Horde ...overall ... is terrible

I never thought I posted a follow up here but so many people are just ■■■■■■■■. There no other way to put it. We finished horde 1 to 50 on advanced. Granted we could habe finished it easily one difficulty higher but it was a casual attempt. Also we got disconnected on wave 40 and above a lot in the first two days.

We had a


The most imprtent people where Jack and Kat. By far. You need an engineer and Jack at all cost. We played on the museum map. I honestly forget the name. We camped right at the spawn.
We had a full base set up. Everything level 4. We had five barricades, three normal turrets, three shock turrets, two decoys and four weapon locker. Like I said everything level 4. It worked perfectly. I really had gears of war 3 vibes at the end. It feels so perfectly balanced. No hero is overpowered like the ability cards where and everyone has a role. Also fortifications are perfectly possible. We going for a another round today on the next difficulty.

So my summary people are just idiots. You can’t put it any other way. People claim that this feels different then the old way of horde but are to stupid to set up their base. That’s your fault. The people are the problem. Gears 5 is way closer to gears 3 then gears 4 ever was. I have over 5000 waves in gears 3 and yesterday was the first time in a while I had an old school feeling. Everyone that prefers gears 4 horde should just piss off. We don’t want or need you.

I’m not going to visit this here again. To many stupid and entitled people that can’t even play the game and blame their own shortcomings on the game. Disgusting.


Alrighty then.

I had a lot of hope for Gears of War 5. I was excited as time drew closer to finally get to play the newest entry of an amazing franchise, especially after coming off one of the best hordes they had in the previous installment. The thing is, this game did a lot of things right. Campaign was great, versus is great (though I never play that), and Escape is a fine addition I’d say; However, horde (as being the only thing I play after I finish the campaign) is just terrible and, I’m just baffled how TC made a 180 on this. The very first comment I even had on some of the horde teasers that appeared on my community feed before the game released, had expressed how the game seemingly looked like they took a Judgement approach for horde. I won’t lie, I had a bad gut feeling and I was very skeptical, but somewhere within me I felt that I was selling it short – it hadn’t even released yet after all. So I put all my chips in in hopes that I was wrong about how I felt from the trailers. In retrospect, I really wish I hadn’t dropped 80$ on this game and that I had gotten it from the game pass.

