Horde ...overall ... is terrible

First off I can’t stay in a game for more than five waves before getting kicked or disconnected. Why can’t there be duplicate characters? Why can’t I pick a character and have them be whatever class I want them to be with whatever skills I want them to have? Why are we forced to move around the map with power taps? There is minimal customization with weapon skins and character skins. The skills that you unlock for each character are boring. GOW4 was great for the most part, other than I hated the RNG of skill cards out of packs. I loved having the sniper skill where I can make the enemies explode with a headshot, regenerating grenades as a soldier, or running faster as a scout and having more health. Those skills made the game so much more fun. You guys already had a great formula ( if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). Why didn’t you just stick with it and add more to make it even better??! What a let down and disappointment… On a positive note, I love the campaign and you guys did an excellent job with that other than some of the bugs and crashes. Please fix horde as soon as you can and hopefully not six months to a year down the road … :pray:t2::pray:t2:


They really didn’t need to do much to make Gears 5 Horde great. They already had a terrific formula, IMO. But, it’s as if they went in the opposite direction and killed a lot of the fun stuff.

I had so many friends bail on Gears 5 once they saw the new Horde and the way it’s structured for monitization. We actually played a Gears 4 Horde a couple nights ago but have no interest in playing the new one unless they make serious changes. I’m pretty sure the mode is going to be dead by then though.


This is so sad. This seems to be the general feeling overall too. Horde needs to go back to the drawing board.


I can’t “like” this post enough times as a horde player. I can’t stand it when developers, especially when it’s not the original developer that made the franchise successful, decides to shake up the etcha-sketch to try something new instead of improving on the formula that we all loved. I sincerely hope that TC nukes this new horde mode and starts over giving us a more traditional horde mode. The whole hero ability thing just angers me. We should be able to play whichever role as whichever character we want, or better yet go back further and let us just be a guy with a gun instead of a “class”. Run this horde mode next to Gear 5’s mode and you’ll see which one the community prefers via player counts.


Yeah. It’s still the same great Horde, sprinkled with unnecessary crap. The character forcing and class force is terrible across the board.

It’s mad that such a wee thing is ruining my experience I get that but damn, I should be able to use any character with any skin. It’s the general consensus as well.

I hope they change that quick.


All they had to do was add to the GOW 4 horde and increase what you could do, horde in GOW 5 takes away fun, player choice, and has less content then GOW 4 launch horde mode.


IMO, they should go back to the Gears 4 horde system {Be whatever class we want and attach whatever character we want to that class}. But keep SOME elements from Gears 5 horde {AI teammates, Playable Jack, and Ultimate Abilities. {of course we should be able to choose the ability.}
No Locks for anything {Class, Character, and Abilities}
Less Players LEAVING because they didn’t become who they wanted to be
No Duplicate Errors
AND please no weapon fabricating restrictions, as in “Only this class can get this weapon from the fabricator”
P.S. i don’t know if its possible but, it would be cool that throughout the lifespan of the game, they add more weapons and more enemies to fight.


The biggest thing that has been bugging me is that jack can not upgrade anything. Only 2 charcters can upgrade. WHYYYYYYYYYY WOULD YOU DO THIS


The real question is why they would take any gameplay or mode from the failure that is “Judgement”, no one liked the MP in that game and no one ever like the idea of “survival” or “over run” replacing horde which in what it has done in GOW 5.


It seems like people who pick an engineer or scout character don’t even know their role…it seems way less clear because of the classes being tied to the character


Horde is my favorite game type in gears. So sad to see it become this.


As much as I dislike Gears 4’s horde mode I have to be honest and say I feel bad for everyone that did like that type of game. It wasnt my cup of tea but I can aknowledge the fact it was a step in a generally acceptable direction whether I liked it or not. This new one, though from what I played is just…like…why?


It is weird to come here and see everyone singing 4’s praise. I recall the posts the first year of its existence, and they were almost universally damning.


It went from a team effort to a sort of “lone wolves” sort of mode. Not very fun


I liked Judgement’s MP. Overrun was a lot of fun.


I never disliked Gears 4’s horde mode at all. I very much enjoyed it throughout its lifetime. Obviously there were problems like sentry spamming, players who don’t know their roles, non scouts picking the power, actual scouts not picking up the power during the wave, non engineers buying fortifications, lack of enemy variety etc. Besides all that, I had fun playing it while it lasted. I wished they kept the same formula for Gears 5 with some improvements like more enemies. Not just more enemies, but make them completely random every wave so each wave won’t be too predictable.


It seems like in gears 5 its even harder for noobs to know their role especially sense they’ll see the halo characters not realizing that one is supposed to be an engineer


OverRun is not horde and making horde like Judgement’s OverRun was the wrong thing to do.

There is nothing stopping TC from bringing “survival” or “OVerRun” into a new GOW game along side horde, but you do not destroy horde to make it something it is not as they did here.


Im sick of people joining a horde lobby and leaving 20 rounds in, if you’re gonna start a horde match atleast try and finish it instead of saying nothing and abandoning it. It’s a joke.


It is such a dying shame that Gears 5 Horde is such a disappointment. I am just really happy that I bought the Ultimate Game Pass and only lost £2 to find out actually how bad it is :L Such a shame. I wish the devs released an update saying they are reworking Horde to make it more like 4. That is the only way this will improve.