Horde ...overall ... is terrible

I’ve been a gear head since the beginning. Horde is my favorite mode. I loathe pvp crap. Horde always let me team up with friends and just kill ai for 50 levels. It was a blast. My son has been my horde partner thru them all. It really disappoints me to read that horde is not horde anymore. I wouldn’t know since I can’t stay in game long enough. Just bring back horde mode from the previous games. Stop fixing what don’t need fixed


I am getting a Gears 2 nostalgia from Horde in Gears 5 because you can have public lobbies that anyone can join. I have always wondered why they removed that in Gears 3. To me, this is a welcome feature. Yesterday I was all alone with AI Soldiers, but then the lobby got filled up & I finished my first 1 -50 run (on Beginner, though)

Having skill cards tied to a character is stupid. What are they going to do when they bring back some classic characters later on?

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In my controversial opinion, I think TC simply made horde more challenging by getting rid of the sentry spam fest that it was in gears 4. It’s a lot more engaging now, enemies are more diverse and have much better movement, better abilities and smarter AI. So far, I’ve found that the characters you play have handy little perks but none of them are so specialised to the point where you absolutely have to have that character to beat wave 50 (except jack maybe). It’s unfair to say horde sucks because of the servers just being terrible tho. The servers seem to be the only real problem I’ve seen in this game, as well as the buggy campaign saves/failure to respawn glitches and they need to fix that shhhh asap.


How to fix horde,

Be any character you want, and instead of characters being locked to a class make the classes there own option. For example I select tank, then any character can have these skills and traits. Easy fix.


I think it’s very good! Time to learn new tactics and stuff. Huge improvement over Gears 4 horde and the older ones would feel dated today.


This what most people including myself would prefer.

What a load crap I have to read here. Stumbled into this by accident but damn. Are you guys on drugs. Gears 3 had the best horde we have ever seen. Period. You can go back right now and it’s literally perfect. Gears 4 had the worst horde ever because TC are damn hacks that can’t do anything right. It was a giant turret cheese fest. No skill involved and people just exploited the class abilities.

Gears 5 is a step in the right direction. Not back. Wow such experts here. The heroes are way more balanced then the class abilities. The only characters you need are Jack and Del. Because if their support roles. Everyone else sits in a comfy spot. This whole thread reads like salty children that have to put skill into the game and not exploit the game anymore. Spamming explosives out of a weapon locker isn’t skill. Or sitting behind a turrets with a million health.

Yeah the heroes tight to the abilities is kinda meh. I agree on that. Especially there aren’t enought heroes right now. But God I hope not more people stumble across this load of crap. A lot of people here don’t understand how horde works at the moment. Figure it out and use some skill. Again play some gears 3 and then come back . People that praise gears 4 have an invalid opinion from the get go any way. Worst gears ever. Gears 5 is a overall improvement because it goes back to a more traditional route. But yeah again many experts here it seems.


I agree that Gears 5 Horde mode is pretty disappointing so far. I personally felt that they were improving the formula each successive attempt but this feels like they veered off course significantly.

Part of my disappointment may be due to confusion around how to pick characters/classes and how to level up skills, but considering I’ve been playing countless hours of Horde since GOW2 and it is my favorite online gaming experience I’m frustrated that it all feels so foreign to me. Simply put, it doesn’t make me want to play constantly and consistently, which I gather i share with quite a few other players right about now.

I will remain optimistic that with time (or enough complaints) positive changes will be made, but until then, I’ll spend my time focusing on the campaign (which has been truly great so far IMO) and when my 2month deal for Ultimate Pass expires I’ll cancel and move on to something else - which is disappointing because I was still playing GOW4 Horde right up until Gears 5 dropped early.


GOW 4 horde is vastly superior to the “Survival/OverRun 2.0” garbage that is being called “horde mode”, horde has ALWAYS been about player choice where Judgement’s garbage was anti player choice like we have here.


So simple of a concept. But yet I doubt they will listen. This isn’t our gears of War anymore. It’s tc and so far I don’t think they care

So you want ppl to play classes that don’t fit their playstyle? You really think that’s a good idea? I’m a soldier. Building and repairing things ain’t for me. So why would you want me in that role?

7 separate difficulties is unnecessary. In a few months the searching is going to take so much longer because everyone is divided in separate searches.