I apologize in advance as I will be reiterating some of the problems people had voiced in these other replies, but I do have see there’s some things people haven’t touched on yet in here.
Firstly, I thought the idea of how TC made it to where classes were bound to characters was a BIG mistake. You can no longer have the freedom to be who you want with whatever class you choose and this hits me sort of hard because I love having those choices, and the fact it was an established mechanic from the previous entry so it feels even worse that its like a ‘downgrade’.
Now, I would complain about the duplicate characters restriction, but based off of how they changed up horde to be like Overwatch, I completely understand that decision. Speaking of duplicates, one of the most irritating things they changed in Gears 5 is now is the fact that you can no longer get scrap by dismantling cards, that in of itself isn’t even a feature now. You literally have to get a duplicate of something you had already earned (that you can’t get rid of in the first place) in order to get scrap – this is just the case for weapons skins, marks, blood sprays, ect. When it comes to character skill cards, I believe you never get scrap until you get a duplicate of an individual skill on a character is finally maxed out. They also doubled the price of scrap it takes, clearly, because gold rarity items are 4800 instead of Gears 4’s 2400 to out right make from scrap and you earn a reduced rate of scrap from the total rarity of said card that is a duplicate anyways. On the topic of cards and pre-order characters, I think they are cool and all, but I was VERY disappointed that TC had the AUDACITY to have Kat on the game, as an engineer (which happens to be the class I love the most), have virtually no true value as they made Del, the only other current engineer, have all of the best cards – like to a point where I get mad if I see a Kat in my game due to how inefficient of an engineer she is. I love the character and played her first, but imagine my anger after I take a look at Del and see he has way better abilities and even ultimate for what it’s worth after leveling her for a bit. I now pretty much main Del or Jack, which Jack is a great addition and idea by the way for horde. Kait as a scout doesn’t even make nearly as much power as the general scout in Gears 4 can make, not by a long shot and even the way her passive is set up to only give the power (a marginal 25%, whoopy, whoopy) bonus if the enemies are NEAR you and are killed. It’s just unrealistic because for starters, you don’t want enemies up near your base really and the particular choice of map and spot for the fabricator matters too because Kait can’t be everywhere at once for that passive to really mean something. Early game? Fine, depending on difficulty, but late game is just too much for that sort of passive. I will say though, that the fact all points are shared between people is great because technically in a full lobby that’s 5x the points you collect so there’s that, but now that other players can just invest in themselves instead of base development is just such a waste in my opinion. We’ve played however many entrees of this franchise, we’ve seen we can beat horde without buffs, so why would you add something like that? I would say without fortifications which is true but people will use boom shields in Gears 2 to set a parameter anyways so I seen the innovation coming. Just as a quick way to entertain the idea though, why is it that the engineers can’t buy buffs? Not even a repair buff? But you give it to other characters where the bonus doesn’t matter because no one wants to spend 10,000 energy on a repair tool (which you doubled the cost of from Gears 4) anyways, and the buffs themselves get too darn expensive especially in higher levels where 5,000 energy or whatever will only get you an extra 1-2%. I mean, other characters that aren’t engineers can’t even build much of anything because they restricted what non-engineer classes can build (yet another downgrade from Gears 4). I will admit that, as much as I love Gears 4 it had a similar issue in which if you ever wanted to play horde solo, you wouldn’t have much of a base no matter what because engineer and scout classes were the most important to have a proper base to defend yourself. So if you’re alone, or no one wants any part of those classes, you had no true base. I completely see the criticism in that and I do wish they made adjustments to fix that. At the end of the day, I feel as though the idea of attaching cards to characters and giving them specific roles will really only shine for characters that are related to anything but the scout and particularly the engineer classes because there’s only so many different cards/abilities/passives you can give new characters before it begins to feel even more out of touch than it already is with their franchise. I mean, I have yet to see what they’ll do with Kat as she has literally like 8 cards vs Del’s 15-16 (which damn near all her cards are the same as Del).

I seen that someone praised the AI on here, which is stupid.
From Gears 3 to Gears 4, there was a significant AI difference I had to adjust to, but from 4 to 5 the AI swarm in horde/campaign are really the same, the difference is in the new additions to the swarm roster. If anything, they made the campaign and soldier AI in horde the dumbest I have EVER seen them. EVER. In the campaign, scavengers and the like saved me more and sooner than the fellow cog hero AI ever did and I promise you I am not exaggerating that claim… I love the idea of AI filling the lobby for horde, but I swear to you that even earlier Gears games had better friendly AI, it is absolutely ridiculous how dumb they are. I’m not saying that they need to be super AI pros or anything but at least let me give them orders so that they don’t run out of my base just to die and leave me by myself to hold down the fort.

I think the idea of the way they did the difficulty settings was a good idea, and rather creative so it isn’t just the run of the mill more damage and more health each step of difficulty you move up.

I know it probably wasn’t too popular with many fans, but I would truly prefer buying the boxes for new characters and stuff than going through tour. Nevermind the fact most of the matches currently running are going to crash, they are making you jump through hoops on launch to get skins of characters you have already seen in-game during the campaign – SKINS, something you get that doesn’t bring new abilities or anything, and they’re acting like it’s the greatest thing ever when it’s more like a slap to the face. People shouldn’t have to play every dang mode in the game to get through tour, in fact, I think that if TC knows each mode has an audience of it’s own, they should’ve made it to where you can just specify what mode you play the most, if not all the time or something so you can get consistent objectives and progress through the ranks all while still doing something you love/prefer.

I hope people that read this understand I am not here to bash the game, I really love the franchise, but this game really disappointed me in a multitude of ways, but the biggest of all being the way horde has been tarnished.


