Horde pauses when a player join in

How many of you are tired of getting wipe in Horde because the game always pauses when a new person joins in and you are in the middle of facing an enemy, like me just now as infiltrator in the face of a DR-1 Salvo. It can not be possible that I am the only one knowing about this massive bug… right!?

On the original XBOX One there is a slight stagger but I have never lost an entire game because of this. I’ve gotten downed though.

I have seem lots of players getting downed when someone joins. Right now I was on wave 10 Harbor, master horde alone(useless bots included). I started from wave one, infiltrator fully shielded when someone joined in and I was face to face with a DR-1, game paused, when it came back I was downed with the dr-1’s boot on my face :-s

That other player joined the game when it paused but wasn’t fully in the match yet, thus the wipe :frowning:

Damn :confused: unlucky. This is mostly a problem if you are CQC.

exactly :))

Damn, you are so lucky. It is not a game killer, but it certainly can kill a game lol.

As for OP, yes I am tired of the pause caused by another player joining and even the pause caused by Del’s, now known as Mechanic, Ultimate.

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Its a side effect of playing on an original Xbox. Time to upgrade.

It’s also a thing on the One X. Or maybe it’s just mine starting to get old as I have it for nearly 4 years now.

And it doesn’t seem to be an issue when playing Versus so care to explain that?

Easier said than done. There doesn’t seem to be any stock anywhere!


That, also. Or it’s horribly overpriced stuff sold by the scum that buy the consoles purely to resell them at an overinflated price.


For sure.

My town was a lucky one. I can walk into my GameStop and they have series x’s just sitting there. No PS5s though even though I really want one for God of War Ragnarok

I’m not a game developer so I have no idea lol

PvE has always required more of the system than PvP needs because of all the a.i. (im assuming). So I’m guessing the screen pauses because its too much for the game to handle.

I mean, it could be. I did consider that as a possibility as apparently it’s less of an issue(or simply not one) on higher performance systems. On the One X it’s more like a microsecond freeze, though still annoying.

What doesn’t have an excuse is that nonsensical game freeze when Mechs summon their turret. Unless TC playtesters - should they exist - only use the highest grade PCs or consoles to do their testing, there’s no excuse for that to have slipped through.

Del’s turret is way worse imo. The stutter is more severe than when someone joins, it tends to happen more often and it tends to mostly happen in situations that are already hectic, such as when bosses attack.

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Yeah, it doesn’t happen when Robotics Experts summon the DR1 and before when the Mechanic used the Tracker Balls (which involved extra AI appearing out of nowhere). I don’t have any theories as to what causes this, but it’s a ball ache.

Oh big time. Anytime a Mechanic joins, I really have to think about letting them play, purely because I play a lot of CQC and have been really F***ED up because of that ultimate. Also, they seem to hit their ULT a lot when I am just about to hit an active reload resulting in a jam lol.

I’m upgrading when a new game I want is only available on P.C/Series X. Probably sometime this year for me. I just hate buying stuff I don’t need just because it’s new. That’s why I’m always years behind for my cellphone as well.lol

I’m the same with phones. Lol

I always upgrade new consoles though. Higher frames and higher FOV is what i value the most when gaming.

I never play horde anymore but noticed that one when my friend and I were leveling up our characters in escape.

Massive hiccup for that but it makes sense as it is essentially bringing a new character into the game. (Hit boxes, life meter, ammo/heat meter, etc)