Only reason I play gears is for horde. Gears 4 nailed it. No one wants to be restricted to a certain character. If it’s not changed back gears 5 will be untouched after a month

as someone who TRIES to main jack i can say this the most annoying thing ever or when they take the character then leave or get kicked kait is just as good but not the same sigh

I get that people really hate the character locks, but honestly I think Gears 5 horde is wayyyy better, just because of the fact you unlock the base skill cards from leveling up the character and you get skill cards just from playing the game. The thing the annoyed me the most with Gears 4 horde was having to either buy packs to get cards (which weren’t guaranteed to even be for a class you were playing, or use scrap to build cards when you could be using it make skins. I will say that the inability to have duplicate characters is ■■■■■■■■, but overall I’ve had way more fun with this Horde than Gears 4, by a god damn Longshot. Also the fact that now everyone has an incentive to get power and the ability to upgrade your character mid match adds a really nice dynamic, and the enemies you’re fighting are just overall more interesting.

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Exactly! Gears 4 horde made it so that if you had a heavy and an engineer you could just cheese through everything, giving everybody else nothing to do. I hated playing as Soldier and having to consign myself to the fact that my character just straight up not as important,

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Everyone that thinks that the character and ability locks are good and balanced can take that crap and go back to playing Gears of War Judgement Overrun, cause that’s what the hell it is for the most part. At least the formula was closer to Gear 3 when TC did 4’s horde mode. I know it can be said that if you don’t like it, then don’t play but they are single-handedly killing this mode by going back to Judgement’s formula and calling it horde. I will agree that TC messed up with the way cards AND characters were earned in 4. Trying to monetize things that should have been earned naturally by playing is just plain wrong. As far as cheesing through Horde with a heavy or engineer… don’t use a heavy (noob tube)/engineer (spam turrets, at least until you runout of fabricator energy and a Carrier destroys them all), hell don’t use skill enhancers cards, or turn up the difficulty but don’t mess with the main formula that is the actual make up of Horde mode. At least I could actually play Gears 4 horde pretty much like Gears 3 horde by adjusting what was used by friends and myself. The only thing Gears 3 Horde needed in my opinion was strong fortification against bosses. I understand bosses are stronger and shouldn’t be as easy to kill, but one hit by a boss destroyed defenses and completely undermined the intent of building them. Add the natural advancement of the skill cards through playing the game to the characters after selecting the character, weapon, and skill set. Abilities should be optional for all characters, I get they don’t want to break the game by having all of one ability but that’s the point of balancing the ability from 1 person using it to 5. If that’s not possible then do away with the abilities. The core of players that love Horde mode wants a version closer to Gears 3 anyway. Options could save Gears 5 horde, so i hope they are working on them.

1st off, all you just did was insult people that were voicing their opinions for a mode that they hold dear due to customization of characters, weapons and skill set. 2nd most people want the ability to play with franchise favorites and not be stuck with FIVE freaking characters. Preorder downloadable characters don’t count.

You told people to go back and play Gears 3 horde and then come back. After playing Gears 3 Horde why the hell would they want to come back.

What traditional route, the route of Gears of War Judgement that People Can Fly put out … Their version of horde, called overrun which was so negatively received that it has been pretty much forgotten.

There need to be more and more threads like this to make TC aware that drastically changing a mode that so many love, is not okay. Especially when they are using a formula so many players hated.



Bro! I couldn’t of said it any better than you have. Really disappointed. I feel like who ever they got to playtest this horde mode was not one of us who had been playing Horde since Gears 2! Remember river! Ahh… the memories.

Just going to agree with what everyone else says they don’t like as well. But one thing I noticed in the previews and I said to myself… “where are all the fortifications?”. Every video seemed to show people just running around in any direction they wanted killing things. With like… a single turret and a few random fences placed wherever. But no real base actually being built. Which brings me to the reason why…

Human nature sucks. With everyone gathering energy to use on themselves, no energy is left for the engineer to actually build anything. Made to wave 16 today (farthest so far) and had 1 Turret & 5 fences!! That’s it! Gears 4 Horde you are almost maxed out by way 16 lol.

Like you, going to remain optimistic but so far my friends who Horde… we aren’t impressed and honestly… very disappointed.


7 years of gears 3 here

i have play gow 3 YESTERDAY and won some horde “as usual” and this new system in GOW 5 is A PURGE !
Nothing less

look here you will understand i know what i am talking about:

Yeah loved River… my wife and I loved Hail and Day One also.