Yea I agree the AI don’t seem new and improved. They just made the elite drones an annoying target to deal with because you get stun locked out of killing them. Increasing the time it takes to kill something through a basically undodge-able mechanic is weak sauce, imo. Which I don’t understand anyway. you got flashed, so you can run and hide behind and over cover, but cant shoot blindly. If you could hurt your friends you wouldn’t do it, but I always remembered Gears as a “Of Course, do whatever you like, If you kill yourself or your friends while you do it, that’s your fault. But you can do it.”

Oh yea and The Engineer is still King after waves 35-40. Rest of your team not required. so I don’t know why the engineer, the campiest, cheesiest, walk around pressing 2 buttons class got no changes overall that affected anything, but The Coalition can’t stand someone being able to skillfully run around with a shotgun and a chunk of extra health,(would you like to spend 25,000+Points on 5% health? or are you smart) Or a heavy with decent explosives damage? well actually you only get 2 decent characters and you play our way now. Get rid of all the stuff that takes skill, but leave the engineer alone.

Like Kat as an engineer? too bad, Del is just better and you can never do anything about it. They are the same class, but Del is better because he gets more skill cards. This^^ make sense to anybody else?

Also can’t wait for the influx of new character skins everyone is expecting and you are offering as new content. Are the 200+ Customization options literally ONLY skins, or are you actually adding anything new? Batista is kool, but can we get a character for him? Like, What?

I really couldn’t disagree with you more. First off - if you want play Gears 4…play Gears 4! There is so much in Gears 5 which makes it fresher and more interesting IMO and a lot of small elements which you only learn as you play which are all designed to encourage more tactical team-play, more aggressive play and generally more options about how you approach a map. There’s so much more variety you can play with as a team for each map than before. We’re having fun attempting with and without worrying about taps, with different team mixes, with and without forge etc etc. I like the Heroes element as this gives each character MUCH more definition and that they are an actual character rather than a skin. Everyone here should quit griping - explore the new way of playing more - or just go and play Gears 4…

I agree and disagree with your post.
Yes it does suck my class is tied to the character I pick but it also prevents us from having a team of one class.
Gears 4 class’s had cooler perks but gears 5 class’s feel more balanced. In gears 4 a heavy with a weapons locker full of salvos was unbeatable.
The power taps are actually a nice addition. If you don’t like them don’t go for them. I tend to not build anything until after wave 10. Then when the tap appears, if it isn’t completely out in the open, I pick up the fabricator and setup base by the tap.
I do miss the manned turrets.
I would like the enemies to have more weapons. As an engineer main I’m not going to find a chainsaw lancer lying around unless Marcus hands me one.
It’s good and it’s bad that the engineer is the only one who can build all forts and upgrade them. It sucks when you don’t have an engineer but the class itself feels more valued. In gears 4 once the base was setup or if you had enough money coming in you didn’t need an engineer.
Scouts feel better overall here. Double power on pick up damn near required you to bring a scout. Now 25% more power on kill is reasonable. Also the scout isn’t holding onto ALL the power like in gears 4.
I do miss the explosive headshot from gears 4 :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t Fahz get something like that but only works during his ult?
Honestly this perk system is better than gears 4. No ■■■■■■■ loot boxes. Skills are first unlocked at fixed levels instead of praying to the RNG gods. No more getting cards for class’s you don’t even use. You play Marcus, you unlock stuff for Marcus.

Horde is certainly not lone wolf. Maybe on beginner/experienced in the first 10 waves but after that if your alone your getting killed across the map. GL getting revived.
If your getting dc’ed every 5 waves that’s the games fault but not hordes design.
Gears 5’s horde is different and there are some things I don’t like but after playing the game for a week, overall I enjoy it.

I do think Kat feels like a watered down version of Del. I actually prefer her over Del. I think Kat has some nice things. Her ULT being one of them and some of her perks are better but Del flat out has more perk to choose from. I think they did that on purpose because of the fear of Pay2Win. If Kat was better than Del then people who didn’t get Kat would feel like they have to get her and spend more money. Emile and Sarah feel the same way too. It would be nice if they were a bit more on par with the people they are copied from.

