Horde Perk prices

I couldn’t find the current perk prices in Horde by Googling it, so I collected it from the game. I’m posting it here in case anyone in the future needs it:
Level 1: 1000
Level 2: 1450 (2,450 total)
Level 3: 1850 (4,300 total)
Level 4: 2200 (6,500 total)
Level 5: 2500 (9,000 total)
Level 6: 2750 (11,750 total)
Level 7: 2950 (14,700 total)
Level 8: 3100 (17,800 total)
Level 9: 3200 (21,000 total)
Level 10: 3250 (24,250 total)


So basically 100, 000 if you want to max all 4.

100K in energy for what are basically 4 more card slots…

So, in a good match, you’ll get fully perked up by early 40s, unless you refuse to help in base constructions…

Way to go…


Don’t blame me, not my fault my engineer always has no brains and decides to build level 4 barriers on wave 1.


I max out my perks and have enough to build sentries , barriers, and decoys most games.

I rarely max out all 4 unless it’s one of those matches where there’s +100 000 in the fabricator. Those health related ones never gets my attention.

Another way to remember it is also just starting with 1000 power, then adding 450 for the next level, then 400, then 350, etc. until you reach 0 to add which means you’re maxed. :slight_smile:

If anyone likes some math.


Health perks are absolutely useless on Master. You might be able to take one more bullet before going down. It’s a joke.

Health alone, probably yes. If you stack it with damage resistance, not necessarily.

Health somewhat scales with damage resistance. E.g. with 30% damage resistance, you sort of have something like 3/10th more health in a way.

Let’s say you have 100 health and 30% dmg resistance. Usually I think the health goes up to 50% more health if I’m not mistaken? Let’s assume that’s the case, so then you would have 150 health and 30% dmg resistance.

Now let’s assume an enemy bullet deals 10 damage. Without damage resistance, it would need 10 bullets to down you - with the 50% more health, obviously 15 bullets.

With damage resistance it would need 15 bullets to down you - with 50% more health 22 bullets. I know it’s still “50% more bullets” but those “50% more bullets” here mean 7 more than 5 more.

It’s minor and dmg resistance is obviously more powerful but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit more health. In Frenzy it’s debatable, in regular Horde you should be swimming in cash anyways so it shouldn’t be a big deal to upgrade that perk as well.

But yea, health is usually one of the last perks I upgrade so.


Some useful information, thank you, at the very least it makes my calculations easier.
Now if only TC would let us use our Locust/Lambent skins in PvE.

That’s why we needed Beast Mode since Gears 4. It was such an awesome mode in 3, they should have been brought it back.

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If you have any PvE questions ask away I’ll try and get the answers you need :slight_smile:


Any chance we could get some hard numbers on the various ammo regeneration methods? Specifically the perk, lockers, and Jack’s skill card.

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Bravo OP. I salute you.

Good summary. In part because of how they enhance damage resistances, I am a fan of upgrading the health perks.

That, and stacking them with the health boost from taps (20% each up to 100%) really adds up.

You then end up with +150% health.

I’m curious though, how does that work if you have a health boost card equipped, like Brawler’s perk up? Would that be +150% of your total 160% health? Or does it just all add up to +210% health?

All bonuses from perks and skills are derived from base values and stack additively.


Why is the Ult-cooldown-time not part of the class-description?


I can grab them but I’d like to just check with Michael Shannon (@TCMichaelAOS) if he’s okay with it first :slight_smile:

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