I think it would be useful. I’ve highlighted the area where I think they could be placed below:

Edit: @TC_Shauny @TC_MichaelAOS I added you guys in case you can help make this idea a reality.


While we’re at it, the “ready” symbol wouldn’t hurt either.


100% - a simple tick in lobbies would work well. :heavy_check_mark:


I was thinking this same thing the other day. Your build can definitely change depending on your perks, so not showing them is kind of inconvenient unless you’ve memorized them all . And thats a lot of classes to memorize.

@TC_MichaelAOS Is something like this possible at this point in the games lifecycle?

Michael Shannon said they had this idea for when they decoupled the classes but they decided not to put it in the game. You would hit a button and it would flip the info box in the middle over and tell you the class’s perks.

Is this true? But…

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I like to suggest Scions have the reflect ability by default
please let me know how you guys feel about this :slightly_smiling_face:


I just want perks before wave 1 begins. Guess that’s too much to ask for.

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I’d accept this fate simply because its by a cute anime girl
any regular girl and I’d duck the bottle and go for the legendary chuck norris round house on her

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I second that. Why do we have to wait until after the 1st wave to perk?

I dont have the exact source but he said it during one of the streams he was on. I dont really have a reason to make all that up lol

Lol I think you’re making it up. Nah, it’s just surprising that a decision would be made to not include something that seems useful.

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I’m pretty sure TC’s answer will be: “Possible? Sure! Will we do it? LOL, ROFLMAOPIMP, NO!”


Ready and the ability to have the timer stop when a new person joins
I joined a few and notice crappy modifiers but im stuck and cant leave cause of timer

Maybe it’s so people will deposit ?
Other than that you should b able to

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