As for engineer being king. Once they are setup I noticed engineer gets the most kills because of turrets and fences but you need money for that. Also the engineer is made of paper. You can’t upgrade your stats as engineer. After wave 30 you can’t so much as poke your head out without getting dropped. I’ve only played up to wave 50 on I think experienced. I imagine it gets even worse on the higher difficulties. It’s probably why they get a perk for less dmg when repairing cause they need it. Jack can at least repair from a distance.

I feel the class’s are better in this gears. As a soldier or sniper you could not compete with a Heavy with 200% explosive+heavy weapon dmg next to a weapons locker of salvos. I rarely saw anyone use the soldier class in gears 4 except for hammer strikes. Snipers could at least pick off scions before they got in range but everything else the heavy blew up.

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The thing is, I never directly stated that engineer has to have all of the typical stat buffs to choose from to buy. I was really alluding to the repair stat, and still, 10k energy for a single repair tool is stupid in my opinion.

People are missing the point. TC had stated a little birdie had told them that Gears 4 wasn’t risky enough, so the finished product of Gears 5 horde is what we get when, I don’t know who the heck said that whoever did was dead wrong. Gears 5 horde completely turned ■■■ over tea kettle. I admitted that gears of war 4 wasn’t without problems but I do believe it was a really a perfect setup and that all they had to do for horde was improve, not drastically change it. The problems people have in terms of the classes on there really begs the question of game vs exploitation. You say that there’s more diversity to the game and people can still currently dupe glitch characters in-game on 5 (an unintended consequence, of course). If we go with the logic that you aren’t suppose to play horde alone, then it would make sense to have one of each class like the game was intended to have, 5 classes - 5 lobby slots. Gears 4 gives players the choice to run whatever they want, and while that means that people could run all 1 class, I have never in my life seen that in matchmaking and they must be just screwing around because people who are there to take it seriously don’t all do 1 class. It is really a problem in ways, on the player though because where it could innocently be 2 soldiers in a lobby or whatever, it could be something really ridiculous like all heavies. Let me break something down:

First off, yes heavies are strong but their criteria of weapons means their role is AOE, burst damage and single target boss killers. Are they strong? Of course, and they are a valuable asset because if you played say, insane or inconceivable, are you really going to tell me you would not want them at your aid? They do hefty damage but its all in the guns too. Are you going to tell me you expect a lancer to obliterate something better than a well-placed dropshot crit or boom headshot crit can? I can’t offer answers to every problem from that game, but soldier was already buffed once and if you mean to tell me it should be pushing out more numbers than a salvo, that is absolutely ridiculous. Snipers can obliterate a boss with their perks too. Engineers stick to base work, soldiers hold down the fort and provide support (isn’t like they can’t do virtually anything) along with scouts while they do their energy collection.

Think about it: out of the 5 classes, soldier and scout are the most screwed if you want to look at damage sort of speak because for one, soldier is nothing but sustained damage and scout is nothing but shotgun damage, so while their purpose as far as killing stuff becomes less dependable and falls off quicker (especially depending on difficulty), on gears of war 5 all people build and need to build (i imagine even without engineer classes) are weapons lockers and load up tri shots and cryo cannons to defeat bosses and progress through tougher rounds which is doubly true going past elite difficulties – are you seeing the connection here? The base weapon matters. Does the style sound familiar? Yes, savlo = heavy weapon, heavy weapon = tri shots and cryo cannons.

You say, ‘Oh scout’s passive is only 25% power bonus we don’t need them’ but you people brag that theres more importance to every role now (or rather character) and promote diverse team makeups when the reality of that is just convoluted. I said each player slot equated to the option of having 1 of each of the 5 roles in Gears 4 and heres the thing – you could BUILD those very same classes to play differently in the first place for a unique experience, you don’t need to attach characters to classes, just add more perks to them in general in the next title that drops. It’s really that easy. Some here have said that you don’t need a scout due to the passive, but that in of itself is not promoting a ‘diverse’ dynamic.

