Horde or Horde Frenzy?

What do you guys prefer? I liked Frenzy given that I don’t have to spend my next 2.5 - 3 hrs in case something happens, and also if we die at the last wave (12 vs 50) again, I don’t feel like I wasted as much time haha.

Also teams can be a little bit more flexible, if that makes sense? On regular Horde most of the times you gotta leave one enemy down for Jack to melt stuff which can take its time… While on Frenzy you’re good just killing everything, haha. Also I’ve beaten some Frenzies without Jack and also without engineers (my Clayton got the repair tool) so I feel as if it’s more open towards all characters…

Finally, I feel as if hosts are a little bit better? On regular Horde whenever I play I constantly get paranoid about getting kicked if I’m not depositing all of my energy, or if I run towards the last enemy of the wave (no intentions of killing it, just wanna down him) sometimes I get kicked out just for doing that, lol.
Frenzy on the other hand I’ve never seen a Host kick another person out…

Sure, technically this means you can do whatever you want (like never depositing, which can mean engineer doesn’t get enough energy for barriers), but in my experience, 90% of the people I’ve played with (specially JDs given their perks aren’t the best) just deposit without the Host asking…

So yeah, I loved Frenzy. Too many negative memories of Hosts at Horde who kick out just because, or get extra salty when getting killed at wave 47 by a Guardian, or stuff like that.

I love Frenzy. Anyone else like that? Or do people around still prefer regular Horde?


I barely touch Frenzy because TC made it a lite version of 12 waves instead of 25. You barely get into things then it’s already over.

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Give me the 50 waves all day! If i’m playing you better believe I have set aside that 3 hours to Horde the Horde

Frenzy all day everyday… :sunglasses:


I have more fun with Frenzy, anyone likes to try anything, and it’s something different to the regular horde mode. A bit longer than an escape hive, shorter than a full 1-50.


I very rarely have the time to sit down for an entire 50 wave match. When I do, I can’t stand the pace because it is sooooo slow. I like frenzy but a 25 wave version would be perfect. And frenzy actually gives you more cards since you get 4 for completing 12 waves.


I love Frenzy! I still sometimes end up playing for 3 hours but it’s not that I don’t absoutely have to.

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Preferred Frenzy on Gears 4. I like both on Gears 5 but generally opt for Frenzy as it’s quicker. Looking forward to having my characters at max level so i can have a go at the fastest times


Got to say frenzy due to time,Currently Summer holidays for my family,Roll on September


Frenzy. Standard Horde is too long for my liking, especially on Master.

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Frenzy is all I can bear.

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Escape > all.

But seriously, Frenzy.

  1. Less of a time sink
  2. 35 of the 50 waves are usually boring af
  3. More cards to be earned with less time invested

So far 12 Frenzy 2 Regular. I’m going to keep updating this because it’s interesting how large the gap is.

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horde only…

frenzy it ends very quickly and I usually like playing for hours.

I was me man @avaramis

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50 waves actually too long.

See other horde games like killing floor it usually only have 7-10 waves pre set.

Of cus they also have unlimited waves options, but very little player doing that.

but Gears 5 frenzy it very unfriendly to new comers, all boss are coming in double amount with zero advice, my first horde is the auto match making frenzy, bad bad experience.

For me it’s Frenzy, because I can rarely find enough to game as it is. 50 waves takes too much time. The 20 or 25 waves they had before this were good too though.

You actually got kicked for this ??? I sometimes kill the last enemy because i simply do not know it was the last enemy. Accidents do happen, and in the heat of the moment, happen more than you think.

This is or was an automatic reaction pre OP 4, and in some cases still is. It is for the Engineer to build and repair, but OP 4 has changed things, anyone and his dog can build and whatever they want now, which i disagree with, to be perfectly honest.

I play Horde, because it is for me, about team work, everyone has their role to play and they, or at least they should play it. The better the organised the team is, the quicker it is. However, if you get a bad team, it takes longer. So it is all about the team, and their experience.
One last point, if you create a Custom Game for yourself, you are not tied to the limits of the game, but instead to your own limits of how long you want to play.
I like Custom Games i join, right up to the point people interfere with my role in the game, so i prefer solo Horde, or the team i play with on occasions, time permitting.

Frenzy, but up the wave count to at least 20.

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Nobody plays Frenzy, normal Horde is the only option.