Horde Paduk Medal BUG?

The medal in Horde “RUNNING SCARED” (Get 50 Eliminations in Horde as Paduk while Fear is active), does not count any eliminiations.
What am I doing wrong?
I kill having the ability activated and deactivated, near or far from the enemy, custom or public horde, with many weapons and doing executions too.

Someone else happens?


It is a known bug. Just wait for a fix.


Ok. thanks for reply.

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Deebee Hunter under Escape doesnt go past 28/50. Anyone else having this issue?

Worked fine for me. Eventually popped while I was making runs in the new hive.

Same goes for the Mulcher. And somebody told me to use the Snub. Tried it, Sometime it does and sometime it doesn’t it. We just love Gear Bugs

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Yep, I used snub for mulcher medal, but it start working after I’ve done with the 50k damage by snub. I just don’t know anymore how this game works.

Use the snub with Keegan, it works.

Finished the mulcher medal off with a curb stomp very buggy medal

Deebee Hunter doesn’t work at all for me after completing the Hive and killing nothing but DBs.

Top notch programming as usual, TC


Running Scared eliminations still dont count. You know whatThe Coalition? Keep your Gold coins and your ■■■■■■ up microtransactions ! Gears of War is dead :+1:

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I thought something was wrong. When lvling Paduk I know I’ve killed plenty of drones with fear. Especially with the retro charge, fear upon execution and another retro charge. It’s a chain reaction.

Debee hunter doesnt work for me either…wasted some time working on that.

I did the Malfunction map and those kills helped me get the medal complete.