Horde Perks and their Value

This is both a thread for my own information and for the community to gather info and advice on whether to take perks, what levels to take, when to take them, and why.

Played 1-50 on Beginner as Kait (other 4 were Jack, Del, JD, Sarah Connor), we managed to keep 2-3 taps going most of the time, and I gave very little power directly to the Fabricator and used none on weapons and ammo.

I was able to get 3 of the 4 perks to max level, with the 4th being 6/7 on Wave 50.

The cost per level and perk increase were:

*I did not see these levels to know this for certain but it seems like a logical assumption

So for Kait, Health and Movement Speed both have a 10% increase for 1000 a piece before immediately dropping to much smaller increases and dwindling to 1% increases in the last 3 levels. Shotgun Damage and Regen Speed are both set amounts each level of 2% and 5% respectively.

Considering on Beginner the 2x modifiers still come into effect, maxing any of these perks wouldn’t even keep pace. on higher difficulties with More Damage and More Health on they would make even less of a meaningful difference.

Maybe it’s different for other characters but it kind of seems like Perks are secondary if not completely worthless, especially the later levels.

Best advice would be grabbing the cheap large increases of Health and Speed in the first couple waves to help a little but I can’t see putting too much power into any of them when you could be upgrading defenses and buying weapons.

Thoughts? Do other characters have better perks or better perk growth? Or do perks seem like a resource trap?


Most of the ppl I’ve been playing with agree anything past lvl5 is abit of a waste, best spent on the base with those kinda returns

I think the values should be reworked depending on the difficulty. The same values that work on beginner won’t cut it on a higher difficulty.

Bit of a necro bump but I only recently starting giving any consideration to perks and the costs thereof as they all seemed somewhat pointless. But the numbers make it clear - it seems pointless to put anything in past level 1, for any character, for any perk, even on beginner. On higher difficulties none of them will make any difference anyway. And that power can be used to build fortifications that protect the entire tea, more efficiently. So if doing custom horde maybe it would be worth the title being something like:

lvl 1 perks only, deposit rest, don’t build, no forts til wave 21

No forts until wave 21? What are you saving up for haha? (ie Forge, Barrier, Weapons Locker - all can be done before 10)

I can tell you for a fact that maxing out critical damage and precision rifle damage for Fahz on Master horde DOES make a difference. Thing is for me though, is that I play with a competent engineer and team that utilise jack.

Perks usually start at wave 25 minimum and all perks are maxed between 40-45.

Some perks for some characters are pretty pointless though (mainly ammo regen) and the energy can be passed to another team mate or put into the fabricator.

Sorry should have been more specific. Energy-sapping turrets and shocks. The earlier you build these the bigger the drain, obviously, on power. I see too many people set out turrets in the opening waves. You know it is going to be a bad run!

Yeah it’s funny because sentries just don’t work in the same way as they did in GOW4. Odd how so many people don’t realise this when it’s so obvious that sentries do so much less damage, drain ammo more quickly and have a fair bit less health. They’re just for support. I tend to buy a handful and line them along the back walls in case Guardians and Sentinels fly into the base. The sentries either push them back out again, or the tiny bits of damage done help to delay/prevent them from regenerating health.

I wish they can let used at least choose are perk. Some characters have useless perk.

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