The whole point is to have a team of each class, the difference in Gears 5 is that, while characters now have abilities attached, the aspect of ROLES are still there… You should have an engineer and scout… the interesting bits come from the more offensive aspect of classes like the new ‘Tank’ role and such – which are the 3 player slots you should be configuring. The first 2 should always be a scout and engineer but even they will have different abilities/characters though right now there is pretty much only one character of each as Kat is severely limited.
However, people fool themselves in thinking all this is innovative when the reality is as I said before, the formula prior to Gears 5 allowed you to build your class…All TC did was split all the abilities apart from each class, rounded them up, and assigned them to a character model. A way of literally walking all the way around the block to say ‘hi’ to you when they live right next door, that’s what that is comparable too.

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lol gears 4 horde was awful trash

First off, it is up to a dev to take risks and try and innovate on past iterations, otherwise we see repeated tired cookie cutter installations over and over (think yearly CoD’s, Madden’s, or others that deviate from the “formula”). Sometimes it pays off and other times it blows up in their faces to varying degrees. TC tried to listen to the community (always dangerous with Gears, we’re fickle and volatile it seems) on things we didn’t like in Gears 4 Horde and innovate on what they felt were new directions to take it. Did they get it right? Seems a lot of armchair experts think not.

I’d suggest we weigh out what we feel are improvements versus what we don’t feel hit the mark, either missing entirely or just off by degrees. Let’s not be hyperbolic in our doomsaying, but also not wear TC rose-colored glasses in our praises.

From my perspective some quick positives, some of which others have already commented on, and others that some may not have considered:
1- No more buying grinding for credits to buy Horde packs.
2- You earn skill cards for the character/class you’re playing each match (more on this in a moment).
3- Ultimates are no longer tied to a skill card, just the class, and no longer cost power to use.
4- Class perks offer a risk/reward mechanic to either power-up aspects of yourself or deposit it to the fabricator for group/engineer usage.
5- Scouts no longer horde power, anyone can collect, but still benefits if the Scout is the one doing it.
6- Team power pool, 'nuff said.
7- No longer at the mercy of RNGeezus on Horde packs to get skill cards for either classes you’re playing or other bounties or dupes.

Some of the things off the mark:
1- Hero classes, specifically being tied to a unique character. I like the idea behind this, like many, just wish we had the option to mix-and-match. I also think another possibility, not to play mind-reader, is for them to release unique versions of each character with a different Hero class assigned, almost like a new skin with a different skill tree basically.
2- Some Hero classes “feel” like a step back from their GoW 4 counterparts, skillswise. I think this is largely a subjective POV for most, especially this early after launch while people feel things out and develop new strats. In some cases I can understand, from a balancing perspective why it may have been done. Perhaps in the future, via Operations updates, we’ll see some of those old skills return…?
3- No duplicates. This feels like the peak of 1st world problems honestly, but it does bug even me. I get it, they’ve married Hero classes to a character, but that never stopped us in GoW 4 (didn’t say it was smart…) from stacking 5 of one class. It is forced diversity, roles, and teamwork, but it is only the FORCED part of that statement bugs me. I get tired of a lobby emptying as we start because they don’t get the character/class they want, especially on higher difficulties.
4- Fabricator usage. I get it, we want the Engineers building/repairing, but why can they only build everything/upgrade? What happens if your Del quits or gets booted? You’re hosed. And limiting what weapons each Hero can fabricate, bleh.

All that said, I am having more fun, so far, in Gear 5 Horde than I did Gears 4 Horde at launch. It has room for improvement, and I’m sure there are things I’m missing or overlooking, but I don’t feel like it is the end of the world. Hopefully TC will take our reasonable constructive criticisms and make tweaks as they see fit. But let’s all try to be just that: reasonable and constructive.

