Horde OSOK becomes another boring event

Horde OSOK was fun on 1st evening it was released ; tried playing it again tonight and it’s wave after wave of juvies. Half the enemies every wave are those boring repetitive juvies - taking all the fun out of the event. What’s with TC and juvies !!! If ever a developer deserved the motto ‘ snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ‘ its this one. A great event ruined by inserting juvies AGAIN into a special mode.

Not saying I’m a fan of their inclusion, but they (like wretches and tickers in previous games) are meant to drive you out of cover. Perhaps more of the other enemies would have the same effect; harder to clear out before you get overrun.

I found myself more hidden to combat juvies on Bloodrive insane. A Boom to the ground kills them very quickly.

Problem really are engineers. They don’t handle lack of energy. Result? Lots of sentry building over and over (they die fast) and no lockers.

Then, with ZERO ammo, juvies drive us out of cover.

Haven’t had engineers in the two I played. Had 3 snipers and 2 scouts for the first (completed). The 2nd was 3 snipers; internet in the area had an outage at wave 20, but I don’t think we were going to complete it anyway (we were on Dawn).

In other horde events I haven’t seen very many engineers that can handle reduced fortification health; they usually just try to base build as if there was no change. Couple that with essentially another class specific obstacle, I can imagine the problems that occur.

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It’s just frustrating having an event ostensibly about headshots then populating it with an enemy that distracts from doing that ; however it didn’t seem this way on Friday when it was released ; very few juvies that 1st day but subsequently… every ^#** ing wave !!

Also noticed 1st day that there were Boltok swarm on the waves but not seen one since … juvies aplenty though🤦‍♂️

They’re there.

The grenadiers appear on boss waves when there is no swarmak. Also I’m not certain, but I don’t remember there being juvies on those particular waves either.

Yeah i did my 3 and boss spawns were very random. My 3rd game we had none. Brought along called shot on that one for essentially no reason

I think the grenadiers are supposed to be a boss option. Last night after 3 failed attempts on a boss wave, it switched to the swarmak.

Called shot allows me to use the markza for a longer period; I’ve been more successful with it than the embar.

I’ve been using precision ammo for my 5th in this event. I think I start off with around 90 longshot and over 100 markza.

That makes sense. I never didnt have called shot so i didnt see the difference with and without. I did enjoy 1 shots on swarm snipers with the markza though.

I used extra ammo too. Came in handy since i was playing with a friend who was using his lvl 2 heavy and needed the ammo boxes.

question how come i am having such a problem with headahots

it feels like the hit detection is random for headshots. any hints plz thxs

We didn’t make any composition changes to the waves.

As others have said, the Juvies are there to flush you out of cover. We also did that so you’d need to build a team composition that included a way to handle them fast.

We have buffed Longshot and Torque headshot damage significantly from this morning (and somewhat the Boltok) so you should be able to pop heads consistently much later into the game.

This Horde OSOK quickly gets a bit stale. The first few games were enjoyable, but I think the problem is that there is a limited range of enemies. I think I mentioned in another post that I only counted about 7 enemies in this mode. I think the building blocks are there to make a fairly fun mode out of it, it’s the lack of variety that’s the problem.