As for why only the engineer can upgrade I can understand why they did that. In gears 4 once the money was rolling in anyone could build and upgrade things. You could also buy the repair tool and if you didn’t die you wouldn’t lose it. The engineers purpose felt lost once the base was setup. They were just there to repair/refill ammo at a discount .Anyone could do that but the engineer did it cheaper. If money wasn’t an issue I can picture people saying “Why don’t we just buy a repair tool and instead of an engineer get another sniper or heavy?”
In gears 5 it does suck sometimes that only engineers can upgrade things. I like using the forge on Jack because of his smelting bonus but Jack himself can’t upgrade the forge. If this was an RPG I would consider engineer to be the healer. Not many want to do that job because it’s less fun than a damage dealer but someone needs to do it. Might as well make their job important. I think that’s why engineers can’t upgrade their stats like everyone else can. Jack can buy repair speed or reduction cost I think.
Side note, I may have already mentioned this but I don’t remember which threads I’ve said this. I would like Kat, Emile and Sarahs perks to be a little more thought out. Their counter parts feel like they have twice as many perks to choose from.

Big facts bro

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Ah i remember in good ol’ Gears 4 where everyone was running around as the same character and classes that can’t actually make it through to 50, with a couple of which stealing all the power and never banking it. I also loved how people would leave and you couldn’t get anyone else in short of inviting a friend. Oh and the stunningly lacking enemy variety. Basically everyone is mad cause you can’t play as who you want. Well, that does suck but this is still way better than 4 imo. I guess I’m just lucky that I like all the characters and am teamwork oriented so I’ll fill the gap needed in matches I join.

wasnt a big fan of 4s horde, but these comments you have made, would make a far better experience…doubt it will change…just waiting for pokemon heros to appear…

I sure love wasting my time on these minigames for Tour stars. Don’t get me wrong I love limited items that you can earn by playing rather than purchasing, Just not when they’re locked behind this poor excuse of a horde mode.

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I wont be able to get into horde for the same reasons I hate 4’s. Higher levels are impossible with out ‘skill cards’ that I earn by playing the boring lower difficulty horde.
Not fun at all.

Even when I invest that time and level up I don’t finish the harder ones because I’ve got better, I complete them as now my ‘hero’ is not underpowered, again not fun.

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I agree with your point my friend. But that’s I guess what makes it a bit more challenging. If everyone could be whoever they wanted to be and assign whatever skills and such oh, then it would just be too easy in my opinion. It’s my opinion also that setting up that way allows you to become more skilled with other things. I don’t know. I guess I think that the horde is okay oh, but it will never be Gears of War 2 horde!

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Yeah but if you think about it, if they did that to make it more challenging why did they have to make it a classed locked thing, why couldn’t they just add even more creatures to make it hard or instead just buff the existing ones . If they did that, then we wouldn’t need the “no duplicates aloud/character locked class” and just stick with what horde was “Be who you want to be” with the class you want to use.
“If it aint broke, don’t fix it”


It’s okay to like the elements, but honestly the horde needs work. A lot of people never asked to have definition in their PvE. Definition is for the story mode, that’s where the character should shine. You want definition, play campaign to your hearts content. PvE is about choice, it’s about player freedom. I can understand wanting more teamwork oriented gameplay, and they can do that without limiting player choice.

The hero system, on the whole, is terrible. It didn’t need to be in this game and it doesn’t mesh well with Gears in general. I want to pick who I want, what I want to do and having a hero system limits that choice. Characters in PvE are essentially supposed to be skins. You pick your favorite character and run with it, that’s how it’s meant to be. Putting restrictions is never a good idea.

There should’ve been two options for horde, one to try the hero system and then classic horde.

Also, I have tried this new horde, I have a LOT of playtime in it and it is definitely not a good idea. There is a meta on how to play it that is boring and time consuming. You always need the same 4 and now 5 characters, JD and Kait are the only damage dealers, you must have a DEL because no one wants Kat. Jack is essential and now with the team Revive people want COG gear. That’s not fun, that’s boring. It’s a grind, it’s a chore, and I don’t come onto Gears for a chore.

No, the G4 system wasn’t perfect, but it is definitely better than this. It’s freedom of choice, that’s what PvE is supposed to be.

If you like boring, repetative gameplay then of course you’d like this hero system, but as it stands it’s not great at all.


I will be on Horde 2.0 today around 13.30 if anyone wants to experience the greatest Horde

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